The Path to Seldom Seen

Path to seldom seen









Know that you are here to take your own road, no matter what others say or do, and travel your own path with confidence. – James Van Praagh

As we contemplate our life – and we often do – it’s important to take an assessment of the path you are taking for the sake of life goal clarification consistent with the life you want to lead and your values. There is oftentimes a point when you get stuck, or you are suddenly stopped in your tracks and wonder how to proceed. This is the proverbial fork in the road that we’ve all come across at some point in our lives. What’s important is that when you get to that fork in the road, do you create favorable or unfavorable inroads on the path of your life?

Do you stay on the safe side of the road by taking the path of least resistance? This path can create a hostile, unkind, adverse journey by staying with the “safe choice.” There can be value in safe, but not if you remain miserable. Warning! This path can stunt your growth!

Or do you take the path that takes you out of your comfort zone, but one that is exponentially more spiritually and soul satisfying? This path creates a journey of progress and advancement. There is great reward in breaking out of your comfort zone. Recommended path.

There is a tendency to go back and forth between the mind (ego) and the heart (free will) when contemplating which path to take. Path A is safe, but has limitations. Path B can take you out of your comfort zone, but by far is the more spiritually liberating path. So the question comes down to this:


A. Do you play it safe when your innermost fears about success come up?
B. Do you dream and envision yourself in your future?

A. Do you criticize yourself for not being perfect?
B. Do you see yourself as perfect from your core authentic self?

A. Do you forget that you are many layers of knowledge and wisdom from past lives?
B. Do you move through Earth School getting better in this lifetime?

A. Is your universe like a cyclone?
B. Do you live in the calm center of your Universe?

A. Does unexpressed creativity inhabit your world?
B. Is your life story one of creativity and imagination?

A. Do you walk a tightrope thinking you will fail?
B. Do you structure your life in daily balance knowing that you will succeed?

A. Are you the damn that is backed up?
B. Is your life in the flow of your being and you go with the flow of life?

A. Do you focus on being stuck?
B. Do you explore the wilderness of your imagination?  

A. Do you live without a sacred place?
B. Do you realize the most sacred place is within you?

As you contemplate your life, take a moment to sit in silence and count all the magnificent and wondrous things you have in your life. Realize how rich and abundant your life really is. The greatest gift you can give back to the Universe and to yourself, is to spread love, joy and inspiration. Be inspired by looking at things from a new perspective or another vantage point.

When you are inspired, then everyone around you will be uplifted and inspired  too. including yourself. This is your gift to the universe and all those who share in your light.

I want YOU to be inspired by your life!

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