Never Give Up

美国64岁女子成功横渡佛罗里达海峡 图

Diana Nyad’s amazing conquest earlier this week had the whole world – well let’s put it this way – a whole lot of people pulling for her. I mean I could feel her energy as I was watching her near the end of such a long, adventurous and arduous journey swimming across the ocean from Cuba to Florida. I was sending her so much positive energy. I think all who were watching this event unfold were doing just that. It was a collective energy sent out to her on the last and most difficult phase of a lifetime journey. What an amazing feat. What an amazing woman she is!

Diana had 3 messages immediately after walking on land

  1. Never give up
  2. You are never too old to chase your dreams
  3. It looks like a solitary sport, but it’s a team effort. This is fascinating because she accomplished a life-long dream – we’re talking 35 years –  on September 2nd which was a day of 2 –> activating the energy of the number 2 which represents partnerships. As she said “team effort.”

But let’s take a look at the numbers in her Name and her Life Path Number to see where she gets such a strong, fighting and amazing spirit.

Her Birth Name was Diana Sneed (she was adopted), so her birth name numbers are 3 – 1 – 4

  1. Soul = 3.   She gains contentment in all aspects of self-expression. This is a trademark energy and aspect of the 3 — Creativity and self-expression.
  2. Personality = 1.  This is someone who constantly dreams of being the leader or excelling in something. She has the capability to conquer extreme heights – which she has proved all her life – but especially now at the age of 64.
  3. Destiny = 4.   The direction of her life is having the strength and endurance to start something and complete it. That is one thing the 4 Destiny came here to accomplish. And she did.

Now I have to interject this number fact here because this number ties in with her 4 Destiny Number.
The fact is that she accomplished this 110 mile swim in 52 hours, 54 minutes and 18.6 seconds.
If you add up 5 + 2 + 5 + 4 + 1 + 8 + 6 it adds up to 31 and then reduces to the number 4.  This number – the 4 –  also represents someone who has a very strong foundation, is good at practical application, has lots and lots of determination and just knows how to make things work. Again, she is fulfilling and completing what she came here to accomplish in this lifetime.

Her Current Name – Diana Nyad has the energy of  1 – 9 – 1 and follows the same 3 patterns as above (1.2.3.)

Your name is one of the most important assets you have. Many people change their name or shorten it such as in a nick name for various and sundry reasons. Your birth name that is given to you by your parents is your Destiny number – that which you aspire to become in life – always remains as your main foundational vibration no matter what other name you use or go by. Your current name is important and could very well be your “power name” but it is a layer underneath your birth name. Compare your birth name to a house that has been remodeled which becomes your current name. It may look different, but the foundation remains the same. You add other qualities which could be positive or negative. So that is something to look at as well.  I recently wrote about Ashton Kutcher who was born Christopher Ashton Kutcher and he went by Chris Kutcher growing up until he became an actor. You can read about the story of how the numbers of his stage name affected him by clicking on this link.  But getting back to Diana, she added the layers of two l’s and a 9 when she was adopted. She already had a 1 in her birth name, so there is an intensification of the number 1 in her chart. 1’s are the initiator’s in life. They know how to get things done. They want to lead and will do whatever it takes to establish themselves as leaders. Which is exactly what Diana Nyad has accomplished in her life.

Life Path of 8

Fortunately, for Diana Nyad, her 4 Destiny Number is a positive vibration to her 8 Life Path because the 4 and 8 are in the Green Zone –> full speed ahead zone to each other.  
As an 8 Life Path, Diana entered this life plane ready to lead, direct and govern her life and is an author, journalist, motivational speaker and world-record long distance swimmer. Her life path lessons required that she gain dominion over her life with authority, personal power and personal strength to name but a few aspects.  She came in so armed and ready demonstrating strength and courage most of her life.

When Your 64

This is not just a Beatle’s tune, but the real age of Diana Nyad.  64 reduces to the number 1, so here we see the number 1 in the equation again. Number 1 wants to be the leader and 1’s do what they always want to do and the thought of giving up never really occurs to them – especially when there is a preponderance of 1’s in their chart, like you see with Diana’s.

Never Give Up!

Can you believe it – her first message as soon as she reached the beach and was vertical was “Never Give up”  breaks down to the number 9. So very interesting on many levels because she has a 9 in her current power name as her personality number. Now number 9 is the number of the humanitarian and someone who wants to be the support person or someone others can always count on. I personally don’t know her, but she seems to have that kind of quality about her as she seems quite compassionate and helpful. She most certainly has a huge support team around her and people will always gravitate towards her because she is such a compelling woman. And if you look at the bigger picture, Never Give Up as a 9 name vibration will be her mantra for the rest of her life – helping her to inspire so many of us along our path.

The other thing about the energy of the number 9 ,that I want to mention, is that Diana Nyad is in a personal year and a personal month of 9 – PLUS September is the month of 9. Since it took her 5 times to complete this lifetime journey, it does not surprise me one bit that she finally conquered this dream of hers in both a 9 personal year and month in the Month of 9 – a number representing endings. Ending cycles are the culmination of a process that was begun sometime before. Her first attempt to swim across the straits of  Florida was in 1978.  Ironically enough, this was a 1 personal year for her representing new beginnings. She finally finished this lifelong goal in a 9 year.

This is just simply an amazing aspect when you look at how numbers are so powerful and numerology is the vibration and energy of numbers. Every story in life tells a story through the power of numbers. Diana Nyad’s story is compelling and will be talked about and bantered about for years to come.

Congratulations Diana Nyad! You did it! Thanks for showing us how to “Never Give Up.


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