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Thank you so much for a very insightful reading. It was so valuable. You have a unique gift and are highly skilled.
Rosalie B.

The Wisdom of the Heart is excited to announce that we now have a really talented resident numerologist!!! Kathleen Lamoureux will be giving numerology readings every first Saturday of the month from 11 am- 3 pm in our beautiful healing space. She will be taking appointments as well as walk-in’s. I just got a reading from her and I can say it was dead-on accurate, extremely useful, inspiring, and validating. It gave me a clear road map as to how to move forward in the most effective ways for the next 5 months for my business and personal life, specifically telling me what to focus on and when to take action. Wow! It was like having a life/ business coach with a direct line to my personal energetic blueprint!
Reggi Goldman, Business Manager @ The Wisdom of the Heart – Berkeley, CA

Kathleen is an amazing and talented master numerologist. It has been my privilege and good fortune to meet her and receive her invaluable counsel regarding my numerology chart. She is not only vastly knowledgeable, but also has an absolutely wonderful “bedside manner” and life-coaching ability, which is a rare gift in itself. Her knowledge, coupled with her psychic sense, intuition and ability to listen is a perfect blend for spiritual and practical guidance for all areas of life. She has helped me personally to realize and recognize how to progress towards my goals in life, and I am so very grateful for her generous and caring spirit.
Christa Marshall, Tarot Oracle, Musician, Artist & Composer – San Rafael, CA

Kathleen’s intelligent approach to numerology, her depth of knowledge and over 25 years of experience, enable her to provide astute and accurate numerological forecasts, and clearer explanations of the astounding influence of numbers in her client’s’ lives. But more importantly, she imparts valuable wisdom, through her connection with the Divine, that enables her clients’ to make the very most of the numbers that have profound effects on their lives.
Stacey Leigh, Owner of Waves of Change Healing Arts – Petaluma, CA

Kathleen Lamoureux is truly a gifted numerologist and a joy to work with. A reading with her helped me see myself more clearly in terms of my strengths and gifts as well as where some of my blindspots are. She also gave me excellent input on how to work with the energies in the coming months and to make the best use of them – when to release new projects and when to spend more time doing inner work. A reading with Kathleen will help you become more in tune with yourself and your inner potential, and help you make plans for how best to use the energies around you as they shift and change over time.
Sarah Shockley, Author of The Pain Companion – San Francisco, CA

Kathleen draws upon a vast reservoir of knowledge and wisdom when she gives a numerology reading. Her extensive background in the art of numerology, in combination with her innate compassion, sensitivity and intuition are the strong foundation upon which she offers guidance on navigating one’s journey through life. Being with Kathleen is like have a laser focused on your issues and life path. Answers to deep questions are revealed and there is a sense of feeling seen and understood at your core. I brought a dear friend of mine to see Kathleen for a reading. Her partner of many years had died very recently. She was in deep grief and did not know how the next chapter of her life was to unfold. Kathleen could immediately see from her numbers what had transpired in her life and was so very kind, supportive and gentle to my friend and shared much wisdom and guidance for her. It was exactly what needed to happen and my friend is now well on her way with her new beginnings in life that the numbers foretold. Kathleen’s reading uplifted and inspired my friend. I am grateful to her for helping her in this profound way. Through numerology as the tool and Kathleen’s generous and compassionate heart, transformation took place in front of my eyes. I have also had readings with Kathleen and have been guided to remember what I have come here to do and how to do it. Kathleen is a gifted reader/human being/force of nature/real deal.
Joelle St. James, Vastu Consultant – San Rafael, CA

I cannot sing enough praises for Kathleen! I’ve only recently had the pleasure of making her acquaintance, but within the past ten months that I’ve known her, she’s had a huge and positive impact on my life. I was struggling with my job; unhappy, unchallenged, and unfulfilled. But after only a few months of her coaching me, I have found a new career that I am thrilled about and my mindset is ‘onward’ and ‘upward.’ I truly believe that her guidance helped me nail down what I wanted and Kathleen helped me to achieve it.
Olivia Odom. – San Francisco, CA

Kathleen is an numerological gem. Her readings invoke a deep sense of meaning and purpose that will breathe life into any situation, beautiful or challenging. I highly recommend letting her intuition lead because it is in that partnership where the magic happens. Thank you, Kathleen for letting your art into this world, it feels like a better place because of it.
Sara E., Nutritionist – Oakland, CA

It’s rare to come across someone as talented and intuitive as Kathleen. The numerology reading, my first, was both insightful and surprising, she opened my eyes to looking at my life through a different lens. I was given some practical tools to help me on my journey to self discovery. The bonus was the Tarot reading which just confirmed what was said in the numerology reading, she knows her stuff! Thank you Kathleen for sharing your gifts.
Denise Rosales, Small Business Manager – San Rafael, CA

Kathleen’s numerology and tarot reading was a very valuable and eye-opening experience. It was my first experience with numerology and she made it east to understand and relate to. It was also at a time when a lot of changes were happening in my life, and the reading validated a lot of things I was feeling. Kathleen was pleasant and honest and made great connections during the reading; she is very intuitive. I would definitely recommend her for a first time introduction to numerology, for a reading during a time when you need clarity, or as a spiritual guide.
Tracy T., Pharmacist – Laguna Beach, CA

Kathleen has a way of immediately (and simply) opening up the world of numbers to the layperson and instilling a sense of wonder and awe regarding them. Her readings are always optimistic and practical. It’s actually really inspiring to look at the world imbued with such meaning, and with so many years of study under her belt, Kathleen is a great guide! Go to Kathleen for a personable and honest experience.
Nico Anza, World Traveller

Kathleen’s numerology reading was my first! It was very insightful and I enjoyed it very much. Kathleen took her time and explained all the aspects of my numbers and answered all my questions. Her reading described so much about my life and personality that I knew but some that I wasn’t aware of until we began to go over them. The reading was very insightful and I have noticed along the way that some of the traits she described to me have appeared since my reading. Thank you, Kathleen for your professionalism and your amazing gift you shared with me.
Lynne J. – Little Rock, AR

I want to thank you so much for your wise insight.  I have looked for the answers and guidance I received from you in the numerology forecast, in all imaginable places, for many years now.  I am grateful to you for your gift of simple honest and thorough work that finally gave me the answers I needed.  I am at peace with this and have freed up so much energy that is now reflected in a thriving practice.  Blessings to you for the very important work that you do.
Rosalia Mariz, Herbalist – Berkeley, CA

Kathleen knows her stuff!  Her knowledge of  numerology and the tarot is without question. She is very intuitive and that comes through during the course of the reading. My reading, that day in particular, had many ‘layers’. Kathleen guided me through them with clarity in what was being shown, leaving me feeling very positive and energized from my experience.  Ultimately, you  will feel at home with Kathleen.  Her energy is calming and she is nurturing. I consider Kathleen a dear and trusted soul. I know you will too!
Dayna Hinson, Artist – Oakland, CA

My reading with Kathleen really helped me to resolve a situation I was facing. Because of her keen insight into who I am and my life cycle at that time, I was able to resolve my situation for the highest good of all concerned. I would recommend her highly. She is very incisive and her information is very empowering.
David Caplin., Researcher – Oakland, CA  

I’d never consulted a numerologist before on a professional basis until I had my session with Kathleen and I was simply blown away!  I hadn’t realized the depth she could go into, the accuracy of my personality, how name changes had affected me, my work, relationships, the past, and forthcoming future… it was simply amazing.  My numerology blueprint covered a wonderful telephone session, together with an enormous amount of valuable information sent in a personally prepared report.  Kathleen really goes the extra mile for her clients and delivers her service with a cheerful, kind, and compassionate spirit.  I left the session feeling that she genuinely cared about me and my circumstances and felt far more optimistic about certain things surrounding me.  Kathleen has a rare and wonderful gift for helping others and I highly recommend her services. Josephine Ellershaw –
Josephine Ellershaw, Author & Tarot Expert – United Kingdom

Wow Kathleen! What a wonderful and thorough numerology profile.  I am so impressed with how in depth and precise it was.  Your use of words lends itself to the overall readability and I am particularly taken with the amount of descriptive language that you use to capture the essence of who I am.  Many statements such as; “freedom is essential for your happiness… and you are a risk taker.” ring true.  I appreciate your personal daily forecasts and I see myself referring back to this work repeatedly to be reminded of my true self, as well as finding new discoveries about who I can potentially be. Kathleen I want to express my deepest gratitude for all your invaluable guidance. Through your intuitive gift, knowledge of numerology and divination arts, I have received great insight to my past, present and future. With your guidance and support, I have navigated difficult and unclear waters. Life is an amazing journey and having you as a guide makes it all the better. Your heart is pure, your mind is sharp and you are forever young in spirit.
Melonie Duarte, Medical Professional – Novato, CA

Thank you for your time and for sharing your expertise.  I believe you and I both have a “clear and compelling sense of ourselves as spiritual beings” and I recognize your talent in this manifestation.  I will highly recommend you as a gifted numerologist to my friends and family.
Lynn B. – Ojai, CA

I am continually amazed by Kathleen’s innate ability to add insight to whatever is going on in my life and the constant motivational support she gives me. She is an extremely intuitive and compassionate Intuitive Life Coach, Spiritual Advisor and Numerology Expert! I am very blessed to have her in my life again as a guiding light that I look to for deep wisdom and clarity. Kathleen has coached me as well as performed numerology readings on myself, my romantic partner and my son. I just recently experienced her amazing Runic Cross Reading. I have to say that her readings are always right on target and they have assisted me in taking the necessary steps with my business and in providing me with clarity regarding various relationships in my life.  Kathleen is a wise woman, a compassionate woman and most of all — a woman of light and love. Thank you Kathleen, you’re the best!
Maryann Candito, Akashic Records Consultant – Yachats, OR

A few weeks ago, I was blessed to receive a numerology reading from Kathleen Lamoureux.  Not only was my reading accurate and insightful, but it was infused with compassion and warmth.  I can honestly feel that Kathleen cares a great deal about helping people achieve what their hearts truly desire. I now have a road map for the rest of the year. Watch out road bumps, I’ve got your number!  Thank you very much Kathleen!
Elisabeth Rossman, Creative Writer – Las Vegas, NV

Thank you for sending me my numerology blueprint.  It was so detailed and better than any other numerology readings I have had before. What a treat!
Tinker A. – Wife, Mother, Friend to all, Santa Ynez, CA

I had never had my numbers done and am so glad I finally did! I found the information about myself insightful and spot on.  Kathleen is knowledgable and wise, as well as inspirational and compassionate.  I know I will continue to benefit from my numbers blueprint.  I recommend anyone who is interested in gaining a deeper understanding about themselves, their life path, and innermost gits and desires to definitely have a numerology reading.
Sarah Diane, MFT Therapist – Oakland, CA

Kathleen, I found your Numerology reading to be very interesting.  I learned a lot more than I thought I would, given the fact that I’ve been studying Astrology and other modes of self-reflection for years. I thought your approach was beautiful, clear and insightful.  Thank you so much.
Talya Lutzker, Nutritionist & Chef – Santa Cruz, CA

Just had my numbers read by Kathleen Lamoureux. It becomes so clear why I’ve been stuck with the moving process and why, suddenly, I am seeing things differently, considering new plans, recognizing what I am letting go of in the big, bigger sense. Thank you!
Ruth Davis, Mac Trainer – Phoenix, AZ

Kathleen has the perfect combination of intuition and knowledge which makes her an excellent Numerologist and Oracle Card Reader. I was amazed at her ability to correctly analyze my numbers during a Primary Essence Reading and provide an accurate portrayal of what I have in store for the next two years of my life. Her interpretation during a Tarot reading was also spot-on. She honed right in to the prominent areas where my questions were and gave me feedback which validated the steps I need to take. All the information she provided was applicable and immediately useful. More importantly, everything resonated deeply with my own intuitive awareness. I would absolutely call upon Kathleen to give me an update on my next years’ chart.
Janet Louise, L.Ac. – Walnut Creek

I’ve never had a numerology reading before, though I’ve always wanted one. When I met Kathleen, I’d been having ongoing issues with career confusion, as well as a troubled relationship. Kathleen offered to do not only my personal numbers, but also the relationship numbers for my partner and me. I found her reading insightful and informative. Some of her interpretations strongly confirmed what I’ve always known or suspected about myself, and some of her findings were important new ideas that I had not been aware of, especially regarding my love relationship, and how, for this year especially, we each have very different needs, so we will likely be on different paths. Her insights helped me to make sense of many things, and to affirm areas of change to work on, and areas to stay mindful of in the coming year. Kathleen’s reading calmed me down and gave me a more universal perspective. Thanks for the supportive, intuitive reading, Kathleen!
Melissa Barrow – Artist, Phoenix, AZ

Kathleen, thank you for your upbeat and comprehensive numerology reading! I especially appreciate your delineating the alterations in my life’s ‘expression’ due to my voluntary name change in 1991. Chosen with numerology in mind, I had never checked into the benefits such a name change might bring. Now I see that it will likely help me bring about a more fulfilling career and creativity experience, and that my intuition re choosing my new name was right on. I also like knowing that this is a ‘7’ year for me personally, allowing for an inward gathering of spiritual forces before the outward expression of social business power in the coming ‘8’ year. More power to both of us.
Nathan Gabriel, ND – California

Kathleen really worked her magic for me! My numerology reading was spot on. It was surprising and delightful to hear her describe the subtler, more constant parts of my journey. I especially liked how she brought up personality traits and habits with compassion, honesty and playfulness! This way to communicate always help the medicine go down. I felt really seen and encouraged by her. She also pulled some oracle cards which was really exciting and I appreciated the decks sacred approach. It encouraged me to start teaching – something I’ve really wanted to do for a long time. The runes she pulled on me fueled the idea that it was time to change my patterns, let go of my fear of inadequacies and focus on coming more into the world. All aspects of my reading with the numerology, oracle cards and runes made it a very synergistic reading and when we parted ways, I felt energized and present. I’ve been keeping her insights in mind since our reading. I feel that it catalyzed much needed changes in my life.
Sarah Jystad, Oakland, CA

Before I met Kathleen, I was not the kind of person who would accept any sort of numerology reading as credible — my many years of academic work as a professor made me a natural skeptic. However, through the years, I have seen that academic research does not answer all my questions. As my faith in God has grown in recent years, I have learned to hear and see the voice of the Divine in unusual places, like numerology. And then I met Kathleen. Reading about my relationship compatibility with my husband for the first time was extremely emotional. At times I had to stop reading it because of my tears (her analysis said that I’m very emotional and that is so true!) Reading it was a surreal experience, seeing your personality and your essence laid out in words that are incredibly accurate. I saw parts of myself that I had forgotten, aspects of my personality I prefer not to face, and my gifts that I sometimes undervalue. Just as I saw myself with crystal clarity, I recognized many qualities her analysis described about my new husband. I also saw many qualities that I had not recognized before. Her numerology assessment spelled out some areas in which we need to be careful. For example, we are both newish entrepreneurs who work from home. This can be fantastic, but I know, as I suspected before, that we need to be extremely careful about not getting in each other’s way. With one failed marriage in my past, her analysis reminded me that relationships are not things that happen to us, but are organic entities that require so much attention and nurturing. Her analysis reminded me of my Achilles heel — my tendency to withdraw when criticized or in the face of any unpleasant confrontation. I know from experience that this is something I must be vigilant about. If you are the kind of person who wants a deep and intimate relationship, Kathleen’s compatibility relationship readings are an incredibly valuable tool for you. When we’re in love, we prefer not to think about unpleasant things and yet we benefit so much from compassionate and objective feedback — which is exactly what you’ll find in her readings. If you’re skeptical, you’ll benefit even more.
Laura Mixon Camacho PhD, Owner of Mixonian Institute – Charleston, SC

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  1. Hi, Kathleen, I have never read any numerology report before and didn’t think too much about them until I read my very own relationship synergy report. It blew my socks off — amazing accuracy. Thank you.


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