William and Kate – At the Heart of Their Love

It is a story the whole world has been waiting for. Prince William will wed Kate Middleton on Friday April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abby in London England. This seems like a fairy tale – a dream come true.  After all, how many women marry their Prince Charming? How often in life does it really happen that someone marries the future King of England?  What is it about a good old-fashioned fairy tale that we don’t love? But their union is not really just a fairy tale as Royal Insiders will tell you, but it is a role and a job of tradition that will define them and their days for the rest of their royal lives.

The people’s people, at the core, are rooting for a true and long-lasting love relationship between this incredibly dynamic couple and it’s a story of fruition. Diana’s firstborn and eldest son in line to the Throne of England – William Arthur Phillip Louis is marrying Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. She is a commoner for the most part but a girl who came with perks – beautiful, charming, witty, from wealthy parents, got a good education, went to the right school and met her Prince Charming. Sounds like fate stepped in and now their destiny is awaiting them on Friday.

Heart’s Desire Compatibility Numbers: 5 and 7 – A Natural Match

Prince William and Kate have great compatibility, chemistry and have been together for 10 years, so they know each other very well. But more importantly, they match very well in the key aspects of their numerology charts and it is with this compatibility of numbers, that they will have a long, healthy and enduring love relationship.

What I want to focus on is their heart connection or heart’s desire numbers found  in their numerology chart. Compatibility of the Heart’s Desire numbers is very important in a relationship. Few relationships last beyond the initial stage if the Heart’s Desire numbers are not compatible. Their Heart’s Desire number match is a five and a seven. William’s heart desire number from his birth name is  5 and Kate’s is a 7. In numerology, these two numbers are a natural match to each other and are in the Green Zone –> full speed ahead.  William is attracted to Kate’s strength and stability because she is the grounding force, offering almost unconditional love and protection making William feel safe and secure within her love.  Kate is attracted to William because he is a free spirit with courage and curiosity and brings excitement and growth to the relationship.  The 5 and the 7 complement each other very well because it generally is a relationship that is free of rules and are alike in many ways. Kate does prefer to be alone to contemplate and think and William is the one with a lot going on and appreciates that Kate does not put any demands on him – this is paramount in this relationship.  For William to be happy, he must be able to live lifestyle which may include impulsive decisions, changes, social activities and travel. Their life surely will be full of changes, obvious social activities and lots of travel, but Kate’s desire for time alone can be overcome by blending the best of each other’s desires.

Personal Year Cycles: 4 and 5

William is in a 4 personal year cycle and Kate is in a 5 personal year cycle.  For William this is the year to work on the foundations of home and family as he prepare himself for the many changes that are occurring in his personal and professional life. For Kate, a 5 personal year is about change, changing her status from single to married. 2011 is also a universal 4 year.  For Kate this is certainly a time of dynamic change with many opportunities coming her way. The most positive effect of this 4-5 personal year combination of cycles is that their combined forces almost always deliver progress and decisiveness will prevail this year.

William’s Life Path Number:11/2

Prince William’s Life Path number is 11/2. He and Kate are getting married on April 29th which reduces to the number 11.  We are in the 11th year of the century and they are getting married at 11:00 so there is a huge 11 connection here.  Number 11 is a master number that is the gateway to all that is enlightening and illuminating. They both are marrying in their 29th year and that reduces again to 11. If you look at the number 11  side-by-side, they are two pillars that represent a gateway into the unknown. William and Kate embark upon a new and joyous journey through marriage. Two beautiful souls will walk through the gateway this Friday to their destiny and all eyes and ears will be on them as their magical day unfolds. Here’s a wish to the new Royal couple William and Catherine for a long, happy and healthy life together.


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The Official Engagement of Prince William & Kate Middleton

It’s official! Prince William and Kate Middleton are engaged! While this is no surprise, and a topic of huge interest for months, let’s do the numbers on this famous couple and what the numbers tell us about them as individuals and those numbers which surround them.  What is so great about William and Kate is that they did not follow in the same path as their parents who were pressured to get married by Charles’ parents – and we all know the ending to this not-so-great non-fairy-tale. They both took the time to get to know each other and are getting married because they are deeply in love with each other and they know each other well enough to do that.

Their universal engagement date comes to a 12/3 – the number 12 is the number of self-interests, while the 3 represents versatility and is one of the most adaptable numbers there is. So this universal date number shows the great adaptability that their union will aspire to with this universal number that hovers over them like a protective umbrella. It will be 30 years in 2011 that Diana and Charles married, so here we see the number 3 vibration.

The year 2012 and the number 12 – Interestingly enough, Kate and William will be married in the year 2012 – the 12th year of this century, which also happens to be same year of the Olympics and the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and Kate Middleton’s birth date (1/9/1982) happens to be a 12/3. The number 12 can be compared to a birth day number and the 12 in this instance is like a birth date — it represents a great deal of enthusiasm, it increases the friendship factor and is the social number with a lot of affection thrown in for good measure.

Prince William comes to 72/9 and Princess Kate comes to 50/5

Prince William – the number 72 is the number of increase and brings wealth and satisfaction. This name number vibration is one that Prince Williams is able to use to his full advantage which helps him to achieve satisfaction through the mundane affairs he is obliged to fulfill (which Prince Charles never warmed up to) while also bringing the earthly powers he possesses to his life – a unique wisdom from above definitely guides him.   This name number is of an individual who is keenly analytical with a strong character and high standards. The number 9 is the number of the humanitarian and one of universal achievement — all the attributes that one would associate with William.

Kate Middleton as “Princess Kate” has the 50/5 name vibration – this is a name vibration of someone who has lasting success and happiness and shows a life surrounded by many friends and much admiration and affection. This name number shows someone who is intensely emotional and one who is devoted to family and one who seeks a mate who epitomizes the perfect love – in this case William.  The number 50 increases her personal magnetism and a social life filled with lots of activity and movement. This number will help her to instinctively understand others which she will need when she is called upon to fulfill the royal family duties.  Interestingly enough, Diana would have been 50 in the year 2011.

Prince William proposed a month ago – which would be the month of October. This is a 10/1 month. The number 1 is the number of new beginnings and unity.  the number 10 enhances all the qualities of the 1 and also represents that which one has been waiting for. In addition to that, Diana and Charles married on July 29, 1981 which also comes to a 10/1.

They have been dating for 8 years – the 8 is the number of power, courage and material success. In terms of their relationship, the 8 on its side is the number of infinity. The fact that they took the time (8 years) to cultivate a relationship that would survive the test of time, bodes well for them. 8 is also a destiny number – and in fact they were destined for each other.

King William comes to 57/12/3 – here we see the 12/3 number vibration again.  The double-digit vibration of the number 57 is the number that represents someone who is dependable and serious and one who possesses courage in the face of adversity.  If (and only if) William becomes King William, this name number vibration will certainly be beneficial for him in this role.

2011 is the official year of the wedding – Both Kate and William will be 29 in the year 2011.  29 reduces to the number 11 and their is an 11 in that Universal Year. As I have stated before, the number 11  is the portal to the soul – the number of illumination and enlightenment.   On some unknown level, both Kate and William let their intuition and enlightenment guide them to this as their marriage year.  Now wouldn’t it be incredible if they picked 11/11/11 as their wedding date.


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