Hillary Clinton’s Bid for President

Hillary Clinton Holds Online Global Town Hall With Youths From Around The World

Hillary Diane Rodham born October 26, 1947

Hillary Clinton is announcing that she will seek the Democratic nomination for President on Sunday, April 12th. Her birth numbers – soul, personality, destiny, and life path are:

3 – 3 – 6 – 3 

Hillary Clinton has magnetic attraction written all over her chart and she really knows how to communicate effectively, succinctly, and attract others to herself and her causes. Each of her numbers are a harmonious vibration to each other. Hillary’s calling to public service was written on her birth certificate the minute she was born.

Hillary’s 2015 Forecast chart shows that she is currently in an 8 Personal Year and this bodes well for her in terms of success, personal recognition and leadership. A  Presidential candidate has all those characteristics.  The universal year is also 8 so this intensifies and strengthens that vibration. Her 6 Destiny is in harmony with her 8 Personal Year. On the 24th, she will be in a 3 Personal Month on a 6 Personal Day, so the day number aligns and is very compatible to her 6 Destiny Number. Being in a 3 personal month really gives her the edge in communicating her reasons for running and her campaign agenda. The number 3 is in her chart three times so this vibration is substantially reinforced on the day of her announcement.

In 2016 Hillary will be in a 9 Personal Year and she will be wrapping up her campaign by October. 9 is is a very compatible vibration to the 3’s and 6 in her chart. Looking forward, let’s take a look at these important primaries for Hillary and the vibration she will be experiencing on those days:

  • January 26 New Hampshire primaries places her in a 9-1-9 Harmonious vibration. She should win.
  • February 2 New York primaries places her in a 9-2-4 = What works for her here is that her 6 Destiny is harmonious to the 2 and 4 and her 9  Personal Year aligns with her 3 Life Path so she should easily win in her hometown. 
  • April 5 Washington, D.C. primaries places her in 9-4-9  = A Natural Fit vibration for her because the two 9’s are very compatible to her 6 Destiny, but the 9-4 vibration could be challenging for her because she will be up against the stronger Republican candidate then and the typical Washington politics of the republicans. However, Bill Clinton could be her secret weapon here. Possible, but unclear.
  • June 7 california primaries places her in a 9-6-22/4 = Overall this is a harmonious vibration, but it could be close. Interestingly enough she will be experiencing a 22 master number vibration on that day which represents big ideas and big plans. I think this vibration will really work for her and is harmonious to her 6 Destiny.
  • Election day, November 6, 2016 places her in a 9 – 2 – 8. All of these numbers are harmonious to each other and the 8 aligns with her Birth Day number which is a supporting influence to her Life Path number. I see a win for Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.


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