2017 Numerology Predictions by Kathleen Lamoureux


Numerologist Kathleen Lamoureux
2017 Numerology Predictions

These are my 2017 Universal / World predictions using Numerology as a tool and my intuition as my guide to help me predict what may happen on the world stage.

What we left behind

We have completed a full 9-year cycle and are leaving a number 9 World year, which represented endings, transition and completion. That was the focus of 2016. Now the world is now moving into the energy of a 10/1 World Year in 2017.

2016 ended in confusion and uncertainty – especially after the US election and Brexit. People are feeling anxious, uncertain and unsettled about the future. Everything is based on fear right now – that’s the atmosphere we are in. But more than ever, we need to take stock of all the positive things in our lives. We need to speak up and get involved.

Going into 2017, the energy is still going to feel just as sluggish as it was during the end of 2016 at least through January, and the energy is certainly still chaotic. Uprisings over everything, especially politically related is the new norm. People are taking a stand and protesting will be the number 1 thing we see as a fundamental right we have.

This is paramount in 2017 – the year of beginning all over again, standing up for ourselves and taking a stand for what we know is right and just and fair.


The World is now in a new beginning cycle with a number 1 world year number in 2017. Number 1 is also is associated with the Magician in the Tarot and represents the mastery and the will to succeed. Number 10 is associated with The Wheel of Fortune and fateful events.

Everything about the number 1 will vibrate and resonate to these keywords: New beginnings. New purpose. New journeys. New pathways. Creation. Independence. Uniqueness. Striving forward. Progress. Ambition and will power. I believe the energy and vibration of the number 1 will show up in major events on the world stage during key events during the year.

Everything about the number 10 will vibrate and resonate to the same keywords as number 1, except the 0 intensifies the experience overall this year. It’s important to keep in mind that we are dealing with a 10/1 universal year ,which at its best, will increase independence, individuality, assertiveness and determination, but it can also work against us if it is used in negative ways to undermine those realities. Number 10 is associated with the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot and can and most likely will show us that as the year progresses (especially in October – the 10th month of the year) this 10 vibration will show us the many ups and downs that this vibration can bring to us personally and on the world stage – both positive and negative. Everything in life is controlled by the stars, the rhythms of nature and life. Sometimes things happen in life that seem inexplicable, but life is full of cycles and we would do well to remember that. If you believe in destiny or fate, which this number and corresponding tarot card represents, you must know that life is cyclical with many ups and downs. October will be one such month this year that may bring us to our knees.

Here in the United States. after the election, we have new leaders, new leadership, new Executives. Like it or not, there’s a new power and forceful energy in Washington, D.C. politics.

A strong number 1 energy indicates a strong sense of individuality, which can mean “doing it my way” and can be used in both positive and negative ways.

Number 1 vibrates intensely to revolutions, revolt, and seizure of power. I mean someone like a Trump or a Putin or a Kim Jong-Un could use this individual, independent energy in a very dangerous way to sabotage or undermine world peace. But others can use it for positive and for good. So it will be interesting to see how things play out. It’s always about free will.

2017 will be a highly charged atmosphere of these 4 things – and these are the hallmarks of the number 10/1 vibration

  1. Opportunity – opportunity to take control in positive ways. 2017 is about us leading the way for ourselves. People want change and don’t want to be controlled by the corporate executives or the suits anymore.
  2. Courage – it will take courage to stand up against what is not right. We are done with old ways and outdated values. We want something new and different in 2017.
  3. Unity – we need to unite collectively for a common purpose. Basically, the lesson of the number 1 vibration is for us to unite and to stand up for ourselves – If we don’t like something, we need to use our voices and claim our power.
  4. Action – We will need to take some sort of action, which could be in the form of grass root communities or social action organizations encouraging community members to contribute by taking responsibility and action for their community. This populace can change the course of history. Instead of panicking, we need to be proactive. In the United States, for those who are against Trump, citizens need to do their part in the mid-terms that are coming up in two years. They need to vote on the issues and not be an innocent bystander who takes it on the chin and does nothing, but then complains about the outcome. During a 1 World Year, we can use the vibration of the number 1 for the good of the whole by taking a stand and being a leader too.


2017 can be an aggressive year both on the domestic and foreign fronts. It’s a radical time right now in the world. The energy of the number 1 can can be used as a positive force or a negative force. Protests, revolutions and uprisings will increase and will become the new norm.

Protests especially in the US will be on the rise against a Trump Presidency and the Dakota Pipeline is our new civil war.

World leaders can go rogue and be dominant and aggressive. It will be interesting to see how the relationship between Trump and Putin ultimately plays out.


Nothing is going to change the outcome of the US election and Trump will be our President for at least for the next 4 years. But I predict he will not have an easy time of it because he faces so much opposition and criticism – even from the Republican Party. He will be a very unhappy President and his policies will be protested daily.

Many of the changes that Trump wants to bring about aren’t going to happen anytime soon. He will most likely be a very unhappy President, because what he promised during the campaign, he just will not be able to deliver. He cannot and will not be able to change years of social progress just because he wants to. Congress has to sign off on whatever he wants to pass. He doesn’t just get to walk into the oval office on January 20th and undo 50 years of social progress. I wrote about this in my blog post The day after the day after the election.

His plans will need to be solid, because if he doesn’t have solid and strong plans, his ideas will fall apart. He needs to be practical, disciplined and listen to his advisors in a practical and pragmatic way. If he isn’t, his approach will simply be unsustainable.

Those he appoints to his cabinet will not stay in office long because they won’t be able to get their ideas passed or they are completely inexperienced.

Ironically enough, Trumps personal numerology chart mirrors that of the United States chart. Both of them are in a 3 personal year in 2017, which means that they are both in a very young stage of their 9-year cycle, and neither one has reached the maturation level yet. But We must remember that the United States is a progressive nation that is a catalyst for the world and for World Peace. When new leaders take over, they tend to correct beyond what is needed or appropriate, which is what Trump is doing.

He will have the most opposition, and challenging situations can occur during the months of January (his inauguration), March, August, October and December.


It’s written into the Constitution and it’s not going to go away – not anytime soon at least. However, it’s also in the constitution how the electors are allocated to the states and could be set by the individual states themselves individually. This is a key word, because one of the characteristics of the number 1 vibration is individuality and the individual. Right now there is a growing movement under way to change the current voting system and 11 states have already passed laws to make this change.

2017 is about forging new beginnings and encouraging new things and new ways, so we could begin to see changes to the voting system, but I don’t think the Electoral College is going to change anytime soon. Maybe in 2024 when the World is in an 8 year representing power and authority and real change can be made to the voting process.


Trump plans on dismantling Obamacare within hours after he takes the Presidential oath, and the Number 1 Job for a New Congress is the undoing of Obama’s Health Care plan and Obamacare will be repealed during it’s 9-personal year cycle. Remember number 9 means the end of something. This undoing will be a mistake financially for the United States health care in general.


In Switzerland, five holistic therapies are poised to attain the same health insurance status as conventional medicine by May 2017 – homeopathy, holistic medicine, herbal medicine, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. It’s ironic that Switzerland gets the big picture. Why can’t the United States health care system? Unfortunately, big Pharma drugs are going to dominate for a while and the great divide between conventional practitioners and holistic ones will continue.


He’s definitely more powerful this year with the energy of the 1 World year supporting him and is very compatible with the double 7’s in his chart. However, with Trump in his right pocket, we are seeing a very strange political bedfellow / political ally relationship that we have not seen the likes of before. He’s very intuitive and cunning, so his power is something that could go to the dark side during a 1 year. Aggression could come into play. The Russian Hacking situation will never be resolved, that he was directly responsible for.


2017 will be the year where Women will really coming into power – not just in politics but in many professions as leaders and running the show – the whole show. Women will be in charge of bigger movements.

More younger women have committed to a career in politics since the election and I think Hillary was a catalyst for women when she ran. Unfortunately, she did not ride in on a “feminist platform.” Rather she rode in on merit, causes and issues – all noble things. However, this did not create a seismic opening for a woman to be elected as President – not yet at least. We got a taste of what it would feel like to have a Woman as President with Hillary Clinton, but unfortunately two things happened that derailed her:

  1. She was in a Number 9 Personal Year in 2016 – a year of endings and tremendous loss for her.
  2. She (and Trump) both still represent the old male paradigm with the energy of her husband Bill Clinton following behind her like bad baggage. Bill Clinton’s track record with women was an issue during her campaign. Hillary Clinton was just not a good moral compass role model for a woman as our first Woman President because she was just too corrupt and her likability and trustworthiness were always called into question.

2024 is the year when true change can begin because the United States will be in an 8 Personal Year and the keywords for the number 8 vibration is power, authority, control.

However, changes in United States politics system and women being more prominent will begin as soon as 2019 though when the United States is in a 5 personal year. The hallmark of the number 5 is change, freedom and expansion, but 2024 is when things will truly be in alignment for women to run more successfully, to be in more powerful and equal positions and with equal pay.

This will also be the right time for the generation of the millennial’s to come into power and replace the baby boomer generation, but again this will not happen until 2024.


Universal Months  on the world stage in 2017 that the United States needs to watch out for are  January, March, May and October and December where the energy is in what I call the Red Zone – where things are difficult and challenging. The number vibrations of these months are not compatible with the number 1 world vibration, so a lot of complicated and unfavorable situations can happen.


All those who have a 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 Life Path or Destiny number are in the Green / compatible Zone with the number 1 world Year and it aligns up with your vibration. Things are intensified for you, but opportunities are plenty and doors can open up for you in many areas. To find your Life Path Number, click on this link https://numerologycoach.wordpress.com/the-life-path/


Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, Keith Richards, Betty White, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Joni Mitchell, Jerry Lewis, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Glenn Campbell, Charlie Pride, Jerry Lewis, Ozzy Osbourne, Stephen Hawking.

These are my predictions for 2017. An overview of my predictions are featured in the Marin Independent Journal in San Rafael, California on January 3, 2017. Click on this link http://www.marinij.com/lifestyle/20170102/2017-marin-astrologers-intuitives-predict-whats-ahead

Leave a message about my predictions if you wish. I am also available in the month of January to talk to other media outlets about my predictions or set up an event at your establishment to discuss my predictions on the world stage for 2017.

Get your Personal 2017 Forecast by clicking on this link at https://numerologycoach.wordpress.com/2016/12/31/2017-personal-year-forecast/

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