Winter Solstice: The Return of the Light and the Vibration of Numbers

return-of-the-light-karin-leonardToday is the eve of the first day of winter, also known as Winter Solstice and it is a very sacred day of the year. Winter Solstice is revered and celebrated around the world and is still celebrated in deeply meaningful ways in many cultures. Even though Christmas is almost here and takes up a lot of our time and energy, the Winter Solstice is a special moment in the annual cycles of the year connecting us to the cycles of the earth. Today we stop for a moment and remind ourselves and others of what today is. It’s as if we are making sure that the cycle of life continues. Winter Solstice is about connecting at a deep level of ritual and rituals are a way that we are  able to maintain harmony with the natural world. Rituals remind us of our existence and connection to why we are here on earth.

One ritual to consider during the Winter Solstice is numerology because it’s about the numbers which vibrate to different levels of energy that connect us to Mother Earth. We feel these vibrations and the vibrations of the earth change from day to day, month to month and  year to year. Vibrations can even change like the wind and be different in a second. The point is that it is how you fare during a vibration on any given day, month or year.

Triple 3’s

This year December 21, 2013 has triple 3’s in the date 3’s (1 + 2 =  3) and 2 + 1 = 3) and then the whole date (1 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 3) = 12 which reduces to 3 and this amplifies the 3 vibration.

Number 3

The number 3 is the number of versatility and many people believe that “things happen in threes.” In the New Testament, 3 symbolizes the Trinity or the three dimensions. So in a larger sense, the 3 stands for multiplication and growth. So this year during Winter solstice over the next few weeks, we can expect to feel the influence of personal growth and individual and collective self-expression. This could mean a marriage, the birth of a child, or the birth of some creative endeavor. The number 3 is the number of imagination and expression. Whatever you want to expand in your life at this time – socially or personally, use the influence of the number 3 to your advantage during the Winter Solstice.  Three’s draw people to them like a magnet – they are creative, imaginative and expressive.  Be careful not to spread yourself too thin or too extravagant as 3s have a tendency to do. Time to focus rather than scatter your juicy energy.

Many blessings for a wonderful and joyful Winter Solstice. Enjoy the experience and the ritual.

“The winter solstice has always been special to me as a barren darkness that gives birth
to a verdant future beyond imagination,
a time of pain and withdrawal that produces something joyfully inconceivable,
like a monarch butterfly masterfully extracting itself from the confines of its cocoon,
bursting forth into unexpected glory”.

~ Gary Zukav

Super Supermoon – Are you on Purpose?

English: Supermoon rising over the Atlantic Oc...

More than just a Full Moon, this super supermoon appears full as early as June 22 – a master number day that involves power and ambition- but is actually at its full peak on June 23 – a 5 Day and an 8 Universal Day.

This 5-8 vibration revolves around freedom, action and adventure (the 5) versus strength, power and dominance (the 8).

The 5 is all about the exploration of the world and the self and the 8 is all about wealth, success and personal power.

There could be some definite challenges with this vibration as the 5 and 8 can be an explosive combination. So don’t be surprised if there is some major incident on the World stage whirling about involving freedom and authority or authority figures. Something that involves a power struggle either in the weather patterns, government, or some organization could be at the crux of the matter.

We also just shifted into the Sun Sign of Cancer which rules emotions and feelings and over the past couple of days these sentiments have been on overdrive and this super supermoon is driving and exacerbating these feelings and emotions or state of mind. It arrives at 11:32 UT and this reduces to the number 7 which is all about having faith, being in tune with spiritual matters and mastery in the moment.

Bottom line, this super super Full Moon is all about daring to take action, the courage to be in power and the sensitivity to have faith in yourself and in the World.


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