Wednesday Wisdom: Hold On

I was having a very difficult day as a surgeon with many emergencies and difficult patients.  I had no time to eat and was starved and exhausted. Finally, I had a few quiet moments, late in the afternoon, and opened my special lunch box. This lunch box is red, with the word love written all over it in white letters. Bobbie fixes my lunch and puts it in the box every morning.

By having it with me, I know I will at some time be able to eat, no matter what my day is like.

That day I opened it, and taped in the cover was a note: “Hold on, we love you.” I felt so lucky to have an intuitive wife who knew I was going to have a difficult day, and sent me that note. I held on, and when I got home I thanked her for her therapeutic note.

What therapeutic note she said?

I replied “the’ hold on’ note in my lunch. I held on and got through the day.”

She smiled and said, “Honey it was a big sandwich with a lot of vegetables. I just wanted you to hold onto it!”

Since then my wife sends her love with lunch that says “This is a two-hand sandwich.” It’s still very therapeutic.
“365 Prescriptions for the Soul” by Bernie Siegel

Message from Kathleen

Life is random and gives us random experiences and messages. Sometimes a message appear at just the right moment to help us hold on.


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Intuitive Numerology Messages June 20th

Greetings all you Numerology fans! Here is your intuitive numerology messages for Week 25 of 2022, beginning June 20th through June 26th.

Biggest thing this week is the Summer Solstice on Tuesday, June 21st and the celebration of light. Break out all your tools:

  • Crystals
  • Sage
  • Palo Santo
  • Tarot or Oracle Cards

Good activities for Summer Solstice are:

  • Walking in nature
  • Ground yourself by walking barefoot
  • Collecting a bunch of wildflowers
  • Tend to your garden or potted flowers/plants
  • Pull a card or two or three on the energy you will be/are experiencing
  • Meditation at sunrise or sunset

Week 25 Summer Solstice Affirmation from my Numerology Affirmation Deck ’31 Days of Cosmic Inspiration’

As I experience change and difficulty, I stay strong and tough. I know that the changes ahead are positive and for the better

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Blessings for a great week.

Kathleen xoxo