Halle Berry’s New Life

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Congratulations to Halle Berry and her husband, Olivier Martinez on the birth of their son who was born Saturday, October 5th. This was a 3 Universal Day representing expansion and advancement for Halle. The Empress is the associated Tarot card representing fertility and the manifestation of growth and creativity. Interestingly enough she is in a Pinnacle Cycle of 3. Pinnacles represent a turn in the road and provides the direction that is necessary at crucial stages in life giving us the necessary change of pace and direction that will stimulate us and bring in positive energies. Therefore, the 3 Universal day number and her 3 Pinnacle Cycle coincided in a very positive way for her – having a baby, which is the ultimate form of creation. Halle is by all accounts very maternal and loves motherhood and marriage, which are all aspects of the Empress. The number 3 is the one number that represents birth, so everything fits in with this pinnacle cycle and the day of her son’s birth.

Halle is in a personal year of 1 representing a year where she has started over completely and she has moved forward positively after a bitter custody battle with her former husband. She married her current husband, French hottie film star, Olivier Martinez on July 13, 2013 which was an 8 Universal Day. The 8 fully and completely aligns with both her 8 Life Path and 8 Destiny Numbers. She is in total control and command of her life right now. Not only that, Olivier is an 8 Life Path as well. The day they got married was the 13th which reduces to the number 4 and that number is also a natural fit to their 8 Life Path numbers.  So they picked a date that is very positive and strong for their union. 2013 is also a 6 Universal year where the focus is on relationships, love, family and home. So it seems as if everything is in the flow for Halle and Olivier.

Let’s take a quick look at the numbers in their charts:

Halle      6  11  8 /  8 Life Path

Olivier    8  8  7 / 8 Life Path

What I saw when I first took a look at Halle’s and Olivier’s numbers is that there is an abundance of 8’s in their respective charts – with five 8’s between them. Wow! That’s a whole lot of power between them. The thing with 8’s is that they don’t like to be told what to do, how to do it and have a hard time accepting help from other people. This may not be an issue right now, but could be down the road. Another thing is that 8’s have a tendency to be a little too blunt sometimes. I mean they like to tell the truth, but sometimes the delivery can be compared to a Doctor with a bad bedside manner. They mean well, but need to work on how they deliver what they are trying to convey. So this could be something that may need finessing in their relationship as it matures.

The second thing that struck me was that they both have the same Life Path number of 8. An 8-8 pairing is considered to be the “Dynamic Duo” match in numerology. There is a whole lot of passion, romance and power in this relationship. The other thing I see is that the number 8 repeats twice in Halle’s chart and repeats three times in Olivier’s chart, so there is no gray areas between them – it’s black and white. They understand each other all the way. Their relationship, I am sure, is a very intense, very strong and powerful relationship which has the potential to go the distance –> if they don’t overwhelm each other.

The other thing I noticed is that every number in their chart is either a natural fit or compatible except for their 8-7 Destiny numbers. Their 8-7 destiny number is a challenge combination which means that it is a difficult energy and requires more compromise.

This is a power couple pairing and they are both have a very commanding presence in the film industry as well. 8’s have a strong work ethic and is considered a business number, so here we have two people who are very career-oriented and both are very good at manifesting wealth and abundance in their respective professions because number 8 rules power, money, finances, the status-quo. They have all that. However, the thing they will have to work on in their relationship is that they will  need to re-focus the energy on their relationship when they find themselves distracted by working too much and neglecting each other, because the 8 can get all wrapped up and lost in the business of their business and forget the relationship at critical moments. The other thing with so many 8’s in their charts is if there is any kind of failure in their careers it could adversely affect them and they could succumb to despair and depression.

The other thing I see is that Halle’s soul number is 6 and Olivier’s is 8 which means that their inner desires are completely different. Halle’s 6 soul represents someone where family and children are very important to her. A 6 soul needs to be needed and appreciated in every sense of the word. Her soul and heart is fulfilled when she is looked up to by her children, family and friends. She needs a lot of admiration. Olivier on the other hand has an 8 soul number which indicates to me that he has a secret desire and need to achieve in areas of financial success, power and authority. He will do whatever it takes to establish himself financially. Having status is very important to him. While the 6-8 combination is a very positive combination and is a compatible vibration, the downside to their relationship is that Halle may be a little too possessive of Olivier’s need and desire to become too involved in his own business affairs. This possessiveness could very well frustrate Olivier if he feels his business or lifestyle is being restricted in any way.  The 6 has a tendency to be too possessive and the 8 has a tendency to be too involved in things that take them away from hearth and home. This is quite possible – especially since he has three 8’s in his chart.

The 8-7 Combination

Let me address the 8-7 Destiny number combination in their chart in general. First of all, 8-7 is a challenging combination. Second of all, this 8-7 combination appears twice in their chart. First in their Destiny numbers (Halle has an 8 Destiny and Olivier has a 7 Destiny) and appears again in Olivier’s 8 Soul number and 7 Destiny number. The Destiny number represents what we came here to achieve in this lifetime – what we are supposed to do with ourselves, and the soul number is our secret desires.

Now Halle’s is an 8 Destiny with an 8 Life Path, so this number combination is a natural fit and is in the green zone –> full speed ahead. So her professional life will always be on track no matter what happens in her personal life. The direction of her life is to move up the ladder of success in all areas – financial, material and status. She is doing that and her life is on track right now.

Olivier on the other hand has a 7 Destiny with an 8 Life Path. These two numbers are a direct challenge to each other – Red Zone –> proceed with caution combination. His destiny, the direction of his life, should find him working more toward developing his faith, spirituality, and delving into the mysteries of life. 7’s are the faith seekers in life and must learn to trust without doubting. The number 7 is a mind number and the number 8 is a business number – so you can see the challenge this can create. Therefore, Olivier’s Destiny and Life Path are at odds with each other which means that what he really wants to do with his life may not fit with what he is actually doing with his life. This may be more obvious to him down the road – especially if his career wanes in any way. This 8-7 challenge could create constant interference and confusion in his career plans and this is where things could get dicey in his life and in his relationship with Halle if Olivier’s career does not go the way he has planned for. Now what is even more ironic, is that 7 is a mind number and he tends to operate on a different wavelength than most people because he has a natural inclination for spiritual or even religious inclinations. Someone with a 7 so prominent in their chart can appear to be different than other people and have a tendency to be more aloof because he is the genuine real deal and not a Hollywood phony. He most likely is more private in some ways and I would suspect that even his closest friends, don’t really know him. They think they do, but they don’t know how deep he really is.

The other thing is with the challenge of Olivier’s 8-7 Soul-Destiny combination. His 8 Soul desires power, money, authority, status-quo and his 7 Destiny is here to work on spiritual growth. This could, and most likely will, present a problem for him until he discovers his true calling in life.

Even though their 8-7 Destiny numbers are a challenge and are opposing energies,  I do believe that this is where Halle is powerfully drawn to Olivier. She loves the spirituality, wisdom and inner awareness that he exudes. He is so different from the other men in her life because of his in-born spiritual nature. This intrigues her and draws her in like a moth to the flame. Overall, I think this is a good, strong and compatible combination, but like any relationship, it takes a lot of work to be and stay in a relationship over the long haul. They have the potential for a strong, lasting and powerful bond with megawatt voltage that will go the distance as long as they don’t engulf each other.


IMG_0689Kathleen Lamoureux is an intuitive numerologist and is the go to Numerology Coach in the San Francisco Bay Area who wants to help you Discover YourSelf through the power of your numbers. For a reading with Kathleen, click on the appropriate tab in the menu bar above.

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