October 2022 Numerology

October is a 16/7 universal month. The main energy of 7 will want us to focus on spiritual matters and getting to the truth of situations. We want transparency and will stop at nothing to see the bigger picture. The minor vibration of 16 can cause upsetting situations and it can force us to surrender and adapt to situations that may be collapsing around us. It’s a wake up call.

The Month of 7 – Going within to discover yourself

Whenever we have a 7 vibration in the universal month equation, we experience a time-out in order to reflect on where we want to go. Seven is a journey of going within for self-discovery, so for the next 30 days we are looking for the answers to our questions or the answers to what we would consider a mystery. Things are not always what they seem. Also, when we slow down, we find inner peace and tranquility that is completely immeasurable. We also can attract spiritual people into our lives if spirituality has been a missing component. We can start to feel more connected and part of a community that gives us something richer than money or financial rewards. Seven gives us intangible collateral assets that enrich our spirit. it’s more Divine and ethereal. So this month as you take an inward journey, incorporate a more immaterial approach as you seek inner direction and guidance.

October Guidance for every Life Path

You don’t have to be alone with all the challenges you may face. This is the month to tap into the universe’s power and inner resources that are within you. This is for every Life Path + the Sun, Moon or Rising for each astrological sign.

Life Path 1 + Leo: Stand up for yourself in some outstanding way. You are the leader that people look up to and follow.

Life Path 2 + Cancer: Your inner sensitivity can help someone who is in need of your compassion. Be a shoulder to cry on when needed.

Life Path 3 + Sagittarius: Your desire for creative freedom is your big challenge. When you find the opportunity to explore uncharted territory, you must follow this and untie yourself from things that hold you back.

Life Path 4 + Aquarius: Determination and hard work get you further as you facilitate to improve the welfare and happiness of others.

Life Path 5 + Gemini and Virgo: You find change difficult. When you surrender to the forces within, you find freedom and peace.

Life Path 6 + Taurus and Libra: New love is possible and your desire for a relationship encompasses more than just love. Sexual desire is strong, however, don’t let the devil take over.

Life Path 7 + Pisces: The energy is more heightened with double 7’s. You must resist the temptation to escape reality. You feel everything for better or worse.

Life Path 8 + Capricorn: You are strong and energetic this month and can climb any mountain.

Life Path 9 + Aries and Scorpio: You have a dread of death this month. Maybe not physical death, but spiritually you must connect to something that is bigger than yourself.

October Affirmation

I masterfully embrace the competence of my inner strength and my mental powers in order to evaluate the facts. I must link the known to the unknown.

Sending you peace and inner-strength on your spiritual journey this month. Remember that numbers are energy. Follow all the vibrations.


September 2022 Numerology

The energy of September vibrates to 15/6 with number 6 being the primary energy in the area of relationships, love, romance and partnerships. However, number 15 brings in some proclivities towards independence, manipulation and overindulgence.

The Month of 6 = Relationships
Are you ready to take responsibility?

The image above portrays human love and harmony within a relationship. Here it shows the co-existence between two people shared through common interests or shared values. Number 6 relates to the energies of unconditional love, balance, harmony, home, family, parenthood, guardianship, service, selflessness, responsibility, nurturing, empathy, sympathy, self-sacrifice, humanitarianism, compromise, emotional depth, honesty, integrity, adjustment, protection,  healing, idealism, justice, conscientiousness, problem-solving, seeing clearly, teaching, peace, grace, dignity, reliability and the provider.

September invites you to participate in activities that relate to the crux of our human nature – RELATIONSHIPS because this is one of the biggest areas in which we experience the most personal growth as we seek to harmonize ourself with another human being. No easy task for sure. This month can force our hand in terms of responsibility and being responsible to others in the family unit. There can be a push-pull effect. When do you step in and offer help and support vs when do you back off and let someone fend for themselves? Each personal situation is different, Hopefully, experience with certain people will let you know when to indulge someone or let them stand on their own two feet. You may have to draw the line or have boundaries.

Number 15

The vibration of 1 provides you with independence, individualism and initiative. In relationships you are being asked to be more independent, especially if you have been too dependent upon others. This is your month to show just how you are able to lead an independent life.

Strengths: You show just how Individualistic and independent you are. You become a self-starter with progressive and self-reliant skills. However, you can be a bit rebellious. This is a good thing if used in a positive and productive manner.

Weakness: You can be aggressive, selfish, stubborn and undisciplined. There is a tendency to be stuck mentally in your head with mood swings. Try to see things positively if you get stuck in this mode.

The vibration of 5 brings change and freedom in the way you live or your lifestyle. In relationships, you break free from someone. This could be you moving out and striking out on your own, or simply going off to college for example. Whatever the situation, there is a sense of freedom living on your own.

Strength: You are versatile, flexible, adaptable, curious, social, sensual, quick-thinking and are extremely witty. This month you attract people to you because of your ease with meeting people. You are very attractive to all you come in contact with. There is a tendency to travel or want to shake up your energy.

Weakness: On the flip side of the coin, you can feel unstable, careless or be self-indulgent. The energy that follows you can be chaotic with a sense of disorganization. There can be some addictions, so you must be careful with drugs, alcohol, sex or food as these can lead to unhealthy choices.

What’s Going on For You in 2022

Don’t forget look at your personal year forecast for 2022 by clicking here. Your personal year experience is the main theme for you in any given year. So when you look at that in conjunction with a universal month experience, you are able to synthesise both events into your life.

Astrology For September

Venus, the planet that is in charge of love and spends her energy supplying you with your favourite people, places and things vibrates to the number 6. During September look at how you attract people into your orbit. This may need a bit of tweaking, but Venus is here to assist you all month in this department.

On September 9th, Mercury turns retrograde in the air sign of Libra on September 9th, but moves into the sign of Virgo on September 23rd. A Mercury retrograde in the sign of Libra can affect our closest relationships, and our routines that relate to how we find balance. Libra is always looking for justice, so there could be delays in a legal matter that you may be involved in.

Full Moon in Pisces on September 10th. This moon falls on 7 universal day, so it aligns with the spiritual values and the emotional nature of Pisces. Pisces is a romantic sign, so this moon will be more intense for all those who have their Sun or Ascendent in Pisces or Cancer.

New Moon in Libra on September 25th. With Libra being the sign of love, romance and automatic attraction, this moon will intensify existing relationships. If you meet someone new under this New Moon, it could be the manifestation of your desires to have a loving relationship in your life. Don’t forget to set your intentions and plant your seeds on September 25th. The effects will last 3 days.

September Affirmation

As I begin to love myself unconditionally, I attract more love, friends and relationships into my life.

Sending you love and healing on your relationship journey this month. Remember that numbers are energy. Follow the vibrations.