June 2011 – Commencement of a New Cycle and Manifestation

June 2011 is a 10/1 universal month

June 2011 adds up to the number 10.  2011 is a universal 4 year and June is the 6th month of the year.  With all these numbers in the equation, we have the opportunity to expand, manifest and begin a brand new cycle (the 10/1), to build and commit to our goals (the 4) and to experience personal growth and experience challenges (the 6). These are the aspects and vibration of the numbers that define June 2011.

10/1 – 10 is the commencement of a new cycle — a time to begin anew and to make new starts. It is a number of progressiveness. There is a lot of potential for growth and positive changes in June with the 10 as it represents the ability to instantly manifest your goals and dreams.

The number 10 is the first of the double-digit numbers with the number 1 representing the ego (I and Me) combined with the 0 representing the continuous cycle of life – the circle of life has no beginning and no ending.

10 is the expression of great changes and endings
In the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the 10 corresponds to the Wheel of Fortune and represents the ability to manifest. If you look at the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card, there is a hand grasping the heavens of the zodiac  This then is a perfect opportunity in June to grasp and seize what it is that you want and truly desire

The extremes of the number 10
In numerology all numbers reduce to a single digit number from 1 to 9. The number 10 is the culmination of the previous 9 numbers. In the Tarot, 10 represents the exaggeration of the suit it represents. So while 10 is often considered a lucky number, take a look at how 10 works through the suits of the Tarot:

10 of Wands represent lots of change or release
10 of Cups represent extreme joy in love, emotions, spirit
10 of Swords represent many difficulties and challenges
10  of Pentacles represent abundance in money matters or finances

It is how you use the energy of the 10 in your life to manifest. The negative use of the 10 can bring about failure and loss depending on how you have used the prior energies. So  set your intentions clearly and honestly. Keep your heart open, kind and loving so that the energy of the universe can move freely through you. Give much consideration to all that you aspire to manifest.

4 is the number of physical manifestation  – 2011 is a universal 4 year and during a 4 year it is a great time to work on your own foundation – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When you work on these foundational levels, you lay the groundwork for the goals and the visions you desire to physically manifest.

 6 – Nurture with love, harmony and balance – 6 centers on the needs of family, friends, home and community.  The vibration of the 6 stimulates your awareness of partnership – whether it be love, family or business. This is your opportunity to manifest balance, love and harmony; Nurture your dreams; Incorporate equal effort in all areas of your life so that the wheel of fortune will function in perfect harmony; Take your power and bring into balance your physical and spiritual natures.

These are the lessons for June 2011:

  • Dream the great dream
  • Aspire to achieve spiritually and physically
  • See and maintain your vision all around you
  • Utilize acts of power – this is the key to your Wheel of Fortune
  • Accomplish, build, create or be whatever you want to manifest
  • This is the true commencement of a new cycle

Happy June and abundant blessings!
Tune in next month for an 11/2 cycle where illumination and intuition abound!

Kathleen Lamoureux


What do you want to manifest in your life? Expert Numerologist and Intuitive Life Coach Kathleen Lamoureux is available to provide direction through your numerology blueprint and help you transform and manifest your desires and vision.