November 2022 Numerology

As we transition away from October’s reflective 7 vibration, we say farewell to that inner part of ourselves that clings to intuition, faith, trust and spiritual matters. We trade that energy for something that propels us into the outer world of material things like money, business, power and capitalism. This is the natural cycle of the next temporary vibration in numerology.

The Month of 8 – The Power of you

The vibration of 8 is one that brings us power and strength, especially in times that we feel weak and powerless. 8 is a symbol of good luck bringing prosperity and is a good time to invest money, start a business or ask for favors. If you are searching for good fortune, it could fall into your lap in the month of November because 8 is a very lucky number and is the number of manifestation. So open yourself up to the inner power that the universe is gifting you this month. Have a vision and then execute like a businessman would strive for.

November Guidance For Every Life Path + All Sun, Moon & Rising Signs

Life Path 1, 5, 7 or Leo, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces s, m, r

The guidance in November is planning for the future and to take stock of your life and what you need to do next. You are being asked to take your time and review how your currently do things. Use November as a period of reflection and great objectivity to ensure that you are setting the best course for yourself in the upcoming year ahead. It might be helpful to approach yourself objectively and be honest about where you need or can change in order to become more productive. If you work hard and are patient, your rewards will be many. There could also be some good news on the financial front, so take any offers seriously.
Your lucky numbers are 77 and 777.

Life Path 2, 4, 6 or Cancer, Aquarius, Capricorn s, m, r

The guidance in November is about stabilizing and balancing – your environment, your home, your work or career. Find time to focus on your needs in order to loosen the pressures you may be feeling. When you are able to do this, it can impact your life significantly wherein you can become stronger in order to make positive improvements in different areas of your life. When you put in the hard work you create a sense of harmony. Rest and relaxation is very necessary this month and that could be with your friends or family. Time spent with your loved ones provides you with a secure sense of emotional security.
Your lucky numbers are 44 and 444.

Life Path 3, 6. 9 or Sagittarius, Taurus, Libra, Aries, Scorpio s, m,r

The guidance in November is that whatever seeds of an idea that you have been working on and feeling excited about – either in your career, business venture or a new job – will bear fruit this month. Situations that you have been working on will pan out in spades now and there is a great deal of positive and creative energy. But like anything, it takes action and hard work on your part to get the seeds you planted to sprout. Your job now is to come up with a plan of action that holds the force of the strength, power and enthusiasm you began your project(s) with. You can also experience a whole new way of life now and transition into something new is anticipatory and has you excited at the prospect.
Your lucky numbers are 11, 111 and 1111

November Affirmation

My life is abundant and prosperous. As things flow effortlessly into my life, I attract new streams of income.

Sending you peace and inner-strength on your spiritual journey this month. Remember that numbers are energy. Follow all the vibrations.


Affirmations For The New Year

31 Cosmic Days of Inspiration

These 31 affirmations were originally posted in 2014 and subsequently became the inspiration for my Numerology Affirmation Card Deck that I published in 2015 and is based on these affirmations, but are entirely different and based on the science of numerology. Originally I meant these affirmations to be read one for each day of January. But after I published this post and the more I thought about it, I realised I needed to create not just an affirmation deck, but one based on the numbers. Click on this link to learn more about or purchase my affirmation deck.

In the meantime, it’s helpful to do affirmations, especially when you are sick and tired of something being the way it is, or you definitely want to manifest something significant into your life. You can read one affirmation a day for the 31 days of the new year, or you can pick one that resonates with you and mirrors what you need to say or do, and say it as often and as long as you need to. You can also select an affirmation based on your favorite number or your Life Path number.

Happy New Year!

Love Kathleen xx

  1. I leave the past behind without regret and embrace all that is new.
  2. I remember that patience is a virtue and don’t assert myself. I wait for the results.
  3. I am bursting with joy and express my deepest desires.
  4. I am learning to be more practical and build for my future through my own efforts.
  5. I discover that change is a virtue and break out of stagnant conditions that hold me back.
  6. I am learning to love myself and others unconditionally. Love is all there is.
  7. As I go within, I masterfully embrace the power of my inner strength and insightfulness.
  8. I am powerful and realize that I have the courage to do anything I want to do.
  9. Things may have ended, but I am not afraid to let go of that which does not serve me.
  10. What I have been waiting for is now mine. My life is fortunate in many ways.
  11. My life is exciting and stimulating, but I must have the right attitude in order to receive.
  12. I have the ability to see things from another perspective. My glass is half-full.
  13. As I let go of old habits, I release and transform myself from my own limitations.
  14. As I modify my actions and behaviours, I make room for more positive experiences.
  15. I release myself from limiting beliefs. I use my mental energy positively.
  16. As I shatter and destroy old values and beliefs, spiritual enlightenment is the gift.
  17. I have faith and hope in everything and I see a brighter future.
  18. I believe in my dreams and can turn my dreams easily into reality.
  19. Today is a new start for me. Happiness and prosperity are on the horizon.
  20. Today is a turning point and I am able to make decisive changes with beneficial results.
  21. Success is mine and all my plans, wishes and hopes for the future are within reach.
  22. As I complete a cycle, my secret dreams come true and I am fulfilled.
  23. I am supremely protected and everything I pursue will be successful.
  24. I am responsible to my family and they in turn, are a part of my success in life.
  25. As I experience change and difficulty, I mentally visualize my success.
  26. I receive good tidings because I express myself powerfully.
  27. As I grow and blossom, my relationships are growing and blossoming too.
  28. I have unlimited opportunities for achievement. I am the master of my own fate.
  29. I rise above the ordinary and use my insight in ways that are wise and pure.
  30. The rewards of my life are abundant. I celebrate all that I have achieved.
  31. I honor myself, I celebrate my life and I realize the power of my full potential.

Wishing you a joyous and prosperous new year.

My Numerology Affirmation Deck is Now Available

My Numerology Affirmation Cards© are now ready and will be available for sale by mid September on this site and at Open Secret Bookstore in
San Rafael, California

I have created 37 amazing and extraordinary affirmation cards based on the science of numerology in your quest for clarity and Divine guidance through the power of numbers. My Numerology Affirmation Cards© are designed to help you attract your desires, wishes and goals by using daily affirmations as a tool to help you raise your vibration and manifest what you truly desire through the power of affirmations.


The Numerology Affirmation Cards© includes 37 affirmation cards and 3 instruction cards and comes shrink-wrapped in a nylon drawstring pouch. Cost for each deck is $22.95 plus S&H. This deck is not available until mid-September, but place your order now by sending me an email to: and the number of decks you want to purchase and I will hold them for you until I get the shopping cart ready.

“That which we persist in doing becomes easier to do, not that the nature of the thing has changed, but our ability to do it has increased.” 
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Blessings for an inspired and affirmation-rich journey through your life.
Earth School – Berkeley, California. 2016 ♥


Affirmations. Flower Words For The Soul


Affirmations are indeed Flower Words for the Soul. Positive affirmations are one of many great tools that help us to harness the power of the Universal laws. Affirmations are strong, powerful, positive statements that can benefit you. The word affirmation simply means an affirming statement. Here is an example of an affirmation from my Numerology Affirmation Deck “31 Days of Cosmic Inspiration.”

I know without a doubt that all things are possible. My prayers are answered.

The benefits of affirmations

Positive affirmations help you dive into positive thinking and change your point of attraction, and release any resistance that may be hindering the Law of Attraction principles. However, there are a few pointers that you should consider in order to get the most benefit from affirmations.

It’s important to remember that the thoughts you think create a vibration and go out into the Universe that summons the Law of Attraction. When you are thinking positive thoughts, you are offering a high energetic vibration that enables the manifestation of your desires. This is why a list of positive affirmations is so highly recommended for those who want to change their lives. So why don’t all people have success with the use of affirmations? As with anything, there is a way to do it and a way to do it effectively and help you attract that which you want to bring forth.

How to effectively use your list of affirmations

The easiest way to know if you’re benefiting from affirmations is to pay attention to any shifts in your vibration. If you’re wondering how to do that, begin to notice changes in what or how you are feeling each time you write, speak, or think an affirmation. Be honest with yourself about what is going on inside of you. This makes the difference between making empty, hollow statements and actually benefiting from this activity. In other words, don’t limit yourself to saying words or writing them on paper — it is also important to hold mental images in your mind and to feel these emotions in your body. Therefore when you are doing affirmations, also envision yourself doing what you want to manifest. Your emotions are evidence of the vibration that you are offering to the Universe and what you are attracting, so pay attention to how the affirmations make you feel.

Blessings and do whatever it takes to stay grounded. There’s a lot of planetary activity going on right now with the September 27th FULL MOON in Aries + Blood Moon Total Lunar ECLIPSE. Right now we are all swimming in a pool of very strong energetic currents because everything is a vibration, When you do affirmations, it impacts and aligns with the 7 chakra centers and benefits you tremendously.

Love Kathleen