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Hi Numerology fans far and wide!

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Universal Numbers vs Personal Day Numbers

I believe it’s important to understand the daily universal vibrations to help you navigate your day. Universal vibrations are the collective energy of the day for everyone, while your personal year, month and day and vibrations are derived from your date of birth, there is a specific formula to figure out the month and day and it’s a little bit more complicated.

Personal Year Number

However, your personal year number happens to be the most important number in your numerology chart to know and understand for yearly forecasting. Your personal year number is the theme you are working on in a given year and the energies that will unfold for you during the year. It’s pretty easy to figure out, so let’s use my birthday March 9th. The formula is to add your month and day of birth to the universal year number like this:

3 + 9 + 2022 = 18 which reduces to the number 9.
Therefore, I am in a 9 personal year

I have a whole page dedicated to personal year numbers and what to expect and work on. Click on this link to read yours.

Have a beautiful day and remember that you are a very special part of the universe’s plan.

Love Kathleen xx

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