Halloween ~ Soul of 8

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Halloween is here and is observed around the world on October 31st every year. It’s the celebration of trick-or-treating, apple bobbing, jack-o-lanterns, costume parties, bonfires, divination and so forth. Let’s have fun with the numbers and the deeper meaning of the word Halloween.

As I’ve said before, numbers have energy of their own. They are considered the language of science because they are objective, as opposed to the subjectiveness of emotions. Numbers are an intelligent source of communication and convey universal meaning and understanding. For example, we all know that 911 is the universal code for emergency assistance.

Names and important words reveal submerged meanings through the 3 numbers that make up a name from the soul, the personality and the expression number. Each number in that name has it’s own personality and value and resonates to a different vibration. For example number 1 wants to be the leader and is extremely independent with individualistic desires, while number 2 likes to follow the lead of others, is more supportive, and often plays the role of the one others come to for advice. Another example is number 7 which is more introverted, reserved and contemplative, while the number 3 is more outgoing, social and loves a good party.

H A L L O W E E N:  8 – 6 – 5

Halloween is a holiday that is celebrated once a year and is an important name and event in many cultures around the world. Just the name Halloween conjures up many different things for the many people who let their hair down for one day to bring this event to life in their own lives. It has its own essence and resonates to it’s own life force. Halloween is very powerful and even spells are cast on this particular day of the year. So let’s take a look at the word Halloween to see what it reveals, the vibration it resonates to and how we allow this event to take over our spirit and soul for one spectacular day. Halloween has a soul number of 8, a personality number of 6 and an expression number of 5.

number 8
Soul of 8 – Halloween is a very powerful force and interestingly enough, the heart and soul of the very word Halloween is an 8! This is the number of power and indicates the need and desire for that potential. 8 likes to control and to dominate. It takes the lead in powerful and courageous ways. Remember, the soul is the secret desire that needs to be fulfilled in order to be truly happy.

number 6
Personality of 6 – A 6 personality indicates the desire for love, attention and appreciation. This is so true in the outward appearance when you see  the lavish costumes people wear and display at halloween gatherings or parties to celebrate this occasion. They want to be noticed and in many cases, their alter ego comes out.

182412_193269647362180_624627_aExpression of 5– The original name for Halloween was All Hallows’ Eve. The expression number 5 in this name suggests the desire and need for independence and the necessity to break away from the former. 5 is the free spirit who seeks change. It’s interesting to note that those who celebrate Halloween probably wear a different costume or portray a different character or persona each year. That is the essence of change. These aspects are completely reinforced in the full expression of this power name that needs no introduction. Halloween speaks loudly and clearly for itself. It’s a rebel with a cause and is welcomed with open arms year after year. It’s popularity never ceases.

Cornerstone Letter is 8 – The first letter of Halloween (H) represents the characteristics of something or someone that is original, creative and very powerful, with strength as a fundamental aspect. Halloween is large and in charge and well, sometimes just can’t be contained. Halloween is a powerhouse that understands big dreams and has the vision to see far into the future.

Capstone letter is 5  – The last letter of Halloween (N) is an attitude. With a 5 as a capstone letter, it suggests that creativity, originality and being unconventional is so compelling, it’s ingrained into the very fabric of the name. Halloween is a very dynamic annual celebration that is timeless and endures.

Repeating Numbers – It’s interesting to note that the numbers 5 and 8 are repeated twice in the name Halloween. The number 5 appears in both the expression and capstone and the number 8 appears in the soul and cornerstone. Anytime a number is repeated in a name or in a numerology chart, it intensifies the vibration of that number.

Halloween 2013 falls on a 11 / 2 Universal Day

The 11/2 day is where flashes of illumination, sensitivity and intuitiveness come way out of the closet.
Oh, the lightbulb just went on!
Don’t turn it off…


Love and halloween blessings to all souls reading this!


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