Bill Cosby Guilty!

FINALLY!!!!!! Bill Cosby was found guilty of sexual assault and drugging his victims dating back decades. In his retrial, he was found guilty today, April 26, 2018, which is a 14/5 universal day. This is a karmic debt number that represents abuse of freedom. Drugging a woman unknowingly with quaaludes and then having sex with her without her permission, is a form of taking away someone’s ability to be free and unimpeded to do what they want in any situation they find themselves in.

I’ve been keeping up with Mr. Cosby through his chart and I knew without a doubt last night that he would be found guilty today because the number 6 played a crucial vibration that created this day of reckoning and a serving up of good old fashioned justice.

I met Mr. Cosby at a celebrity tennis tournament in 1985 in Denver, Colorado. I was revolted by his behavior towards other women around him and on the tennis court. He was vulgar and condescending and I was utterly disgusted. I was NEVER a fan, and his TV persona NEVER fooled me.


The number 6 is the one cardinal number out of all nine cardinal numbers that is the number of responsibility. Since Mr. Cosby has a 6 Destiny, this is what he was supposed to live up to in this lifetime:

The strength of Number 6 is that they are responsible, loving, self-sacrificing, protective, sympathetic and compassionate. They are the loyal, maternal figures who take care of their family, friends and clients. Instead he lived on the negative side of the 6 vibration.

The weakness of Number 6 is that they can overstep their boundaries and take advantage of others; are emotionally and sexually unstable; are cynical, insecure and can have dictatorial tendencies.

How number 6 played a role in his conviction

  • 6 Women. Besides Andrea Constand, there were 5 other women who were also assaulted by Cosby that were able to testify in the retrial. 5 other women + Andrea = 6.
  • William Henry Cosby has a Destiny Number of 6.
  • Bill Cosby is in a 6 personal day on the day of this verdict.
  • His daily Card of Destiny today is the 6 of Hearts. Mr. Cosby, this card means that all outstanding relationship debts be settled today and you need to take responsibility for your actions and words in all associations with your victims.
  • From CNN: “Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents many of the women who have accused Cosby of misconduct, said this was the happiest she had been with a verdict in 42 years.” 4 + 2 = 6.
  • From Time Magazine article dated August 3, 2016, there were 60/6 accusers. If this number has been updated I’m not aware of it.

Now let the healing begin for all the victims, and prison time begin for Mr. Cosby.


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