Angel Numbers – A Guide

Angels are Messengers of Symbols

Most of us see repetitive numbers all the time. It’s impossible to miss them because the reminders are constantly there through digital clocks, license plates, addresses, microwaves, timers, receipts and billboards. Numbers are a simply a part of our daily existence. Some people dismiss or ignore the repetition of numbers because they might not be tuned in spiritually, but for many others, their curiosity is piqued. We begin to wonder what do these particular numbers mean.

Basic Meaning of Numbers

In interpreting the messages you receive through the numbers, it’s important to understand the basic value and meaning of each number. When they are doubled or tripled, this means that the vibration is intensified and is more urgent. Let’s take number 1 for example. By itself, you can see the basic meaning below. But when you see 11 the strength has doubled and when you see 111 for example, the message is more urgent. In the case of 1111, 2222 or 3333 for example, these represent portals of energy that are a little different, which I will cover in a different blog post. Click on this link to get all the meanings of each vibration – positive and negative as it relates to the individual personality, but let’s get to the basics first:


Represents new beginnings, independence, strength, attainment, uniqueness, motivation, striving forward.


represents service, peacemaker, balance, harmony, patience, diplomacy, charm, co-operation.


represents optimism, joy, inspiration, creativity, fun, enthusiasm, exhuberance, encouragement.


represents practicality, organization, pragmatism, patriotism, trust, trust-worthiness, endurance, loyalty.


represents personal freedom, unconventional, individualism, non-attachment, change, experience, variety.


represents unconditional love, balance, harmony, home, family, parenthood, guardianship, service, selflessness, responsibility.


represents spirituality, trust, faith, truth, collective consciousness, faith, spirituality, mysticism, intuition, the esoteric, inner-self, deep contemplation, introspection.


represents authority, personal power, self-confidence, executive ability, confidence, inner-strength, professionalism  management, material freedom, success, good judgement, money, finances, riches, manifestation.


represents universal love, the humanitarian, the seeker, religion, religious beliefs, compassion, truth, philanthropy, wisdom, intuition, mysticism, divine wisdom.

Your Angels Messages

More and more people have reached out about the meaning of numbers at least in the last couple of decades. An internet search of the meaning of Angel Numbers is most likely at the top of the search engine search list – or at least in the top 20 or 30. Why don’t we remember? Why don’t we know what the numbers, symbols or otherwise, mean? I’ve pondered and pondered this question and this is my assessment.

Typically, recurring numbers mean that your Angels or Spirit Guides are trying to get a message to you because you have something very important on your mind, or there is something you are contemplating that you want to do, or something very important that needs to be taken care of. I believe that part of the reason that symbols don’t come with a manual or guidebook when we incarnate, is because your Angels or Spirit Guides really want you to remember that you have a team of Angels with you and to think and trust that these numbers or symbols are put in front of you repeatedly for reasons only you and your Angel Team agreed to in order to help you in the earthly realm. They want you to figure it out. But unfortunately that has not been the case. So this is why there are numerologists such as myself, as Angel guides or healers, etc., etc., who have come come to the rescue to help you with the interpretations.


You are being encouraged to get with the program and pick up your efforts by taking extreme and concerted action. Don’t let someone tell you what to do or how to think or act. You are your own person and you know what to do. You can do it! You definitely need to be an independent thinker or a professional person in some capacity, or be on your own however you choose. Whatever your dilemma is, you have the courage and the stamina to stand on your own two feet and create anything you want and lead the way for others. But you don’t have to do everything at once. Remember, number 1 is the leader and things can unfold over time. While you lead, others follow. Rome wasn’t built in a day for example, but over time it became a huge city that flourished and was magnificent. You are that person to lead the way to whatever or wherever you want to go. If you need to leave a situation, this is the time to do it. The basic message is to take action and be your own person.

Number 1 is associated with the Sun and governs those born in the sign of Leo. The Sun represents your basic personality, energy and identity The Sun is your inner supply of pride and confidence and when you are at your creative best enjoying life to the fullest.


Maybe you need to slow down and be patient in some life situation. Maybe you need to make a choice between two people you love, two jobs you want, two ideas you have or two places you want to move to. This decision requires patience and a slowing down of your energy in order to think things through properly so that you can make the right choice. When you slow down, you are able to get into a place of balance and then you will just know. You are encouraged to get tino a place of equilibrium where you will have more emotional balance. The Angels want you to use your intuition to guide you and let go of your ego.

Number 2 is associated with the Moon and governs those born in the sign of Cancer. The moon represents your emotions, how you feel and your daily habits. The moon is the more reflective part of your personality.


If you need a boost of positive energy, or are feeling unhappy or sad, this is a message from your Angels and a reminder to try to maintain a cheerful attitude in order to manifest love, peace and harmony. If you remain in a state of unhappiness, you will only attract more of the same. The Angels encourage you to stay positive and upbeat in order to attract these desires. They also remind you that communication is key and send a powerful message to be crystal clear in your interpersonal communications.

Number 3 is associated with Jupiter and governs those born in the sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter represents luck and expansion and how you attract things and success. Jupiter is always searching for meaning, truth and ethical values.


This is a message from your Angels to stop procrastinating and just take care of business. This number message is the support you need to be mindful and to work diligently on the tasks at hand. Things may seem momentous and out of control, but with action and a solid solid plan, your determination combined with increased effort and working diligently towards your goals, can immensely help you achieve the outcome you desire. You are encouraged to stay on the path of production and hard work.

Number 4 is ruled by Uranus and governs those born under the sign of Aquarius. Uranus represents sudden and unexpected events or surprises.


This is an urgent message from your Angels to make some definite and significant changes to your life or you will be forced to change things in your life. Changes are a necessary part of life, and it’s easy to get stuck in the comfortableness of your old self. However, trying to keep things status quo will only create difficult and challenging situations that will only get worse until a thunderbolt hits your habitat. Your Angels also advise you to put on your seatbelt because the changes that are in store for you will be quick and swift like a torrent of water traveling down the river, so buckle up. Changes will bring long-desired results you desire into full alignment with your life purpose.

Number 5 is associated with Mercury, which is ruled by both Gemini and Virgo. Mercury represents communication and technology. Mercury is how you think and reason and how to express yourself to others.


This is a message from your Angels that things in your life might be out of balance and you are paying too much attention to a certain area of life over others that need attention. You may have developed an over-attachment to unhealthy habits including sex or other addictions, negative thought patterns or a relationship that is not the best for you. Your Angels are reminding you to balance your actions and emotions in ways that will bring positive results.

Number 6 is associated with Venus and governed by those born in the sign of Libra and Taurus. Venus supplies you with your favourite people, places and things. Venus show how to attract what you love, especially people into your life. The nature of Libra is all about beauty, justice, balance and relationships.


This is a message from your Angels that major spiritual shifts are about to take place in your life. The number 7 is associated with empathy, sensitivity, perception and internal analysis. When this number appears, you may be thinking or analysing a situation too much and to your detriment. You could also be too aloof distant or melancholic. You are being guided to have faith and trust in the process of life.

Number 7 is associated with Neptune and governed by those born in the sign of Pisces. Neptune is nebulous and things can be confusing, but it is the psychic planet of ideals, intuition, spirituality and compassion. It is the domain of dreams and delusion that is so disconcerting and can be difficult to handle.


This is a message from your Angels that you may be having issues with your personal power and/or courage. You are being reminded to remember the image of the woman in the Tarot who walks with the lion without any restraint. Courage is given to those who stand up and bravely walk under their own volition. You are also being reminded that the battle of life is fought uphill and to win it without a struggle, there would be no success. If there were nothing to struggle for, there would be nothing to be achieved. Triple 8s is also a reminder that money, finances or resources could be an issue for you right now. This serves as a reminder that the resources and/or money you need is coming sooner than you think, so hold on.

Number 8 is is associated with Saturn and is governed by those born in the sign of Capricorn. Saturn represents limitations and restrictions in our life. It is a taskmaster that keeps your nose to the grindstone.


This is a message from your Angels that something must come to an end or that you must let go of something before you will be able to move on. Holding on to outdated people or things will only hinder your spiritual growth and progress. When you see this triple number combination, it is a sign that life is about to get much clearer for you and you will be able to move forward fluidly as long as you release the old and embrace the new. Strength comes to you by cooperating with others, while being self-sufficient.

Number 9is associated with Mars and is governed by those born in the sign of Aries and Scorpio. Mars is the fighter in you. It provides the energy to take action and get things done.