Pet Numerology

Did you know that your favorite pet has his or her own name numbers? Animals have energy just like we do and knowing their numerology and the vibration your pet vibrates to is important because it gives you an idea why they behave the way they do and their tendencies and/or proclivities.

Oftentimes a rescue animal will have a name when you adopt so if your pet has already been named and you don’t change it, then you can find out what their characteristics are by calculating their current name numbers.

However, if you do change its name or select a new name for a brand new baby animal, you want to select one that has the characteristics of the energy or vibration you desire to be around. Its’ even better if their name number matches or is compatible with your name number vibration – but it’s not necessary.

How you determine your pet’s power name number is by using the number grid below to determine each letter of their name assigned to a specific number:

Using my dog’s name Zoey as an example:

Z = 8    O = 6    E = 5    Y = 7

Adding all these numbers up 8 + 6 + 5 + 7 = 26
2+ 6 reduces to 8. Zoey has an 8 Pet Power Name.

So now you know how to calculate and add up your pet’s name number. Scroll down and read what your little furball’s power name means and their disposition and characteristics.


If your animal is a 1

This is a very independent animal who loves to do what they want and basically be in charge, and could be difficult to train. This pet will not be as cuddly or affectionate and won’t necessarily be a lap pet, but they do need a lot attention and approval. If you have a number 1 dog, they make excellent watchdogs because they are very protective animals and know when something is wrong and will protect you at all costs.
Astrological Nature: Leo

If your animal is a 2
This is an extremely loving, affectionate and loyal pet and your little one will thrive best in a relaxing and calming environment. Make sure to put on their favorite “Animal Therapy Music” when you are away from home or when they need comforting. Smaller  dogs will have a tendency to want to be a lap dog.
This is your “best friend” animal and they instinctively know when you need comfort.

If your best friends name adds up to the number 11, this is the main vibration and your pet is very psychic and in tune with everything you think and do. They can read your mind. Number 2 is their secondary nature.
Astrological Nature: Cancer

If your animal is a 3
This is an incredibly sociable type of pet and they love to be around other people or animals and do well at social gatherings or when company is over. They love playdates and love to be on the go. They tend to be amusing, make you laugh and know just how to get your attention. This pet will most likely love their toys, so make sure you have plenty on hand.
Astrological Nature: Sagittarius

If your animal is a 4
This is one of the most domestic pet vibrations in numerology. They want to feel safe and their home environment and where they sleep is important to them. This particular pet thrives on structure and routine, so  it’s best to put them on fixed routines, especially feeding times, because they aren’t that flexible. They are very domesticated and make loving, loyal pets.

If your best friends name adds up to the number 22, then they tend to be quite powerful physically in nature. Number 4 is their secondary nature.
Astrological Nature: Aquarius

If your animal is a 5
This particular pet needs a lot of freedom and can be hard to control, so training classes may be in order for the owner of the 5 dog. And they are always up for a game of fetch. This animal has a high level of energy and can be frisky, so I’d suggest a yard or a big space because they love to roam and play. Dogs can tend to wander if not fenced in, and cats would do well with a big play area or a big window to sit in so they can watch the world go by, especially the birds and bees and whatever else comes strolling by. This makes them feel like they are going somewhere.
Astrological Nature: Gemini & Virgo

If your animal is a 6
This is a very caring, protective, loving and devoted pet who wants to be in charge of the home and they act like they are an important part of the family because their human family is very important to them. They will be very loyal and loving and prefer to be by your side. When you need them they will offer their love and make you feel better. They love praise and special treats. The 6 pet makes a fantastic service animal.
Astrological Nature: Libra & Taurus

If your animal is a 7
This is a very peaceful and loving animal who needs a lot of space and can suffer from mood swings and can be intense and brooding animals, so don’t overcrowd them – give them the space and quiet time they require. They don’t always like being out in the public eye, preferring the privacy of their own home and may need a little nudge to go out on a walk or get some fresh air. This is the most one owner pet there is, but they are very loyal and trustworthy and know instinctively what you are thinking.
Astrological Nature: Pisces

If your animal is a 8
This pet will have you wrapped around their little paws and wants the best you have to offer – the best food and the most comfortable sleep quarters, and they expect to be pampered. This pet won’t mind you dressing them up. It’s very often that this is an exceptional looking animal who will get lots of attention and praise for their cuteness overload. There is a showmanship quality about the 8 animal and if you do show them, expect ribbons and awards.
Astrological Nature: Capricorn 

If your animal is a 9
This is one of the most intuitive pets there is because they are very emotionally tuned in and know what you are thinking before you speak and they will be there to console you when you are sad. They actually display a lot of sensitivity and loves to be touched, praised and petted. This pet is not competitive or aggressive, but playful and exuberant. Very loving and protective of family. Best to bring on trips rather than leave home or get an animal sitter as they definitely don’t like to be left behind.
Astrological Nature: Aries & Scorpio

Life Path Number

If you know your pet’s birthday, you can calculate the date by adding up the day of birth, the month of birth and the year of birth. For example if your pet was born on March 20, 1999, add up the whole date together:

3 + 20 + 1999 = 2022
2022 = 6. Your Pet has a 6 Life Path number.

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