Wednesday Wizdom – Make a Wish

Make a wish and believe

In our quest to receive those things that we truly want or deserve, we will come to face a somewhat hard but resounding truth which is; we will not always get what we want – just because we want it.  

What is gained by this knowledge is that the value of getting what you want in life – will not always be, in just getting what you want.  But rather, in coming to recognize the value of all that you will become worthy of receiving – in your attempts to get it.

Remember, you cannot receive those things in your life that you do not feel worthy of receiving.  For it is through the acceptance of your personal worth, that all that you wish to receive; attain; or obtain; is given the opportunity to be truly fulfilled.  Not just because you want it – but because you have come to accept that you are worthy of havingit too.

May you be inspired today with this thought, and embrace all that you know and that you are truly worthy of receiving.  Feel comforted in knowing that, by accepting your self-worth; you automatically become worthy and deserving of so much more, than you have in your life – right now.
– Eleesha, The Soul Whisperer

Message from Kathleen

I thought this was an appropriate message to send today and it resonated completely with me. I think many of you, myself included, may be going though the same issue of feeling stuck in some part of your life – that something that you want, has not yet manifested the way you want or in the time-frame you want. You may be experiencing moments of uncomfortableness, uncertainty and fear in financial matters, in affairs of the heart, in a work related matter, or in a health issue.

Whatever it is, your task today is to feel in your heart the feeling of having whatever it is you are wishing for or are desiring.  Get into the feeling of what it would feel like to have whatever you want to manifest.  When you feel something you truly desire, coupled with the belief that it will arrive and value your self-worth, magical things happen.

Wish  –  Believe  –  Value  –  Receive

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Love & Blessings,
Kathleen xx

Mars in Pisces Transit

The warrior planet – Mars – has been transiting through gentle and sensitive Pisces since April 14th, and this transit lasts 5 whole weeks 🥵 Hold onto your fire hose. 

I’m someone well versed in this subject, because I have a Mars-Sun conjunction in Pisces in the 6th House. And that’s a whole story in and of itself to navigate these strange bedfellows, because Mars is all action and fireworks, whilst Pisces is more subdued, easygoing and intuitive. But that’s for another day.

Let’s talk about this Mars in Pisces transit. 

This transit began 9 days ago, so if you’ve been feeling a little out of sorts, a little fired up over seemingly benign things and maybe even a little passive-aggressive, even more irritated than usual – that’s the effect of this transit, and of course it’s going to be more intense for those of you with a strong Mars-Pisces influence in the natal chart, including strong aspects such as squares or oppositions to top it off. 

During this transit, all of us will need to accommodate the two points between faith, compassion and healing vs putting up your dukes to fight for a cause or an ideal. There’s no in between with these dual driven planets – fire vs water. Remember that water 💦 puts out fire 🔥which is why you may need that fire hose.

But overall during this transit you will be motivated to take action, just in a more diminutive or subtle way. Be ambitious but not over powering. Take charge, but be sensitive.

👊Fight for what you believe in, but don’t trash the party. 

I hope this helps 🙏
Love Kathleen ❤️