Oscar Pistorius – A Life Derailed

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Oscar Leonard Pistorius Born 11-22-1986

He is a 1-9-1-22/3 Life Path

Oscar Pistorius has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, which occurred on 2-14-2013. He claims that he accidentally shot Reeva, but at this conjuncture, it is still yet unclear as to what really happened. The trial is yet to be played out and it will be interesting to see what comes out – guilty or not guilty. But, in the meantime,  let’s examine Oscar  Pistorius through his numbers and see what we can discover about him through some core numbers in his chart:

The very first thing I noticed in his chart is his Birth Day Numbers  is that there are two master numbers in his date of birth alone – the 11 and 22 and an intensification of the number 1. The 11 is  considered the psychic’s number and is a very intuitive, highly charged version of the number 2 that the 11 reduces to.  Number 11 is a difficult number to master and control if you have not yet mastered your emotions  as the number 2 rules the emotional body. It’s been rumored that he had a little bit of a temper at the olympics and rumors are flying that he and Reeva argued frequently – but has not been substantiated.

The 22 Master Number Vibration. The Birth Day Number represents the talents one comes into this world with and the 22/4 vibration provided Oscar with a blank canvas to create his dream life which he did – as a double amputee. His dream life is now crumbling. unfortunately, with the Master Number 22, it is one of the most difficult vibrations to handle and one can actually shrink from its enormous potential – just with one misstep.  This is a number that you have to use very carefully – you must be mindful and be aware of who and what you are and how you create your world. I think this is when Numerology is an invaluable tool to assist us with our own foibles.

February 14, 2013 (the day Reeve died)

The Day Number is a 14-5. 14 is a karmic debt number representing loss of freedom (Reeva’s). 5 is a volatile number  vibration and can bring about sudden changes, chaos and confusion.  The universal date of 2-14-2013 adds up and reduces to the number 13/4 (2+1+4+2+0+1+3) = 13/4. In the Tarot the number 13 is associated with Death representing transformation and the end of a matter. The Universal Day Number 13/4 also activates his Power name number.

His Life Path is a 3

3’s are known for their communication skills and have very imaginative, fertile minds. It will be interesting to see if he can communicate clearly and succinctly that he is innocent. A 3 Life Path entered this life plane to inspire others. Oscar did this in his athletic abilities, but obviously not in his romantic life.

His Power Name Number is 4

He shortened his birth name to Oscar Pistorius and that is how the world knows him and how he introduces himself. Therefore, his power name number becomes a means that he has tremendous self-discipline, is very enduring, sincere, honest, a tendency to be stubborn and is most comfortable with routine.

His Destiny Number is 8

Oscar was born Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius and he was born into this life with the right to authority, money and recognition. The trick is to balance the material and the spiritual in order to receive. However, I think he is too nervous with the intensity of the 11 as a birth day number. He doesn’t seem to know how to integrate this highly spiritual and psychic vibration.

Red Zones for Oscar!

In numerology all numbers are vibrations and some are very in sync with each other and are in sync with each other. I call this the Green Zone; some are quite compatible and comfortable together. I call this the blue zone. and some are downright challenging. I call this the red zone.

Power Name Number as Oscar Pistorius is 7-6-4/3 Life Path

Where it gets tricky is that Oscar has in his power name 3 Red Zones within his own core numbers – so in fact he is a challenge even to himself. His 7 Soul, 4 Power Name and 22/4 Birth Day numbers all directly challenge his 3 Life Path Number. So what he truly desires, the strength of who he is and where his true talents lie, all contradict his 3  Life Path Number.  Most likely when this part of his life has settled down and he has come to terms with what happened and why this tragedy occurred, he will ponder the questions of his life – and follow his true path.  Just FYI, the secret desire of someone with a 7 Soul number (even if it is the vibration from the power name and not the birth name) is one who is searching for the meaning of life – the spiritual aspects.

His 8 Destiny number is also in the Red Zone to his 3 Life Path Number which means that these two numbers the 3 and the 8 are a direct challenge to each other.  If you look at the number 3, it actually looks like an 8 that got cut right down the middle. What this Red Zone Challenge means is that Oscar’s life will be out of balance and he will not have the vision to realize his dreams all the way to the end of the journey.  He will have to make many adjustments in his life and it will be a struggle to actually find his rightful place.  There is obviously one huge hick-up at this conjuncture and he is only 26.  Interesting that 26 also reduces to the number 8, which intensifies his 8 Destiny Number. The 8 Destiny came here to learn power, control, authority, materialism.  But the crux of his success will be in learning how to balance the material with the spiritual aspects. See this is where his Soul Number (secret desire) will come into play.

The Number 2

There is a preponderance of 2’s in Oscar’s Numerology Chart that  shows up as a challenge number twice in his chart. There is a certain sensitivity and emotional imbalance that can be the bane of existence of those with 2’s in their birth chart. One of the negative aspects is that sometimes the 2 has a difficult time adjusting to prevailing circumstances and can lack inner strength to maintain their own center. On the other hand, it is a very loving vibration and they love to love and be loved, it’s the number of the peacemaker and many mediators are found with the number in their chart. But I think that if Oscar was overreacting to anything that Reeva Steenkamp did on the morning of February 14th (and I only say IF) then his emotional imbalance got the better of him and he let his own feelings and emotions play too big a role – assuming that he did anything out of the ordinary.

His Challenge Number is 2

Challenge numbers are lessons we need to attend to at various times in our lives based on our date of birth. A 2 challenge number forces one to work on emotional balance. It is not unusual for couples to argue, but one of the foibles of the number 2 is that it requires patience, balance and cooperation – and there is a preponderance of 2’s here.

His Current Life Cycle is 11-2

Life Cycles represent circumstances, trends and conditions of a stage of ones’ life.  Oscar is in his first life cycle and in an 11-2 Life Cycle until the year 2020.  An 11-2 Life Ccle is representative of one who is acutely sensitive and highly intuitive, but who needs to work on patience which sometimes requires time to develop. 11 in the first life cycle is often too powerful for a child to cope with and can be raised under the influence of a mother who can spoil the child. The current life cycle number 11 also intensifies his birth month of 11, which is a Master Number and requires spiritual intelligence.

2013 Forecast

Oscar is in a 3 Personal Year in 2013 which means that this directly activates his 3 Life Path Number and intensifies everything he is going through. His optimism, joy and inspiration – all positive characteristics of the 3 Life Path are on hold right now.  It will be a long way back to the top if he ever gets there. Most likely he will have to forge another path – that in the end, will be him fulfilling his 8 Destiny where he comes to terms with the material world and the spiritual world.

He is in a 5 Personal Month and while this number is in the Comfort Zone to his 3 Life Path Number, the number 5 is the number of chaos, confusion and dramatic change.

Intensify his 5 personal month with the 14/5 Universal Day Number of 2/14/2013 and you have a recipe for chaotic and unforeseen events. Unfortunately, circumstances in his life played out at this pivotal and crucial point in his life and in his career. It’s just devastating for Reeva’s family, as well as Oscar. He is pondering his fate.


RIP Reeva Steenkamp!

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