Prince George – A Power Baby!

Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, hold the Prince of Cambridge on July 23, 2013, as they pose for photographers outside St. Mary's Hospital's Lindo Wing in London.

HRH George Alexander Louis – Part I

After weeks of speculation, was it a boy or was it a girl, His Royal Highness, aka HRH Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge has finally arrived, and the newest and littlest Prince is now third in line to the british throne after his grandfather, Prince Charles and his father, Prince William. The numbers in his chart show that he was born, armed and ready for greatness as an 8 Life Path and with a Destiny of 1

Born 7-22-2013

1  9  1  4  8  / Attitude 2

Repeating Numbers

The number 1 repeats twice in both his Soul number and his Destiny number. His soul will completely desire to be fiercely independent with a passion to direct his own life according to what he believes. His Destiny is to establish himself as a leader and to gain a certain independence. He was born to be a King, but it could be a ways out as he is still third in line to the British throne, and given his family longevity, it could be a very long wait before he becomes King. Number 1’s fear being lost in a rut and dislike routine more than anything, so he will have to learn to control his impulses towards wanting to be in control and dominate during the time he will have to sit back and wait it out. His Grandfather, Prince Charles has a Challenge Number of 1, so he has had to learn to be self-reliant without forcing his will on others. I think that is why he goes into nature and paints. It’s a distraction that takes him outside of himself. Prince George will need to find distractions as well, which will take him outside of himself while he waits to fulfill his destiny – to sit on the throne as the King of England. This is where the 9 in his chart comes into play – as he will develop his potential as a great humanitarian during the various Turning Points or Pinnacles in his life.

Time of birth was 4:24 p.m. While most numerologists don’t take into account the time, I feel it is interesting to look at, and see if there are any numbers that repeat in the core numbers. And in this case, 424 reduces to the number 10 which then reduces to the number 1. So yes the number 1 is a repeating number in Prince George’s chart and I think he will give William and Kate a run for their money as I am sure he will be a very strong and willful child.

Prince George’s Core Numbers:

Name Numbers

Soul of 1 – Prince George will have a very strong and overpowering desire to be independent and direct his own life. This could be difficult for him as he grows up because certain things are expected of him, as they are when you grow up  as a ‘Royal.’ His 1 soul number is in the Gray Zone to his 8 Life Path meaning that things will not always be black and white for him which he would prefer, but shades of gray will prevail. Number 1’s like to do things their way all the time, so this will be a little more trying for him until he matures. His major Challenge Number in life is, ironically enough, number 1. So he will have to learn to balance his ego and learn to be assertive and independent without forcing his will on others.

Personality of 9 – Ah, the 9 lends a very humanitarian edge to the littlest Prince and he will be quite compassionate and will want to help others. Given his status, he will be able to do it on a large-scale. This fits in quite nicely with his Cancer Sun Sign because 9’s understand the suffering of others and love to give comfort and advice to so many others. With 4 planets in Cancer in his chart, he will clearly be quite compassionate, understanding and sympathetic, but it is the two 1’s side-by-side his 9 personality number in his numerology chart  that will ensure that he is compassionate within reason and not taken advantage of. The 1 is his fire and spirit and the 9 is his soul.

George Alexander Louis comes to the number 100/1, so he has a Destiny of 1 – The Destiny Number is derived from the full name given you by your parents at birth and describes the tasks you must complete in this lifetime and the opportunities at your disposal. As a Destiny of 1, Prince George will most certainly want to be number 1 at whatever he does and was born to be a leader and he will always not just want to, but he will need to be in charge. Every time he achieves something, he will want to go onto the next thing to excel at and to advance things to another level – it’s just what number 1’s do best. And they are not happy unless they are forging new paths and blazing new trails. According to his Daddy Prince William, as he and Kate were showing off their new bundle of joy, he said that Prince George had quite the set of lungs. See, he is already showing everyone that he is already large and in charge.

Date of Birth Numbers

Birth Day of 22/4 – Number 22 is a Master Number and it does reduce to the number 4. Whenever you have a master number in your chart, and Prince George has two, it simply means that if you don’t live up to the potential of the master number, you live life at the lesser number it reduces to.  This in itself is not a bad thing, and in a lot of instances takes the burden off having to live up to the huge expectations of that vibration. At any rate, a 22 Birth Day Number will provide Prince George with amazing visions to not only materialize, but to fulfill his potential as a leader. His challenge will be in starting at the bottom and working his way all the way to the top. Does the title King George ring a bell?

Life Path of 8 – Prince George shares an 8 with Daddy William who has an 8 Destiny Number and his late Grandmother Diana who had an 8 attitude number, so there is a very powerful and dynamic 8 connection in the family tree, but Prince George is the only one with an 8 Life Path between himself, his Mother, his Daddy and his late Grandmother, Diana. Those with an 8 Life Path are the leaders who came here to show us the way and forge new paths in life. 8 is the number of power and ambition, and while they desire control, they also hope to make a significant difference in the lives of others and in the world. 8’s like to work and work hard and will expect others to work with a tendency to push others in the same direction. 8’s came here to learn to handle power and authority. This is so fascinating because of Prince George’s 1 Destiny Number. It’s the leader versus the boss – It’s like having two people who are in charge at the same time.

Attitude of 11/2 – What you see, is what you get! The Attitude number is what we think we are getting when we first meet someone. The Life Path represents who you truly are and your fundamental traits. Fortunately his 2 Attitude and his 8 Life Path are a natural fit with each other, so when one meets Prince George, he  will be who he genuinely is and his strong, powerful, yet intuitive side will shine through. He will appear to be easy-going and he will want to know all about you and be fascinated about who you are. He will have an uncanny knack of observing others, yet holding back about himself. He will simply be an enchanting, loving person. Master Number 11 is the second Master Number in his numerology chart. The number 11 is the intuitive side of Prince George and with his Cancer Sun sign, it will enhance his spirituality  even more – which he will need with the 1’s and 8’s in his chart and will balance him out. This 11/2 influence will bring out the humanitarian qualities from his 9 Personality out even more and provide him with the tools of compassion and caring that he will always want to express outwardly in his personality. The number 2 interestingly enough is the number of the diplomat, the one who makes peace and prefers the cooperative efforts of all parties involved in any situation. Prince William is a 2 Life Path, so this is a number vibration that they share, although it is a more prominent vibration in William’s chart as it is a core number for him.

Maturity Number 

This number surfaces around the age of 35 and reveals an underlying wish or desire that one gains with maturity. In Prince George’s case, his maturity number is 9. Therefore, as he grows older and matures, he will be drawn into public service to help others, not only through his birthright, but in general this number in this placement of his chart is even more powerful. His aristocratic humanitarian service to others will be fundamental in his life and could be the legacy he leaves behind. His ability to understand things beyond his years is a wisdom that I believe has been passed onto him from his late Grandmother, Princess Diana who had a 9 soul number, and she served humanity through her many charities. That was her soul’s desire – to teach, to reach out and to heal others less fortunate. The other thing about the number 9 in this placement of his chart could suggest that he might embrace a wider religious philosophy other than the Church of England as the number 9 also embraces a transitional phase, so as he matures, he will see the bigger picture in relationship to religious ideologies.

Hidden Tendencies of Prince George

This number is derived from calculating all the numbers in your name that occur 4 or more times. In Prince George’s full name, the number 5 is his Hidden Tendency Number. This is the number of change and personal freedom. Unfortunately there could be  a tendency for him to misuse these things at the expense of others, so he will have to control his restlessness and urges to be hasty and impulsive all of his life. In fact, the number 5 is a neutral vibration to his 8 Life Path which means they are in the gray zone – it can be a really good combination or a really bad combination. Both numbers lock horns with each other because the 8 likes to be in control and the 5 prefers freedom without restraint. This is where Prince George will have to learn to adjust to the middle zone where neither number has the dominant power.

Will Prince George Sit on the Throne?

Yes, especially with the numbers this Power Baby came in with. A 17/8 Life Path Number guarantees one who will leaves a legacy behind and 8 is considered the number of the Executive. Combine that with the leadership qualities of the number 1 in his numerology birth chart that appears twice – number 100/1 from his full birth name plus his time of birth 4:24 which comes to 10/1 – the number of Destiny and is associated with the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot. The future King George will usher in a new cycle, a change of fortune and progress in the British Monarchy – that will be his real legacy. A King who is the real humanitarian (his 9 personality) with a strong desire for peace (his 11/2 Attitude and the double 2’s in his birth day number).

Stay tuned for Part II where I will compare the family charts.

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The official engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton

William and Kate – At the heart of their love

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William and Kate – At the Heart of Their Love

It is a story the whole world has been waiting for. Prince William will wed Kate Middleton on Friday April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abby in London England. This seems like a fairy tale – a dream come true.  After all, how many women marry their Prince Charming? How often in life does it really happen that someone marries the future King of England?  What is it about a good old-fashioned fairy tale that we don’t love? But their union is not really just a fairy tale as Royal Insiders will tell you, but it is a role and a job of tradition that will define them and their days for the rest of their royal lives.

The people’s people, at the core, are rooting for a true and long-lasting love relationship between this incredibly dynamic couple and it’s a story of fruition. Diana’s firstborn and eldest son in line to the Throne of England – William Arthur Phillip Louis is marrying Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. She is a commoner for the most part but a girl who came with perks – beautiful, charming, witty, from wealthy parents, got a good education, went to the right school and met her Prince Charming. Sounds like fate stepped in and now their destiny is awaiting them on Friday.

Heart’s Desire Compatibility Numbers: 5 and 7 – A Natural Match

Prince William and Kate have great compatibility, chemistry and have been together for 10 years, so they know each other very well. But more importantly, they match very well in the key aspects of their numerology charts and it is with this compatibility of numbers, that they will have a long, healthy and enduring love relationship.

What I want to focus on is their heart connection or heart’s desire numbers found  in their numerology chart. Compatibility of the Heart’s Desire numbers is very important in a relationship. Few relationships last beyond the initial stage if the Heart’s Desire numbers are not compatible. Their Heart’s Desire number match is a five and a seven. William’s heart desire number from his birth name is  5 and Kate’s is a 7. In numerology, these two numbers are a natural match to each other and are in the Green Zone –> full speed ahead.  William is attracted to Kate’s strength and stability because she is the grounding force, offering almost unconditional love and protection making William feel safe and secure within her love.  Kate is attracted to William because he is a free spirit with courage and curiosity and brings excitement and growth to the relationship.  The 5 and the 7 complement each other very well because it generally is a relationship that is free of rules and are alike in many ways. Kate does prefer to be alone to contemplate and think and William is the one with a lot going on and appreciates that Kate does not put any demands on him – this is paramount in this relationship.  For William to be happy, he must be able to live lifestyle which may include impulsive decisions, changes, social activities and travel. Their life surely will be full of changes, obvious social activities and lots of travel, but Kate’s desire for time alone can be overcome by blending the best of each other’s desires.

Personal Year Cycles: 4 and 5

William is in a 4 personal year cycle and Kate is in a 5 personal year cycle.  For William this is the year to work on the foundations of home and family as he prepare himself for the many changes that are occurring in his personal and professional life. For Kate, a 5 personal year is about change, changing her status from single to married. 2011 is also a universal 4 year.  For Kate this is certainly a time of dynamic change with many opportunities coming her way. The most positive effect of this 4-5 personal year combination of cycles is that their combined forces almost always deliver progress and decisiveness will prevail this year.

William’s Life Path Number:11/2

Prince William’s Life Path number is 11/2. He and Kate are getting married on April 29th which reduces to the number 11.  We are in the 11th year of the century and they are getting married at 11:00 so there is a huge 11 connection here.  Number 11 is a master number that is the gateway to all that is enlightening and illuminating. They both are marrying in their 29th year and that reduces again to 11. If you look at the number 11  side-by-side, they are two pillars that represent a gateway into the unknown. William and Kate embark upon a new and joyous journey through marriage. Two beautiful souls will walk through the gateway this Friday to their destiny and all eyes and ears will be on them as their magical day unfolds. Here’s a wish to the new Royal couple William and Catherine for a long, happy and healthy life together.


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