2020 – A Bumpy Journey to the New Normal

The world is on a bumpy journey to a new destination and the New Normal .

If we have learned anything from 2020, it’s that nothing is really the same as they were pre-covid and many people have compared the year to what is now being referred to as the “new normal.” For sure, it’s anything but ordinary. The landscape has completely changed and dramatic changes to our daily lives have been turned upside down. It’s like a slippery slope that we can’t seem to get out of.

The 20th card in the Tarot Deck is Judgement. The dictionary defines judgement as

the forming of an opinion, estimate, notion, or conclusion, as from circumstances presented to the mind.


However, in the Tarot, the Judgement card corresponds to the planet Pluto. Pluto is the Head of the Department of Death, Destruction and Decay. He’s in charge of things that have to happen, and he disposes of situations that have gone way past the point of no return, where the only solution is to  “let go.” Right now Pluto is conjunct Saturn, the planet that is the Head of the Department of limitations, discipline and karma. A conjunction between these two major bad boy planets represents transformation in the extreme and possibly even very destructive events. Just look at the deaths related to the pandemic of 2020, the state of our health, the health care system, the financial and job markets, lifestyle restrictions, social distancing, wearing a mask and you can see the toll this conjunction has caused thus far. Trust me, it’s only going to intensify.



In the Tarot, Judgement belongs to the Major Arcana cards which represent major changes, the big events in life beyond our control, and embracing spiritual growth.

In 2020’s Judgement, we come face-to-face with our own mortality, whether through a personal experience, the death of someone you know, or the ending of something. It’s the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. You know the New Age that astrologers keep referring to – well it’s here – the Age of Aquarius, but is in the birthing canal and it’s a long, difficult labor that won’t be complete for years to come.

This year we are evaluating or reevaluating our life, and we are being urged to do a full-scale restructuring of some aspects of it or all aspects – it certainly is dependent upon the individual and personal circumstances. Death, health issues, loss of work and financial security or insecurity are the primary issues that are changing our landscape this year, and how we approach this so called new normal.

2020 is obviously a very transformative year and we need to embrace it. It’s like we woke up to a new reality in March out of a fog. It’s a new level of awareness that we haven’t ever experienced before. Spiritual growth and/or spiritual rebirth is something that we will need to embrace this year, and that is something that will be our savior and could save us, but we need to learn to transform with the times and adapt or die. As the cross on the banner in the Judgement card reveals – you are at a crossroads, and it is your choice how you respond when destiny calls.


Quote Credit: Mohamed El-Erian

Numerology Affirmation Deck


That which we persist in doing becomes easier to do, not that the nature of the thing has changed, but our ability to do it has increased.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have created a beautiful deck of unique, one-of-a-kind Numerology Affirmation Cards© based on the science of numerology in your quest for clarity and Divine guidance through the power of numbers.

My Numerology Affirmation Cards© are designed to help you attract your desires, wishes and goals by using daily affirmations as a tool to help you raise your vibration and manifest what you truly desire through the power of affirmations. An affirmation is a simple statement that is repeated over and over again and is affirmed by repetition. They are you being in conscious control of your thoughts. When you say them, hear them or think them, they become the thoughts that create your reality. Affirmations therefore are your conscious thoughts.

This deck includes 40 cards: 37 affirmations and 3 information cards. The deck comes shrink-wrapped in an organza pouch that is available in 8 colors. Choose your organza pouch color at checkout.

I used Color Therapy when I designed this deck based on a combination of the chakra system plus the same traditional colors that are also assigned to the 9 core numbers in numerology → All cards with the numbers 8 are assigned the color Rose and all cards with the numbers 9 are assigned the color Gold.

I selected the symbol of the Butterfly because it represents transformation due to its dramatic process of metamorphosis. The butterfly is the symbol of the soul, and at its core the lesson of the butterfly is to accept change. Butterfly brings color and joy to your life. They teach  us that growth and transformation is simply a part of life and to keep our faith as we undergo transitions in our lives.


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The Hanged Man & The Senate Judiciary Committee

This morning around 5:00 in the morning, I was awake early. As I’m prone to do, I use this time to write, to ponder, to meditate and to think about life and what’s going on around me and the world at large.

What was on my mind, was the current Supreme Court nomination and nominee. This story has been consuming the news for the past two days, so this was what I was definitely thinking of.

The words and image of the Hanged Man from the Tarot deck popped into my mind and I immediately posted about it on Instagram very early this morning because the meaning of and the association of the Hanged Man was exactly what was going on  on Capital Hill – especially after yesterday’s testimonies by Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh.

I could tell the country was divided in opinion and I was worried that there would be a repeat of the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas hearings and that Kavanaugh would be pushed through creating more unrest and violence, and the opportunity for healing would not take place. This is an extreme situation that required extreme measures.

What the Hanged Man actually represents is:

  • Taking a pause
  • Taking a time out
  • Changing perspectives
  • Surrendering to other forces
  • Letting go of old paradigms
  • There are victims

This pause, this time-out is especially relevant now as it relates to all the sexual-harassment and sexual assault allegations across the world that has plagued men and women for centuries – but more currently over the last year with the beginning of the Me Too movement. It’s a time to release and let go of old mental models and behavioral patterns that are no longer serving any of us. We need a fresh new perspective to prepare ourselves to embrace new opportunities that would have otherwise not come about without the MeToo movement and the spotlight on these issues. We have seen many powerful men being taken down on the world stage since the Harvey Weinstein story broke about a year ago. And yes, it is possible to experience pauses in situations and there can be interruptions to the flow of things – if people become conscious of the immediate environment.

Today was the pause we needed and we can thank Senator Jeff Flake, because he gave us the opportunity to hit the pause button – to hit the brakes, to put things on hold and to set things straight before proceeding. Thank you Senator Jeff Flake for giving us this pause to hopefully course correct.

The senate Judiciary committee, which votes to send the nominee to the full United States Senate for confirmation, have made a difference today by enforcing the Hanged Man. Even though the current nominee cleared the committee, the Senate Judiciary Committee listened to Senator Flake and deemed it proper (based on his negotiation) to delay the floor vote to allow the FBI to do an investigation on Kavanaugh.

As I was writing this post, using the Hanged Man as a point of reference, the news broke that Jeff Flake will only vote in favor of Kavanaugh if the FBI investigates the allegations against him. Flake actually used the term that the Senate needed to take a “pause” before moving pushing the vote forward. This was exactly what I was hoping for today. Something that would delay this process instead of just pushing Kavanaugh through.

My prayers were answered. Let’s hope for a positive outcome at the end of this confirmation process for all Americans. We all deserve to be respected, women deserve to be listened to, dignified and respected, our bodies are a temple that shouldn’t be harmed in any way, and and we all deserve an honest, ethical Chief Justice.

Many thanks and blessings to Dr. Christine Ford for being brave enough and having the courage to come forward to testify and call out Kavanaugh on his sexual assault of her when she was in high school.

Blessings ♥♥♥



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Numerology Guidance for August 18, 2018


Wow! Triple 8’s and double 18’s is quite auspicious today.

The intensity and magnification of triple 8’s is the symbol of money and resources, authority, personal power and self-confidence and just happens to align with the Sun traveling in self-confident and bold Leo right now. 8 is the business number in numerology, so it’s good for entrepreneurs, start-up companies, bankers, investors, real estate deals or financial planning.

Double 18’s are a symbol of good luck bringing prosperity and is a good time to invest money, start a business or ask for favors. If you are searching for luck, today it could fall into your lap because 8-18-18 is a very lucky number.

Today’s vibration is very powerful and you are being asked to step into your personal power and find a pathway through to your own financial and money transformation and having the self confidence in these matters.


Interestingly enough 8-18-18 adds up to 44/8 and it’s another fortuitous number that can boost happiness and prosperity if you use it wisely. It represents positive energy and brings many blessings and support that is required to achieve everything you’ve always dreamed of as long as you use this energy the right way. You have all the inner-strength and support you need to get done what you need in order to attain and achieve all your goals and aspirations.


Affirmation for Number 8


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New Moon in Pisces on St. Patrick’s Day


A New Moon cycle begins early Saturday morning March 17th, a lucky day falling on St. Patrick’s day, at 6:11 a.m. PST in the sign of Pisces  ♓ Number 17 is the symbol of power, strength and courage.

This New Moon arrives on a 13/4 universal day, which intensifies transformation and denotes a major change coming in.

The Moon inspires us like no other and in the emotional sign of Pisces, the New Moon is a positive time to commit to personal, career, work or relationship goals that express your emotional and intuitive instincts.

The Moon heightens our intuition and this is a good time to take a leap of faith that requires imagination and visualization.

The New Moon is a time of new beginnings and setting intentions.

This potent Pisces energy brings creativity to a peak place and helps with any ambitious projects you’ve got in the making.

Therefore, while we may feel very inspired and motivated, watch for signs of stagnation or stalling.

The vibration of number 13 can help release us from that which is no longer useful in our lives, but which we have a tendency to hang onto because we fear change.

The vibration of number 4 adds discipline and adds the oomph to get out of that rut! Utilize the positive and transformative qualities of this New Moon in Pisces by writing ✍ your New Moon letter within 12 hours of the exact time of the New Moon.

Ask for what you want, get what you want.

There is so much fortunate opportunity and positive energy and transformative qualities with this particular New Moon.

Love and blessings,

Kathleen Lamoureux

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