December 2022 Numerology

Hello December – The Universal Month of 9

December is here and it’s vibrating to a 9 universal vibration. So this is a vibration of endings, releasing and letting go. Therefore, whatever you need to let go of, or what is not quite working, you actually need to RELEASE and LET GO. This is also the best month to finish all your plans or projects before starting anything new. You have until March 2023 to tie up loose ends. This 9 energy is very transformative as it takes away what no longer serves your best interests.

The Reading For December

I pulled 5 cards that reflect the energy for December and the breakdown is below.

  • Number 9. The keywords are COMPLETION, endings, release, withdrawal. The theme is the more you enjoy solitude, the simpler life gets.

  • The HERMIT is the traditional card pull for December. Number 9 is associated with the Hermit in the tarot and brings in a need for SPACE AND TIME. When you take the time to retreat into yourself, you have opportunity to think about what you need to release or let go of this month. This is important because if you do not do this step, the universe will do it for you and then it could feel like a “tower“ moment. The good news is that you have several months to clear the slate and get things organized for the next universal number 1 cycle that begins in March 2023 and represents new beginnings and starting over. 

  • The random pull for December is the KING OF SWORDS, so justice and ethics plays a big role this month. You have the ability to solve problems and/or issues effortlessly. The king is someone who has a lot of authority and power and this could be you or how you see yourself or solve certain situations. This month will give you an opportunity to show leadership in your life – to step up to the plate and gain greater control over your life. 

  • The angel card for December is FREEDOM. This is interesting because as we are letting go, or freeing up our life in some way by releasing, this card is the exact message that you need to receive. What situation are you looking to free yourself from? What needs to be released in your life in order for you to be free? You may feel trapped right now by certain life conditions. But you are being asked by your angels to realize that you really are the only jail keeper in your life. When you realize this, this is when you have the power to be free and freedom follows.

December Guidance for All Sun, Moon & Rising Signs + Your Life Path Number

Life Path 1, 5, 7 or Leo, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces

The guidance this month for Leos, Geminis, Virgos and Pisces s,m,r or those with a 1, 5 or 7 Life Path is Letting Go awhich is the theme of December, and this aspect will be much more intense for all of you. The time has come to really let go of a situation that needs to be released into the universe. Stop focusing on how or when it will be solved or even why it happened. Relationships, for example that are unhealthy or unfulfilling, should be released in order to allow something better to come along. Don’t worry, because you do have everything under control. You must trust this. A key aspect to manifesting your desires is to ask for what you want and then to release it to the universe. Something to realize is that you may be holding on too tightly to something that may be interfering with your dreams. Make a wish and then leave the rest to the universe to send it to you.

Best days for 1 Life Paths or Leo s,m,r are the 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th
Best days for 5 Life Paths or Gemini or Virgo s,m,r are the 5th, 14th, 23rd
Best day for 7 Life Paths or Pisces s,m,r are the 7th, 16th, 25th

Life Path 2, 4, 8 or Cancer, Aquarius, Capricorn

The guidance this month for all Cancers, Aquarians and Capricorns s,m,r or for those of with a 2, 4 or 8 Life Path is to keep an optimistic attitude because there is very positive momentum beginning to build toward the creation of your desires. You are speeding your dreams along by maintaining a cheerful and confident demeanour. In some ways, it may seem as though your plans are taking a long time to manifest, but very soon you should see a big change. Don’t allow yourself to lose hope when your dreams are so close to coming true. At the end of the day all you can do is trust that things will turn out in your favor. By integrating the main theme this month of letting go, it will help you

Best days for 2 Life Paths or Cancers s,m,r are the 2nd, 1lth, 20th, 29th
Best days for 4 Life Paths or Aquarius s,m,r are the 4th, 13th, 22nd
Best days for 8 Life Paths or Capricorn s,m,r are the 8th, 17th, 26th

Life Path 3, 6, 9 or Sagittarius, Taurus, Libra, Aries, Scorpio

The guidance this month for all Sagitarians, Taureans, Libras, Aries and Scorpios s,m,r or those with a 3, 6 or 9 Life Paths. Your big issue this month is trust. There is no way of knowing something and oftentimes there is no yes or no to a particular question. However, there are situations where we are better served by not knowing what is to come, so that your desires can manifest or unfold right before your very eyes. Part of the magic of our lives is found in the joy of surprise. So you must trust that the universe has something really amazing in store for you.

Best days for 3 Life Paths or Sagittarius s,m,r are the 3rd, 12, 21, 30th
Best days for 6 Life Paths or Taurus or Libra s,m,r are the 6th, 15h, 24th
Best days for 9 Life paths or Aries or Scorpio s,m,r are the 9th, 18th, 27th

Your December Affirmation

I let go of that which does not serve my higher good. I surrender to the magic of my future and prepare for a new and positive lifestyle.

Sending you peace and inner-strength on your spiritual journey this month. Remember that numbers are energy. Follow all the vibrations and allow them to work for you and through you.


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June 2022 Numerology

Hello all my Numerology fans! Numerology coach Kathleen here with your Numerology forecast for June 2022, so let’s welcome in a new month with new vibes and new energies.

The vibrations ruling June are 3 and 6

Universal Vibration is 3

The universal month number for June is 3 and is the main vibration this month, so this directs our attention to communication. This month it’s advisable to communicate sincerely and thoughtfully. This is a good time to have serious conversations and finalise any agreements. You can move forward with the signing of contracts, etc.

  • Mercury turns direct on June 3rd. This is a 6 universal day vibration, so this is a day where the relationship energy will be strong.
  • 6 Days are the strongest energy for those with a 6 Soul or Life Path number; or those who have their Sun, Moon or rising in Taurus or Libra
  • These are the days in June to focus attention on good communications skills and best for contracts and workable agreements: June 9th, June 18th and June 27th.

June is the month of 6

This is the secondary vibration for June. This vibration is important because it is in alignment with the universal year of 6, so this is very compatible energy for June. The 6 focuses us on relationships and relationship restoration, especially if things have been torn apart or have been awkward. We will want to fix whatever’s been broken. Renewal and reconnection will restore and cleanse.

  • These are the best days in June to work on all relationships, friendships and partnerships:
    June 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th.

Astrology Forecast for June

  • Full Moon June 14th in Sagittarius. We will want to work on expansion and freedom.
    Numerology is 8 universal day. This is a great day day to work on money and financial matters. New streams of income are possible. Day of abundance.
  • New Moon June 28th in Cancer. If you have something important you want to start now, this is a great time to do it.
  • Numerology falls on a 4 universal day. You will want to pay attention to any details. Make a list and have a plan. Discipline and structure is important. Build and create what you want.
  • June 21st – Summer solstice begins and the Sun enters Cancer.
  • Numerology falls on a 6 universal day, aligning with the theme of relationships and all partnerships. So be loving, kind and compassionate. Good day to make amends if needed.
  • Cancer Season runs from June 21-July 22. The theme is about family issues, belonging and security, and is especially intense during the New Moon on the 28th.

June Affirmation

My dreams come true because I am creative and imaginative. I express my deepest desires and speak up for myself.

Celebrities who are 3 Life Paths ‘The Communicators’

Alec Baldwin
Andrew Weil
Barbara Walters
Christina Aguilera
David Bowie
Hilary Clinton
Jimmy Buffet
Jodie Foster
John Trabolta
Josh Grobin
Kelly Clarkson
Mary J. Blige
Melanie Griffith
Pierce Brosnan
Scott Baio
Shania Twain
Snoop Dogg

Sending lots of June love and blessings,
Kathleen xoxo

May Numerology

Zoey and I wish you a very happy and delightful month of May.

Hello all you Numerology fans! Numerology coach Kathleen here with your Numerology forecast for May 2022, so let’s welcome in a new month with new vibes and new energies.

May is vibrating to the vibrations of 5 and 11, so the focus is on change, movement, transition and opening up and listening to our intuition. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it, but if it does, by all means let your intuition guide you to the right decisions and opportunities.

April was more of a nose to the grindstone kind of energy with tedious details and a lot of hard work. It felt a little suffocating and that the work would never end. However, the vibe shifts now that May is here. We will experience more freedom and the opportunity to explore new realms. It’s a more playful vibe, so we will have more fun and social activities resume. Woo hoo.

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Sending lots of love and prayers your way. And don’t forget . . . follow all the vibrations.

❤️Kathleen & Zoey

Latest Numerology Updates

Hi Numerology fans far and wide!

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Universal Numbers vs Personal Day Numbers

I believe it’s important to understand the daily universal vibrations to help you navigate your day. Universal vibrations are the collective energy of the day for everyone, while your personal year, month and day and vibrations are derived from your date of birth, there is a specific formula to figure out the month and day and it’s a little bit more complicated.

Personal Year Number

However, your personal year number happens to be the most important number in your numerology chart to know and understand for yearly forecasting. Your personal year number is the theme you are working on in a given year and the energies that will unfold for you during the year. It’s pretty easy to figure out, so let’s use my birthday March 9th. The formula is to add your month and day of birth to the universal year number like this:

3 + 9 + 2022 = 18 which reduces to the number 9.
Therefore, I am in a 9 personal year

I have a whole page dedicated to personal year numbers and what to expect and work on. Click on this link to read yours.

Have a beautiful day and remember that you are a very special part of the universe’s plan.

Love Kathleen xx