Numerology Anatomy of Mercury Retrograde

Mercury symbol (Stanmar)

Alert! The Cosmic Trickster is about to settle in again for a 3-week stay. Are you ready?

Mercury Retrograde is about to go retrograde for the first time in 2013 on Saturday, February 23rd through March 17th in the sensitive and dreamy sign of Pisces.
Here is the MR schedule for the the year 2013 – make a note of them:

February 23 – March 17; June 26 – July 20; October 21 – November 10

Mercury is the planet that loves to create chaos during a three-week cycle when it appears to be traveling backwards in the solar system. However, according to many astrologists, “A planet is described to be in retrograde when it ‘appears’ to be moving backwards through the zodiac. Actually this is an illusory planetary motion created by the orbital rotation of the earth with relation to other planets in the solar system. Planets are never actually retrograde or stationary, they just seem that way due to this cosmic shadow-play.”  Retrograde cycles create illusions

English: Retrograde orbit

from our perspective on earth due to the fact that the earth is orbiting the sun at a different speed than the other planets – thus causing this illusion that Mercury has stopped or slowed down. However, when a planet retrogrades it shifts all the energy affecting us in opposite ways and creates confusion and chaos.

The MR Date Breakdown – February 23, 2013

  • The Day Number 23 reduces to a 5 – change, chaos, confusion, travel, freedom, adventure
  • The Universal date 2/23/2013 reduces to a 4 – structure, discipline, foundations, realizations
  • February is a 2 Universal Month ruling cooperation and diplomacy
  • 2013 is a 6 Universal Year representing love, harmony and responsibility in family matters

The Retro Zones

  • When Mercury Retrograde begins, February is a 2 Universal Month in a 6 Universal Year and usually 2 and 6 are in the comfort zone to each other and harmonious conditions should exist, but this is where this zone retros during MR and  where diplomatic and cooperative efforts can be a challenge to each other in areas of relationships and family matters. And since it falls on a 4 Universal day, these are the foundations that are impacted, so be careful how you interact with loved ones. It’s hard to take things back that you say in anger, or haste.
  • When Mercury Retrograde moves into March, it becomes a 3 Universal Month which rules communication. Normally 3 and 6 are in the Green Zone and it’s full speed ahead, but this is where this zone retros during MR because the negative side of the 3 is pessimistic, negative, impatient and energy is scattered. Major communication and decision-making errors in judgement are common.

Mercury Retrograde Vibrates to 5 – 11 – 7

Soul Number is 5 This number makes perfect sense! The soul number is the secret desire number and number 5 represents chaos, inconsistency, sudden changes. The 5 can be a very unstable and intense vibration – it loves to change, it loves to realign, it loves inconsistency. Therefore, the 5 soul is fulfilled by all these attributes. Gotta love it.

Personality is 11 Here we have a Master Number and any personality with a Master Number off 11, there is an extreme amount of nervous energy and can have difficulty maintaining stability. The personality does not hide itself from anyone – it’s the first thing we notice about someone or something and Mercury Retrograde is definitely not transparent.

Identity Number – 16/7 – Mercury Retrograde is not only a 7 Identity but a 16/7 Identity and here’s my analysis of the two numbers!

  • The Number 16 vibration is related to the Tower in the Tarot. That one word says it all – for the tower shatters and destroys. Mars rules this card, therefore the keyword is awakening ‘ and oftentimes arrives with a clear flash of understanding! You will instantly know this flash and it can knock you off your feet! Number 16 and the Tower bring about the destruction of old ways, thinking or ideas, but then brings in the birth of new ideas and ways that you adopt when you let go of the old.
  • The number 7 is about spiritual awareness and insight especially if you are aware of the negative aspects of mercury retrograde. The Number 7 can help you get though a Mercury Retrograde cycle by bringing in a certain wisdom or inner awareness as you ease through the cycle. The message of number 7 is to let go and let God.

In the main, the number 7 is an enigma even to itself.  Basically it’s a difficult vibration to understand and is very mysterious and 7’s are different to others.  7’s like to be alone a lot to contemplate the deeper mysteries and meaning of life. Mercury Retrograde, like the number 7, can be withdrawn and difficult to understand or even get to know. Which I think is part of the mystery. We will never understand a Mercury Retrograde cycle completely – but we must come to understand that there are lessons to be learned from all aspects of this number during the MR cycle, especially how to communicate more effectively. Even if it drives us crazy in the process.

When Mercury is retrograde and affecting another transitioning planet during a MR cycle, this is where communication and the decision-making process is impacted. Since Mercury is Retrograde in the dreamy and sensitive sign of Pisces from February 23 through March 17th, the message is to use the next 3 weeks to clean up communication or miscommunication and restore harmony in relationships. You can rebuild bridges by reconsidering the feeling of others as well as your own. Just keep restating your position and moving away the obstacles and debris that has no meaning.

During Mercury Retrograde Remember Not To:

  • Sign contracts (if at all possible)
  • Make major decisions
  • Make major purchases
  • Not to begin new projects if you can help it
  • Watch your communication with others – bite your tongue if you have to, otherwise you may regret what you said in haste or anger.
  • And DO backup your computer or files often during this phase.


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