Who is Bruce Jenner Now?

BruceJennerWilliam Bruce Jenner – Born October 28, 1949


Bruce Jenner is set to appear on Diane Sawyer’s 2-hour special and present himself as a woman publicly for the first time on April 24 – a 9 universal day. Interestingly enough  the number 9 represents endings and terminations and Bruce is going to put his male persona to rest during the interview. The former Bruce Jenner that we have known since he brought home the Gold in the 1976 olympics is now going to be a woman. The reason it took so long for him to come out as a woman at the age of 65 is revealed in his numerology chart. There are three 7’s in his chart: his Life path is a 7 and 7 appears twice  in his current name. 7’s are intelligent, shrewd and the thinkers of the planet, but they are inclined to be private, strange, aloof, reserved and some can be a little odd like Bruce is. They don’t easily open up or share information about themselves. Bruce most likely has internally agonized over this situation for years because he has identified as a woman since age 5. Those with a domination of 7’s in their chart have the tendency to repress things. Most likely Kris Jenner didn’t even know about her husband’s secret until sometime after they renewed their wedding vows in 2011 on their 20th anniversary. With a 5 Destiny he is finally following the Divine command of his birth name to experience the freedom of his true self. He is finally progressing and his life is now moving forward so that he can live out the remainder of his life with the true experience of his 5 Destiny – even though it is so radically different.

His Forecast Chart indicates that he’s in a 1 personal year which means that he has finally embraced himself and can now start a new chapter on his journey. On April 24 Bruce will be in a 5 personal month aligning with his 5 Destiny strengthening his desire for personal change. He will speak his truth and show the world just how forward thinking and versatile he is by embracing a very personal desire to be real and authentic. Once he made the decision, I’m sure the situation moved quickly and progressively. This is the nature vibration of a 5 Destiny. His 1 soul number (secret desires) helped him to accelerate his decision. 2015 has been and will continue to be a difficult year for Bruce, however, I believe that June and August will prove to be even more challenging and demanding for him because there is still the issue of the fatal car accident he was involved in on February 7 and he could face difficulties related to this issue. In addition to that, his transition as a woman is not completed, and there could be difficulties or complications with that. As he emerges as a woman and reveals his new name, I will continue to write about his story through the numbers. I do commend Bruce for being brave and courageous to make such a difficult change at this juncture in his life. However it is written in his name and date of birth what he was born to do and the part he came to play out on the big stage of Life. The next time I write about Bruce, he will have a new name so stay tuned…

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