The Fifth Beatle George Martin Dies

George MartinEnglish record producer, composer, conductor, musician, sometimes referred to as the “Fifth Beatle” and most famously known as the Producer for the Beatles, George Martin dies at age 90. Interesting because number 9 aligns with the current year 2016, which is a 9 universal year.  As I have stated numerous times this year, a 9 year number marks a year of completion, transition and endings – which the passing of George Martin represents. Number 9 is also the vibration of someone who is a humanitarian – someone who is of service to humanity through the use of their natural skills and talents. George Martin was one such person.

Born on January 3, 1926, it’s no wonder George had such a long and storied career in the music industry, with 30 number one hits in the United Kingdom and 23 number one hits in the United States. When I looked at his numerology chart today, what I saw amazed me. His name numbers and birth day numbers look like this:

11 – 11 – 4 – 4

What I see is double 11’s and double 4’s in his chart. This 11 intensification indicates how extremely intuitive and visionary George was. The 11 vibration is a Master vibration. It is usually given to someone through the birth name or date of birth, and 11’s are born with the inherent gift of illumination, intuition and enlightenment. Master Numbers (11 and 22) actually possess more potential than other numbers because they are highly charged vibrations. But they can be very difficult to deal with and master. It requires great maturity and effort to integrate a master number vibration into one’s personality. Those with the Master Number 11 in their chart are very powerful and volunteered to incarnate with master vibrations to help the human race in some way or fashion. The fact of the matter is that George was so on point with his life because he followed his true heart and soul (11)  inclinations. The heart and soul number  is indicative of a true desire that someone has. Whey they follow their heart and soul, they are truly happy and blessed in life and things sync up. George Martin’s life was in sync.

With an 11 personality number, George was able to cast the light of illumination out into the world of music that he so loved. The number 11 vibration was stamped into his soul and personality.  He secretly believed that there was so much more to life than one could ever know, especially through music, because number 11 vibrates to all tones of the musical scale.

Double 4’s in his chart –  both showing up as his Destiny and Life Path number – indicate why he was so successful as a producer because the number 4 is the one vibration that provides structure to things and the need and desire for follow through. It is a very disciplined vibration and one that really gets things done.

Both the Destiny and Life Path number in one’s numerology chart are two very powerful vibrations and they work through each other. The Life Path is a cosmic gift that is worked out through one’s destiny. And well, George Martin was simply one of the most successful music producers in the world producing such hits as Hey Jude, A Hard Day’s Night, and Grammy winner Live and Let Die. In George’s case the number 4 resonates strongly to the vibrations of practicality, application, pragmatism, endurance, determination, hard work and building solid foundations. Hard work is the experience of the number 4, and if one uses it properly then ideas and plans are manifested into reality. George Martin made things happen in his life and in the world of music because he was such a steadfast and reliable man – all hallmarks of the number 4 vibration. The world has truly lost a genius man who was born with true and undeniable inspirational gifts and someone who leaves an indelible stamp on the world of music across many continents that spans many generations. His music will always be timeless.

RIP George Martin. Give my regards to David Bowie, Alan Rickman and Stephen Levine.

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