Oprah Winfrey and Lucky Number 7

Oprah Winfrey’s last show, as the whole world knows, is tomorrow – Wednesday, May 25th after 25 years. When I looked at some of the numbers surrounding this date and her name, I discovered a lot of sevens.  She came in with a birth name number of 7, her current name adds up to 77 and she is ending her show on a universal day number of 7. Take a look:

May 25th reduces to the number 7

25 Years also reduces to the number 7

May 25, 2011 is a universal day number of 7.  Break it down: 5 + 7 + 4 = 16/7


Farewell Season Kick-off Date  – Oprah’s kick-off season date was September 13, 2010 – This date also reduced to a 16/7. Break it down: 9 + 4 + 3 = 16/7.  So her kick-off date and the show’s ending date both come to a 16/7 –  Pretty amazing stuff huh!

Live Your Best Life reduces to 16/7. This is of course the credo that Oprah has inspired millions of people to do.

The 16/7 vibration – As I wrote about in my blog post last September, Oprah’s Farewell Season Debut , The number 16/7 is a number that has an enormous amount of energy and indicates a change of residence. We won’t be losing Oprah, she’s just moving into another house on her OWN network television. The number 7 symbolizes the unknown and the unseen – meaning we haven’t seen the last of Oprah and Oprah’s fans are waiting with anticipation at seeing her in her new home. The number 7 is the spiritual number that inspired her vision and her inspiration for this show and the 16/7 supports that. Interestingly enough OWN also adds up to  16/7.

Oprah Gail Winfrey – Her birth name gave her a number 7 name expression number. This is the number of one who was born with a spiritual gift. She possesses  an incredibly analytical mind with an enormous appetite for the answers to life’s hidden questions – and she wanted to share her gift with the world.  She showed us her strong interest in exploring the matters of life, philosophy, and yes Oprah even explored mysticism.  She believed in the search for truth – one of her consistent messages was that the truth will always set you free.  This was revealed many times on her show with her many guests as they revealed the truth about themselves and bared their souls to her. She has been seen as a great teacher and some would dare to call her a philosopher.

Her current name, Oprah Winfrey, adds up to the number 77  – this number represents one who can be very fruitful and productive in their life. This double-digit number is the number of spiritual wisdom and indicates one who has the ability to draw a diverse and large group of people to themselves with the insight to understand others. She used the power of this number to offer herself and the service of her show to the world so that she could bring about personal enlightenment and understanding of self – it was her duty and obligation with this vibration. 77 does reduce to 14/5 which is her minor expression number. The 14/5 vibration rules the media and communication and of one who gains through diplomacy and persuasion – this is Oprah to the max. The number 5 in the Tarot is ruled by the Hierophant who represents our “inner teacher” and this marries well with her 7 Expression number.

Oprah is in a Personal Year 7 Vibration – She ends her show career in a 7 personal year. Those who are in a 7 year personal year cycle are searching for the truth – the truth about themselves and their life. It is a year of completion, self-awareness and spiritual atonement. When God created the world, he rested on the seventh day. This is Oprah’s seventh day – a time to think about herself and her station in life – a time when she is most certainly analyzing her future goals and projects, but most certainly she will be analyzing the relationship to herself and what she has accomplished in this lifetime. She has truly created a body of work that has inspired millions around the world and she is such an iconic figure that has come to be admired in so many ways.

We will most certainly miss you Miss Oprah and what you came to embody on the Oprah Show. Live Your Best Life is what we will aspire to continually achieve through your inspiration and insight. Job well done!  We will have to tune into your new OWN network to see how you evolve.

Next year Oprah goes into the powerful 8 personal year cycle, so stay tuned to my blog for the next chapter of Oprah Winfrey.

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