What’s Your Attitude Got To Do With Anything?


The Attitude number is not really a core number in one’s numerology chart, but it is a very interesting number to look at and is referred to as your Sun Number by some Numerologists and your Achievement Number by others. I think the term Attitude is quite appropriate in the sense that it shows us the first pattern of your existence on the day you were born. Some babies are very needy when they are born and cry all the time getting the attention they need, and some babies are quite calm and serene and are comforted easily. Your attitude shows up the moment of your birth.

Attitude as defined by the dictionary reflects the way you feel about something or someone and is reflected in your behavior. Your attitude shows up immediately and reflects instantly how you are feeling. It could be good or bad / positive or negative on any given day. Our attitude is not always in pristine form and needs to be adjusted from time to time. After all, we are human and we can fall into imperfect conditions. But basically, the attitude number reflects the outward impression we give when we interact with someone. Your attitude flavors your interactions and determines your behavior in relationship to your Destiny number. Attitude is both a strength and a challenge. Managing it is the key to your success and can help you tap into abundance, success and satisfaction.

How to calculate the attitude number

This number is derived by adding up the month of your birth to your birthday number. Here’s the calculation for someone born on March 12th. You would add up the numbers this way:

3 + 12 = 15/6. This person’s Attitude number is 6.

The Basic Attitude Numbers Breakdown


You give off the impression that you are someone who is large and in charge of all situations. You make people feel that you are strong and tough and know what you are doing. You have the ability to lead the way and you show your leader / leadership skills naturally, making others want to follow you. There is a tendency to show others that you are unique, a self starter and ambitious, but you do require praise. You certainly come across as strong, determined and capable of creating your own reality. You really do have what it takes to get the ball rolling in any capacity.

On the downside: You can be quite independent and give others the impression that you don’t need other people. You prefer to do things on your own terms, which can get in the way of relationships both personal and professional. You can be a true cynic if you feel inferior and can be stubborn and selfish. You might want to work on being more of a team player and your selfish tendencies.


number-2-aAttitude Number 2
You give off the impression that you are very kind and compassionate and you get things done through all of your cooperative efforts. You have the ability to show people just how diplomatic you can be and you take your diplomacy to a level that impresses upon others your kindness and warm heart. You are the person others come to for advise and to fix their problems. I call you the “fixer.” People naturally gravitate toward you because you seem so peaceful and tranquil. You have that kind of yummy and delightful effect on others.

On the downside:
you can be overly sensitive for your own good. You might want to work on your emotional body and not take everything so personally. Don’t let other’s criticism bother you. Learn to let it go. Other’s opinions of you are their own opinions only. Don’t let them erode your true nature – someone who is sweet, kind and deserving. Love yourself more.


number-3-aAttitude Number 3
You are someone who gives off the impression that you truly delight in making others feel good about themselves. You are witty, funny and love to make people laugh. You are very charismatic, friendly, charming and others are drawn to you like a moth to a flame. You observe the absurdities of life and express yourself this way.

On the downside: Your mood can fluctuate from day-to-day and you also get your feelings hurt easy and can sometimes wear your feelings on your sleeve. There is a tendency to complain about things that you have no control over. You might want to work on being more happy and content with your life. See things from a “glass more full” perspective rather than a glass “half-empty.” You will be amazed at how things shift with a different point of view.


number-4-aAttitude Number 4
You are someone that gives off the impression that logic and a system of order is quite important to you. You are the list maker and are famous for your “to do” lists and keeping everything and everyone in line. Keeping track of every single detail is quite important to you. You have everything at the tip of your fingertips with those lists and you are well known among your friends and family for your management and organization skills.

On the downside: You have a tendency to look down on others who you think aren’t as practical or logical.  You feel that invades your sense of security because stability and order is very important to you. You may want to work on being more flexible and letting others be who they are.


number-5-aAttitude Number 5
You are the epitome of someone who people see as fun, witty, resourceful and original. You give off the impression that you are fearless and very adventurous and people who are not as freedom-oriented as you, are in awe of how you act and move in your life without any restraint or restrictions. Change is your motto and you go wherever the wind blows you because you are that free. You can be the flirty, sexy one at the party.

On the downside: You have a tendency to be scattered, self-indulgent and a tad bit irresponsible and careless with your life. You may not take relationships seriously and hurt people because of your tendency to wander or have a wandering eye.


number-6-aAttitude Number 6
Without a doubt, you are someone who is very nurturing and caring. Your mantra is to take care of everyone. You are very family and service oriented and give off the impression that home, family, children, and/or your pets are your main focus. Relationships of all types are extremely important and with your natural nurturing tendencies, you are especially great with children, the elderly or animals. 

On the downside: You can be challenged by overdoing your inherent protectiveness. Your role is to give that nurturing advice, but then step away and let others make their own decisions without judgment. You are only the conduit for information. You might want to work on your tendency to be a perfectionist and accept yourself and others for who they are. Don’t be a doormat or do too much for others. After all, responsibility goes both ways.


number-7-aAttitude Number 7
There is an air of mystery about you and you give off the impression that you are, quietly behind your brain, analyzing every little detail as people are talking to you, and sometimes people feel as if they have lost your attention. This is because you are absorbed with intelligent analysis and strategic thinking. You are very cerebral and intellectual rather than emotional. Your mind is always going and people don’t always get to know what you are thinking or feeling and you reveal yourself slowly. You keep to yourself and are very introspective and are on a quest of spirituality and finding the answers to life.

On the downside: You might want to work on your proclivity for being aloof or a loner. You also might want to address your inclination to be skeptical and sarcastic. Learning to trust is also a big issue for you and number 7 can activate your spiritual awakening if you are open to developing your personal spirituality.


number-8-aAttitude Number 8
While you project an attitude of strength and determination, others get the impression that you have no problem telling them what you think, and you can come across sometimes as abrupt and blunt. You are someone who does not have time with people who waste time or move at a snails pace and you have no problem telling them so. You want to shake them and turn them upside down because you think you know better and are very direct with your feelings. You know and respect the value of money and financial freedom and the worth it brings in all life situations: stability, security and power. Others see you as someone who wants to be respected and admired.

On the downside: You have authority, self-esteem and control issues. You might want to work on being less direct and authoritative with others. When you judge others, three fingers point back to you. You may have had problems related to your past such as a disapproving father or other domineering figures who tried to hold you down or didn’t push you hard enough or to your potential. Let go of the past or it will interfere with your present happiness.


number-9-aAttitude Number 9
You give off the impression that you are gifted at helping other people – either through small or large venues. Your heart is always open and receptive. You show people that you are here to serve others in a capacity such as humanitarian endeavors or a compassionate leader. People naturally gravitate toward you and your home is always open for those that need an extra dose of TLC. People see you as someone is charitable and generous during times of need.

On the downside: You need to establish boundaries, otherwise people will deplete you and your juicy energy because you care too deeply. You have tendency to be fickle and cold and sometimes you are too aloof and can shut people out. This is a direct result of giving too much. Again, balance and boundaries is the key here.