Spiritual Vibrations and Insights for April

Frequency of AprilAPRIL IS THE MONTH OF 4 and vibrates to the frequency of the number 4 which helps us to focus on persistence, staying on course, being discipline and honest with ourselves. It’s a much-needed grounding energy after the flighty energy during March where we may have found ourselves jumping from one thing to the next and had trouble focusing. This month we Ground! The number 4 is ruled by the planet Uranus that embodies science, technology and research which requires discipline and structure . Tying in nicely with the vibration of the number 4.

April is resonating to a 13/4 universal vibration (4 + 9 = 13/4). The number 13 is associated with transformation and revolutionizing.  April is a month of major growth where transformation and changes from within can happen. As we change, we begin a make over process and begin the experience of growing our soul. We begin to see things from the perspective of reshaping our experience, so that we let go of what needs to be released in order to open the door to our newfound progress. What old habits can be released now in order to make way for a new way to approach things, personal and professional, in your life?

Therefore, there is a lot of psychic energy in April and it’s a great month to tap into any intuitive insights you may be experiencing. Pay special attention to your thoughts and ideas in order to manifest your desires, which in turn will help you achieve your goals. April is an ideal month to set up an alter and begin a daily meditation practice to help raise your spiritual awareness.

The number 13 does reduce to the number 4 during the backdrop of a 9 universal year, creating a 4-9 vibration which generates opposition, turbulence, disruption and delays. Things can feel like they are off balance, more difficult than normal and may require extra effort on your part. So breathe into the difficulties, stay focused and stay on task.

Best and Worst Days for April

Sun symbolSunny conditions. These are the perfect days to do those important things in your life, such as signing contracts, or making those big decisions: 2nd, 4th, 8th, 11th, 13th, 17th, 22nd, 26th, 29th, 31st

Cloudy day symbol

Conditions are mostly harmonious. These are good days for most activities but rely on yourself and not on others when it comes to making certain decisions. 6th, 7th, 15, 16th, 24th, 25th

CautionChallenging Days. These are the days where life can be challenging and off balance for the most part and difficult and demanding. Don’t schedule the big things intentionally:1st, 3rd, 5th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 14th, 18th, 19th, 21st, 23rd, 27th 28th, 30th


Until next month, follow the vibrations of all universal energy. Let the vitality and sparkle of energetic vibrations flow over and around you. Sync with it so that it works for you.

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Numbers Rule the Universe


Two words that I use frequently in reference to numerology


A frequency is the rate at which a vibration occurs

  • It’s a sound wave
  • It’s an electromagnetic field

A vibration or to vibrate is something

  • that moves rhythmically
  • up and down
  • to and fro

A perfect example of a vibration that we can all relate to – is an earthquake. This powerful vibration shakes the earth and all those at the affect of its vibration. It literally moves back and forth – to and fro.

Therefore, vibrations move people, places and things – they move the earth, they move people, they move the weather, they move the sky, they move planes, they move word events, they move presidents, and so on. Vibrations impact everything on the planet and we feel them everyday on some level. Some are more forceful – like an earthquake or a hurricane and some are subtle – like the gentle wind blowing the grass or the clouds moving in the sky.

A frequency is like tuning into the proper channel because it broadcasts and transmits a signal. This signal is picked up and assimilated into the very fabric of our being. Pythagoras, the Father of Numerology said this:

Numbers rule the universe 

Numerology is the science of numbers and numbers are both a vibration and a frequency. Everything on earth comes down to a number, which vibrate to a certain frequency. Numbers create a cosmic pattern in the universe. They are secret codes that contain within their symbols a hidden force of spiritual attraction. They are like a magnet attracting a force that needs attention. When you understand the code, you are better able to understand the intelligence of the representation of the frequency you are magnetically attracted to tune into.

In numerology forecasting, we can compare the energy of any given day, any given month or any given year to a vibration that has a frequency through the power of the number code that is vibrating at that time. 

Let’s use February 2015 as our example

  • The month of February vibrates to the frequency of 2 as it’s the 2nd month of the year
  • The universal month for February vibrates to the frequency of 1
    (2 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5) = 10. The number 10 ultimately reduces to the number 1
  • And the world year number is 8.
  • If you line these numbers up, you get the code 2 1 8

Then we have to decipher the code for those three numbers. Each number vibrates to a certain frequency and has a different meaning.

Read my full February 2015 Forecast by clicking here.

As always I send good universal vibes,

Love Kathleen

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2015 – The Road Ahead



numnber8Universal Year – The Road Ahead

“Money has never made man happy, nor will it. There is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has, the more one wants”
– Benjamin Franklin

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to 2015. To review what I discussed about events on the world stage last year – a 7 Universal year – click here.

Between January this year and the end of December, the world is in an 8 universal year which means that we are in the 8th year of a 9-year cycle and tension is building because the main theme is responsibility, money, business, karma. Significantly the vibration of the 8 will most definitely focus on money, finances, economic concerns and the highs and lows of the economy itself. This year also centers on authority/authority figures, power (use of and abuse of) and greed in all its disguises. An 8-year will force our hand in getting the world financial houses in order. There is already a crisis worldwide in the world’s stock markets, declining world economies, threat of war, evil empires (ISIS, Al Queda) political career reversals and cyber attacks (Korea, Russia). The stock markets will be the most critically affected in June, August and September. 8 is also the number of karma, karmic debts and karmic retribution. Certain famous people are being called out on past behavior and this is simply their time to repay that debt. As the saying goes “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.” This year it’s time to pay off all financial debts and wipe the slate clean. If we don’t do it in an this year, where the experience of the 8 year is forcing these issues – the Universe will do it for us – automatically!

Saturn, the planet of manifestation and limitations is associated with the number 8. Saturn is contractive by nature and provides opportunity to work out karma in the process of evolution. A Saturn influence requires caution, and restraint and is related to all large organizations, businesses and financial institutions. 2015 will be the most extreme year economically and karmic retribution will be dealt to those who have abused power and money. Saturn inhibits, delays and restricts everything related to it creating fear and anxiety, so stress levels area at an all-time high.

The United States

 The U.S. economy is strong but the markets are unstable and showing signs of weakness. The job market is improving slowly and gas prices have dropped which should continue well into the end of the year. This boosts consumer optimism and spending. John Whitefoot from Lombardi Financial had this to say:

Just because the economy is doing well does not mean stocks will run in step…. because one-half of all US companies get some of their revenues from outside the country and this could translate into a stock market correction in the U.S.

Hillary Rodham Clinton – I believe the potential for Hillary to run for President of the United States is quite strong. She actually has to make a decision by at least by January 15th (a 6) which activates her 6 Destiny number. She is in an 8 Personal Year and a Personal Month of 9. In an 8 personal year she reaps the rewards and recognition for all past political efforts, and this month the standstill comes to an end when a decision is finally made – one way or the other. This 8-8 vibration is in alignment with the Universal Year or power vs power. But if she runs, she goes into this phase of her political career in exceedingly tumultuous times.

The most difficult and challenging months for the United States

February, April, July and August overall will be the most difficult, but the experience in April will befitting of an 5-8 karmic retribution vibration – Payback. In July the United States will be in an 8 personal month activating both domestic and political battles on the world stage. An 8-8 vibration will be difficult months to handle with domestic violence continuing – school shootings, police brutality and the most recent police protests and riots. Injustices and inequities in general, as well as a tattered legal system, can no longer be ignored. People are rising up and speaking out about injustice, discrimination and corruption in situations that are completely out of alignment with integrity.

The World Stage

North Korea will be country to keep an eye on because North Korea has an 8 name, therefore, we have an 8-8 vibration, which could trigger an overreaction leading to a serious act of force and violence. Kim Jong-Un was born on January 8 1983, so he is in an 8 Personal Year (with double 8’s) activating fateful events and karma due to the 8-5 vibration. He is quite unpredictable just like the negative side of the 8.

Sony Hack – Sony computer systems were hacked on November 22nd and the finger points to North Korea as being responsible. Interestingly enough Sony is in a 5 Personal Year and 8’s are activated in both Korea and Kim Jong-Un this year. So what we have here is use of force against Sony with the 8-8 and 8-5 vibrations. 11-22 adds up to 33 activating all three master numbers, which are extremely charged vibrations difficult to handle, especially when used in negative situations such as this. This story is not over and I suspect there will be even more severe retaliation by both parties and the United States. Sony has a 1 Destiny so it will definitely stand up for itself.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) is worrisome and their rampage will only continue. They have a 9 Destiny and of course the use of and the negative side of this vibration represents mentally unstable individuals who are the Devil incarnate. Interestingly enough, June is a 14-5 universal month, which represents the potential karmic abuse of human freedom. I feel that ISIS (and Korea) could be involved in some part of this experience in a rather harsh way that we have not seen before. This 5-8 vibration activates fateful events.

Ebola has an 8 name activating the 8-8 vibration this year. There has not been much major news recently on the Ebola crisis, however, I feel that this situation is far from over and will have to be dealt with in a more serious way in August or September. Be very careful when traveling to any hotbed where there are Ebola outbreaks. Protect and educate yourself if you feel you are going to be exposed. Look into the use of essential oil therapy – specifically Thieves Essential Oil blend.

Months to Watch Worldwide

January and October – Ending Cycles. Transformation and struggle to regain control. During these two months Humanitarian endeavors could be hampered and the United Nations, NATO and all border patrols will be involved. In addition, reckless behavior in financial affairs will lead to the expected failure and loss in banking and financial institutions. Accountability is what it comes down to in the end during these two ending cycles. Everything that is out of balance in world and U.S. domestic affairs will peak, and October could be the tipping point of this transformation. As things end, it paves the way for the overhaul that the world so desperately needs.

April – Anything or any company related to communications will be affected now. There will be some sort of reversal or suspension in the activities of communication companies. AT&T, Comcast and the New York Times could have problems this year. Cyber attacks will be on the rise. Others will use their voice to call people out on their bad or criminal behavior.

June brings in very unstable and chaotic energy. Watch for extreme weather conditions. This month there will be loss in areas related to property and failure in many businesses, corporations, financial institutions and governments.

August – Power and authority will be severely challenged activating disruption, havoc and confusion seriously colliding with the 8 universal vibration in the reverse/negative position especially in money markets. Power, authority and control can be used against us on the world stage in all realms that are in disarray.

September – Overthrow of long-standing institutions and governments. Any abuse of power, crises and power struggles will come to a head now. For unstable economies such as China, the Eurozone, Italy, Japan, Greece and Germany, things will only worsen. Lightening strikes in September activating fear and confusion knocking certain people out of their noble tower. But with confusion comes a certain understanding and revelations. You know – that aha moment. September can activate severe and unexpected storms, typhoons and/or cyclones.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2015.  Stay in your power, get your financial affairs in order, and stay in integrity with everything. May you have a truly prosperous year.

Sending big huge hugs, and as always I send good Universal vibes…


My 2015 Personal Year Forecast is out. Click here to find out what you are supposed to experience during an 8 Universal Year.

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5 Good Reasons to Celebrate Your Life on Thanksgiving

count your blessings

Dearest You,

Yes, Thanksgiving is almost here and for many, this time of the year brings unhappiness sadness and stress instead of feelings of happiness, pleasure, contentment and joy. For some reason many of us feel depressed during the holidays for a variety of reasons. You may be alone but you are invited to someone’s home. This can make you feel like a loser and more alone than ever. Or you have a family, but have to spend the day with family members who you may not be on the best terms with. This only adds to your stress levels. The real meaning of Thanksgiving begins to fade and a lack of enthusiasm and ungratefulness sets in instead of being thankful for what we really do have.

I can’t think of a better time to send some love and a few pearls of wisdom your way to lift your spirits and to brighten your mood so that you can honestly feel why you should be celebrating Thanksgiving instead of dreading it.

  1. 1 – 2-3 – 4… Count your blessings and name them one by one. Focus and be grateful on what you have rather than on what you don’t have. Don’t focus on lack.
  1. Honor yourself! Be blown away at what you have accomplished instead of worrying about what you think you haven’t achieved.
  1. Celebrate your life – don’t begrudge it!. You may be freaking out over what you haven’t done with your life. Remember that there’s a reason and a season for everything. Don’t judge yourself for what you may not have yet attained. Rather, embrace where you are at this point in your life. Make a list of what you are going to accomplish and then stay in integrity with your own words. In other words, work out your s##t or stay stuck.
  1. Be thankful for every family member who is actively involved in your life and what they have contributed to your life rather than what you think they don’t do for you or how they make you feel. Remember your feelings belong only to you. Judgment belongs in the trashcan. As the saying goes “for every finger you point, three point back to you.”
  1. On Thursday, practice these simple acts of kindness: Hug everyone you meet. Listen instead of talking. Be kind. Be thoughtful. Hold the barbs. Read a book to a child. Make someone laugh. Bring a gift. Help a neighbor. Show compassion for everyone.

I send masses of love and colossal hugs to each and every one of you on a magical day that I hope is filled with appreciation and nothing but gratitude from your heart. When you appreciate your life, your family, your loved ones, your friends, who you are and your journey – then you acknowledge those who have contributed to your pilgrimage.


Can Numerology Help Me?

English: Holistic health, body, mind, heart, soul

I am into all things holistic and I am especially into helping people with metaphysical techniques that will help you transcend to another level of understanding.

I am a believer that when you embrace a holistic approach, you add a greater dimension to the path of healing and enlightenment.

Numerology is one such complimentary and self-help technique or tool that can help you in ways that you never thought about  → or understood. Why?

Numerology can be compared to modern or conventional medicine, which only treats the symptoms that are currently going on, versus alternative holistic medicine, which treats the whole person and takes into account lifestyle (eating habits and exercise for example).

Numerology, as a self-help tool, is a way to gain greater insight into you → a spiritual being. It is designed to help you fully understand your true nature or whole self.

Numerology can help you expand upon your spiritual awareness, determine your personality strengths, weaknesses, talents, obstacles, inner needs, emotional reactions and how you deal with others, such as how you relate to your husband, wife, children or colleagues. These are usually the questions I get asked: Why do we argue so much? Are we soulmates? Why don’t we click?

Numerology reveals aspects of your character and personality and can really provide you with a new vantage point from which to look at yourself → one that helps you to see yourself from another perspective and greater objectivity. It’s like looking at  the real you from the outside rather than looking at yourself from within. Others see and view us from a different perspective (the outer) than we see ourselves (the inner). Numerology helps to bridge the gap between the inner you and the outer you. This is why understanding your heart and personality numbers is important. When you can see both your foibles and your divinities, and tune into another channel or way of being → than you get yourself and have a new self-perspective of understanding of yourself.

Self-knowledge is the key to success and our heart desires to understand ourselves → within and without. Having a greater insight into your strengths and weaknesses will help you in every aspect of your life — personal, professional, romantic, love, sex, children, family, pets, colleagues, business, financial and career. These are the most common primary feelings or concerns.

Numerology is simply the vibration and energy of numbers that are around you and surround you everyday of your life. Pay attention to your numbers – because they mean something and are an integral part of who and what you are.

1 – 2 – 3 – 4


Kathleen Lamoureux is a Spiritual Intuitive and Numerologist who works with you when you find yourself in transitions related to business, career, relationships or personal issues such as death, grief  or divorce. Kathleen can help you understand and clarify your true life path. Get a reading with Kathleen by clicking on any book a reading link above.