My Brush With Mercury Retrograde!


Here’s a story I wanted to share about my dramatic brush with Mercury Retrograde just two days BEFORE Mercury was officially declared “retrograde” and the silver lining I discovered.

To start things off, I want to remind those of you who do not know –  that 1 or 2 days before planets go retrograde, or the Moon is full – the energy begins to shift and this energy field can be felt just as strongly as the “official” start day of any retrograding planet. The same is true when a planet goes Direct or the Moon begins to wane. These same energies can still be felt for 1-2 days after and this energy force still has an impact and whatever key role that planet or the Moon plays, can still have an effect.

Here’s my Mercury Retrograde story and how the Numbers and my Angels played a key role!

My car got towed 2 days before the official start date of MRx accidentally, due to a “miscommunication” error between the people I am an independent contractor for and the people who own the parking lot of the building I work in. You can imagine my disbelief and shock when I went out to retrieve my car at the time I was required to move it – and it wasn’t there. I was dumbfounded and actually asked a colleague to confirm that in fact my car was NOT there – that I was not imagining this! I think these are normal things people do when uncomfortable or shocking events happen – your mind is trying to wrap itself around something abnormal or not in the flow. This was certainly an “abby-normal” event for me. Aterall, I had done all the required things to be able to park in this parking lot – but yet I realized in one horrible moment that my car was towed away. This was  most certainly one of those OMG moments. Believe it or not – I was calm as I went to the “powers to be” with my dilemma. As they say, “just the facts mam.”

All Numbers Tell a Story

In numerology you can extract so much information from one single event. The numbers that were critical in this one day event are as follows:

The Number 222Number 222

Fortunately, the $400 fee got reversed by the person who had my car towed because he did not look at the manifest that had my car listed as “legal” to park – and he felt extremely guilty. But getting my car back with no fee charged did not come without a lot of negotiation. And the number of negotiation was the energy of the triple digit number 222 as my car was towed at precisely 2:22 in the afternoon. Now the number 2 is the number of diplomatic situations and finding peaceful solutions to problems. The negotiators of the World have a 2 in their Numerology Blueprint somewhere. Former President Bill Clinton is a perfect example because he is a 2 Life Path and they are the “Mediators” in life. Three 2’s in the time of the towing (2:22) amplified the energy of the serious negations and effort it took to get the towing fee rescinded.

That $400 Fee! Ouch! The number 4 informs us how structure, rules and detail plays a critical role in life because so much of life depends upon structure and stability. In this instance, certain rules apply and there are no shades of gray when it comes to parking lot infractions. You add the double zeros and you have no ending an no beginning – it’s a cycle that repeats and repeats. Zero is limitless and boundless.

The Number 6number-6

The energies of the vibration of the number 6 was also a key number on this day. The date was 6-24-2013 and each number by itself reduces to the number 6. The vibrational energies of the number 6 resonated in this instance to ownership (my car) AND responsibility (those who took responsibility for the towing incident). The number 6 is a pure vibration and represents love and empathy – all parties who were negotiating with each other most certainly felt empathetic to me and were trying to take responsibility and do the right thing – but at the same time neither one of them were going to pay my fee.  Just further proof that when there are three 6’s in any situation, it has the potential to bring about positive outcomes. In addition to that 222 comes to the number 6 as 2 + 2 + 2 = 6. Simply amazing!

Then if you take the whole date 6-24-2013 it adds up to the number 18 which then reduces to to the number 9. 18 represents illusions and fluctuating emotions and 9 represents endings and resonates to compassion.

The Silver Lining

For me, this was a day I learned that serious negotiations on my behalf resulted in empathy and compassion for me and my situation. What I also realized, after I reflected upon this day when it was all over, was that my Angels were indeed with me and wanted me to know it in a big, huge dramatic fashion that they were there to help and assist me. Whew! Angels send us messages and want to get our attention. Numbers are simply one way to do this. All we have to do is pay attention to them as they occur. So begin to pay attention to the numbers in all life situations and pay special attention to repeating number sequences that you see – the Angels are trying to send you a message. My cat recently died and as a Numerologist, I pay attention to every single number that comes my way – but in this instance, the messages that are coming quite rapidly recently through the numbers, are quite strong, compelling and very clear! I know what the messages are for me personally, because I am paying attention. Are you?

What MRx Teaches

Mercury Retrograde represents and affects all communication issues and this incident did shine a spotlight on how the “communication” needs to be more in sync between all parties of both stores. Fortunately, they are now working on a new policy. If you look at all the 2’s in the equation of my situation, the 2 vibration teaches that PATIENCE is indeed a virtue!

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Super Supermoon – Are you on Purpose?

English: Supermoon rising over the Atlantic Oc...

More than just a Full Moon, this super supermoon appears full as early as June 22 – a master number day that involves power and ambition- but is actually at its full peak on June 23 – a 5 Day and an 8 Universal Day.

This 5-8 vibration revolves around freedom, action and adventure (the 5) versus strength, power and dominance (the 8).

The 5 is all about the exploration of the world and the self and the 8 is all about wealth, success and personal power.

There could be some definite challenges with this vibration as the 5 and 8 can be an explosive combination. So don’t be surprised if there is some major incident on the World stage whirling about involving freedom and authority or authority figures. Something that involves a power struggle either in the weather patterns, government, or some organization could be at the crux of the matter.

We also just shifted into the Sun Sign of Cancer which rules emotions and feelings and over the past couple of days these sentiments have been on overdrive and this super supermoon is driving and exacerbating these feelings and emotions or state of mind. It arrives at 11:32 UT and this reduces to the number 7 which is all about having faith, being in tune with spiritual matters and mastery in the moment.

Bottom line, this super super Full Moon is all about daring to take action, the courage to be in power and the sensitivity to have faith in yourself and in the World.


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