Soul’s Desire and Your Career

Whether you just graduated from college this past June  and are wondering what you should do for a career, or are struggling with what to do with your career in general, numerology is one tool in your toolbox that can help you solve this complex question that I am frequently asked in relationship to career and work is this:

What am I going to do with my life?

I remember back in 1994 my Son was pondering this very question because he was getting ready to graduate from High School and he was going to be entering College. He went through all the traditional things at school → talking with his High School counselor. He took the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, which is very useful. But, he was still stuck. Then he came to me and asked me specifically what I thought his major should be. First of all, he has a natural affinity for math and was born with the gift of intelligence and was placed in the GATE program in the first grade.  He has a 7 soul number and his Life Path is one that thrives on sound and logical reasoning as well. Basically, he is really, really good at math and is extremely methodical, so I steered him in that direction and suggested Economics as a major because his Life Path and Heart/Soul number combination is a great fit for anyone that works with numbers, math, finances, banking, etc. Fortunately, he listened to me and today he is a very successful VP for a private investment firm.

I have an entire Blog Page devoted to Your Career using your Life Path as a gauge  to identify vocations that would be suitable for you because this number reveals your abilities and what you are best qualified to do.  Find out what your Life Path Number is and how to calculate so you can use it to help you plan your future by clicking on this link at

However, there is another number in your chart that can be quite helpful when used in conjunction with your Life Path number and that is your Heart’s Desire number or soul number (they are the same thing and I use them interchangeably). Knowing both of these numbers can help you quickly and decisively find a suitable career using a logical method based on the science of Numerology. Most of us have to work for a living, so it’s important to do what you like and love.

About a year ago, I received this question

“I work as a school counselor. I have studied Numerology going on 20 years now. I find that students, and others, are extremely interested in what to do for a living. I wondered if using a combination of Life Path and Soul Urge might hold a better answer than the Life Path alone. Life path would certainly guide them to a career area to consider and the Soul Urge might guide them to specific work in that field based on where there passions lie. For example, my LP is 11 which makes school counseling a good fit. My Soul Urge number is a 6 which makes me feel like it is what I was born to do because of my passion to be of service to others. If my SU was another number, I am not not sure I would feel the same way. I am wondering what your thoughts on this subject might be if you are open to sharing or blogging about it. Thank you.”  – Jerry E.


In a numerology chart, the numbers from all the vowels in your name (A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y) make up what is called The Heart’s Desire Number aka the Soul’s Desire Number or the Soul Urge number.

Using the chart below following the Pythagorean system, add the letters of the vowels only in your full birth name as it appears on your birth certificate using the number assigned to each letter to find your soul number. To keep it simple, I am using the example birth name of Brian James.

B   R   I    N                        J     M   E   S
9   1       = 10/1                1           5        = 6

Then add each part of the name until they come to a single digit like this:
9 + 1 = 10 / 1  and 1 + 5 = 6
1 + 6 = 7
Brian James has a 7 Heart Desire Number. In a nutshell, James
 has a deep desire for spiritual knowledge and an inborn appreciation for the mysteries of life. 

The Heart’s Desire is just what it implies → a very strong desire to do something that is very important to you → something that you are quite passionate about. It represents your inner nature and those desires closest to your heart. Your heart number reflects your internal motivation and the basic ideas behind your actions. It determines all choices related to career, friends and lifestyle. And this desire needs to be fulfilled in some way (professionally or personally) because it is such a strong vibration emanating from your heart, that it could actually override many decisions if you don’t attend to it. This number placement is so strong, that it could make you chronically cranky or downright depressed and unhappy if you don’t follow your heart’s fundamental desires.

People see your personality as it exudes from you, but the Heart number resides deep within you and no one really knows your deepest secrets or desires except for those closest to you. In some cases many people never reveal their deep secrets – to anyone. I see this a lot, especially with 7’s, who are that closed and private.


I do look very closely at the Heart Desire number in any reading. However, in situations where the client is especially interested in their career and what to do in terms of a profession, it is important to take a look at both the Heart’s Desire number in relation to the Life Path, which can be of further assistance in determining what your real passions are in life and then tie that in with what your Life Path determining number is. I call it the Soul / Life Path Bridge.

In addition to that, I have provided another helpful tool at the end of this blog post and that is the Relationship Compatibility Guide. It is a tool using Numerology to estimate the potential of compatibility between numbers. I use this guide in all my readings and find it invaluable. The Green Zone numbers are optimal, the Blue Zone numbers blend together with little friction. The Red Zone numbers are a complete challenge to each other. Please note, if your Soul Number and Life Path Numbers are in the Red / Challenging Zone, no matter how much money you make in your career, there will always be a source of dissatisfaction unless you fulfill your heart’s desire in some way – even if it’s through a hobby rather than your career. You can also use the Relationship Compatibility Guide that is listed below and compare your own numbers to that of any family member or partner. I suggest comparing your Soul numbers and your Life Path numbers as a start.


Soul/Heart Desire 1

YOUR DESIRE: You have a deep desire to succeed in anything and are very competitive. It’s important for you to be Number 1 in everything you do, and to be a leader or expert in your field.
WHAT’S BENEFICIAL: Winning makes you feel accepted and appreciated. These are the keys to your success. You are a pioneer and a ground breaker. When you commit to what you want to do and are tenacious, you will succeed.
YOUR CHALLENGE: Some of your core struggles could be conceit, domination, ruthless and controlling. You need to control these tendencies otherwise you risk losing friends, supporters and isolate yourself from others.
HEART DESIRE 1 CAREER: You will do well in a career where you excel at leading the way, running a business, working for yourself or being an entrepreneur. Whatever you are passionate about, you should pursue.

Soul/Heart Desire 2

YOUR DESIRE: You have a deep desire to be someone others come to, to solve their problems using your natural counseling, diplomacy and negotiation skills.
WHAT’S BENEFICIAL: You thrive in environments when you create harmony. You are successful when you learn to relate to others using your strong negotiation and diplomacy skills.
YOUR CHALLENGE: You have the tendency to feel insecure and oftentimes find yourself in a weaker position. You give in when you should stand up and assert yourself.
HEART DESIRE 2 CAREER: You will do well in a career that is related to counseling, healing, health, medicine, mediation, negotiation, peace, resolutions and diplomacy.

Master Number 11

YOUR DESIRE: Since you have a Master vibration as your soul number, you have a deep desire to be a source of inspiration and enlightenment. Careers are the same as for a 2 Soul, except you are more psychic and that aspect could assist you valuable in many career paths.

Soul/Heart Desire 3

YOUR DESIRE: You have a deep desire to engage in creative endeavors and gain a sense of joy and happiness when you do.
WHAT’S BENEFICIAL: You inspire and entertain people because you have the natural gift of self-expression. Exercising your talents makes you feel good about yourself and produces a sense of fulfillment.
YOUR CHALLENGE: If your creativity is blocked or suppressed, you will fall into daydreaming and fantasy. Too often you can scatter your energies in many directions, beginning projects that are never finished, and may never really succeed in anything.
HEART DESIRE 3 CAREER: You will do well in a career where you are drawn to the verbal arts and self-expression such as writing, acting, the theatre, lecturing, singing, broadcasting and art.

Soul/Heart Desire 4

YOUR DESIRE: You have a deep desire to feel secure in a financial and a professional sense and apply organization, orderliness and a systematic approach to all that you do.
WHAT’S BENEFICIAL: You seek stability and security. You have a systematic mind that is reflected in everything you do. You like to carefully analyze a problem and then tacked it logically and with a practical approach.
YOUR CHALLENGE: There is a tendency to be rigid and inflexible. While work is essential to your life, you have the tendency to overdo and can become a workaholic if you are not careful.
HEART DESIRE 4 CAREER: You will do well in a career that provides you with a sense of security. Anything to to with logic, systems, order, numbers, law and order, and attention to details is especially appealing.

Master Number 22

YOUR DESIRE: Since you have a Master Vibration as your soul number, you have a deep desire to build and create something of value which will have a long lasting impact on the world. Careers would be the same as for a 4 soul, except you have the ability to build something that is huge or do something in a much bigger way.

Soul/Heart Desire 5

YOUR DESIRE: You have a deep desire to have complete freedom and be in complete control of your  life and affairs. This is paramount.
WHAT’S BENEFICIAL: You are very well equipped to handle changes in your life and usually go with the flow and you actually thrive on that constant of change. You are highly resourceful and think clearly in a crisis. People are naturally attracted to you because of your mind, your interest in many topics and your appealing and fun nature. People find you interesting and fascinating.
YOUR CHALLENGE: Pursuing pleasures in a unrestrained  way could cause problems for you with tendencies to escape or flee situations the minute they don’t suit you. You are very unconventional, but your need for continual stimulation could cause problems in your personal life and in relationships. You become bored easily and can have excessive behaviors or addictive tendencies, which causes you to flounder or not take necessary action.
HEART DESIRE 5 CAREER: You will do well in a career that provides absolute freedom and permits you to move freely from one place to another without any constraints. Being self-employed, having your own business or being an independent contractor is not just appealing → it’s absolutely necessary. Inside or outside sales, journalism, hospitality and the travel industries are favored.

Soul/Heart Desire 6

YOUR DESIRE: You have a deep desire to be in service to others and provide a nurturing environment.
WHAT’S BENEFICIAL: Your attention is always directed at nurturing and caring for those you love. You have a strong need for acknowledgement. Fulfillment comes when you are looked up to by family, friends or co-workers.
YOUR CHALLENGE: There is a tendency to let others take advantage of your kind nature and to walk all over you. The key is to be able to not sacrifice yourself at the expense of others.
HEART DESIRE 6  CAREER: You will do well in a career that accentuates your natural talent as a counselor, healer, psychology, sociology, skin care therapist, hair design, floral arrangement or interior design. You may also exhibit natural artistic talent, so anything to do with art is highly favored.

Soul/Heart Desire 7

YOUR DESIRE: You have a deep desire for spiritual knowledge and an inborn appreciation for the mysteries of life. Fulfillment comes from being able to spend time alone while you seek wisdom.
WHAT’S BENEFICIAL: You have a natural gift to analyze things and understand them from both your mind and a spiritual perspective. At your core, you seek the truth, and are like a child who when presented with an answer, continually asks why, why, why.
YOUR CHALLENGE: You are never satisfied with one answer. You are complex and no one ever really knows who you are or what you are thinking because you are very secretive. You have a tendency to put a mask on when you are with others and they seem to lose you somewhere during one-on-one conversations . You need to spend a lot of time alone to contemplate so that you can analyze all that data in your head. Daily meditation is advised.
HEART DESIRE 7 CAREER: You will do well in careers that encompass religion, metaphysical disciplines, spirituality, the sciences, philosophy, psychology, healing and alternative therapies.

Soul/Heart Desire 8

YOUR DESIRE: You have a deep desire to attain mastery over your financial and business affairs and manifest success and personal power.
WHAT’S BENEFICIAL: You are a visionary and see the bigger picture rather than getting bogged down in the details, which you find too limiting. You bring out the best in others to help them orchestrate their talents toward the realization of your vision. You have natural coaching skills and have amazing potential to help people improve their lives.
YOUR CHALLENGE: You are a relentless taskmaster and expect everyone to be on the same page as you and/or working just as hard as you. Therefore your challenge is to learn to use your power in ways that will get and keep their attention and be beneficial → not with brute force tactics, control or force. Work on your bedside manner skills and you will attract your supporters and followers.
HEART DESIRE 8 CAREER: You will do well in a career that utilizes your strong sense of business and leadership expertise. You will thrive and be successful as an entrepreneur, being the boss, or in positions where you mostly are in control, such as banking, real estate, business management, TV or film production or owning your own business. Free-lancing is also a strong possibility.

Soul/Heart Desire 9

YOUR DESIRE: You have a deep desire to be of service to the world. Your deepest satisfaction comes from your ability to give to others in a way that serves others from all walks of life.
WHAT’S BENEFICIAL: You are in an optimal state when you are tapping into your empathetic and benevolent side. People connect with you as someone who is a compassionate and active listener. You feel fulfilled when serving in a humanitarian service position.
YOUR CHALLENGE: There is often a feeling of resentment that you feel overly responsible for others and this can lead to animosity and intolerance on your part.
HEART DESIRE 9 CAREER: You will do well in a career that utilizes your natural talent for teaching, counseling, healing, medicine, the humanities and non-profits.

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