2021: A Year of Change & Unpredictability

Most of us are looking forward to seeing 2020 in our rearview mirror because it was srely a hellish year and one that nightmares were made for. It seemed like something straight out of a Stephen King novel for sure. But 2021 is not going to be that easy of a transition – even with the new covid-19 vaccine. Fingers, crossed, hopefully the pandemic will wane significantly by the early part of 2021 with the vaccine and life will return to some form of normalcy. However, things are never going to return to what they were pre-covid, and it’s not going to be an easy transition from 2020 to 2021 even with the vaccine. There will still be lots of hurdles as to its efficacy, and to people wanting to take it or trust it. Of course the pandemic could just run its course and die out. Here’s an interesting excerpt from the book End of Days by Sylvia Browne published in 2008 to ponder:

In around 2020 a severe pueumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments. Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again ten years later, and then disappear completely.”

— Sylvia Browne

However, for now we know that 2020 was a shit storm of a year, but was true to the form of the vibration and energy of the number 4 — full of restrictions and limitations where masks, social distancing, no travel, job loss, lack of money and financial woes were part of the 2020 landscape. “Lockdown” became the new lifestyle restriction and wearing a mask became the iconic image related to the pandemic. Unfortunately things are going to continue on a rough path in the early part of 2021 and actually could get even more tumultuous before anything gets turned around and things start moving forward positively.

The Gifts of 2021

2021 will bring some relief after so much difficulty in 2020, but we will still be in a year that has it challenges and we will be tested in many areas, especially where freedom of movement is concerned. 2021 is a 5 universal year and we can definitely move away from as many restrictions and have fewer limitations, but it will come slowly. What we can look forward to in 2021 is that it moves us into a year of change, progress, movement and expansion after being in a holding pattern in 2020. The vibration of a 5 year also brings the unconventional or the unusual into focus – meaning that there will be no normal. Whatever is normal, will be created as we go along and experience things — it will be mostly trial and error. What 2021 will give us is learning to be more flexible, having more energy, being more adventurous and adapting to a whole new landscape and a new environment that is created out of chaos.

If we look at the number 5, it sits on a rocker and this vibration can teeter back and forth, so it’s not exactly a stable vibration. During 2021, it will be like an up and down energy that shakes us back and forth, causing a lot of disruptions during the year. It will be like put on your seatbelt and hold on for dear life.

The Numbers surrounding 2021

It’s not just the single digit number that counts in any one year. There are surrounding numbers that make up parts of the energy that will be experienced. The totality of the number 5 vibration is surrounded by positive numbers that are compatible to the makeup of the 5 as well as more challenging numbers. Let me break it down for you:

There are double 2’s which represent the need for patience. It also challenges us to be more diplomatic and sensitive in dealing with other people. Numbers 2 and 5 are actually a challenge to each other and require a lot of compromise. This is where wars, riots and chaos can fire up this year. April is significant in some way.

The number 1 represents asserting our independence and being more in charge of things. Numbers 1 and 5 are very compatible, so there’s an easy energy and it feels like getting out from under any kind of rules and regulations can be positive during March and December especially and is significant in some way.

The number 0 is a God-like vibration that represents both endings and beginnings. It is the potential that all possibilities exist. If we use this vibration in the proper way we can connect properly in society. Zero is a circle and comes together. This is where racial injustice and inequality can come into focus in 2021, especially during April and August.

Acquarius Stellium

One huge planetary occurrence in February 2021 is the 7 planet Aquarius Stellium. The last one was in 1962 that involved as much explosive, social, cultural and technological growth and change as this Stellium will and completely aligns with a 5 universal year energy. Mercury will be retrograde then and it vibrates to a 5 energy as well, so make a note of this retrograde between January 30th and February 21st. Chaos can be even bigger during this period.

Numerology Chart of the United States for 2021

Looking at the numerology chart of the United States, this crazy 5 energy will not let up until October of 2021, when the United States will be in a 6 personal month, which will mirror the energy and temperament of 2022 (2 + 2 + 2 = 6), when things on the world stage moves more into a state of harmony and balance. So we are about 10 months out to peace and tranquility being restored.

Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security there is.

— John Allen Paulos

The United States will be in a 7 Personal Year in 2021

This represents serious reflection and solitude. It’s a time for all of us to collectively perfect ourselves. Success and happiness come through study of the deeper meaning of life. Things like money and success will only come to us if they are not pursued. The less pushing, the greater the intake. Don’t ignore your health, don’t force issues, don’t be critical and by all means, don’t allow inner fears and complexes to arise. This is a year to sit back and just let things percolate. Don’t be in a hurry to rush into things – personal or business-wise. Number 7 is the number of getting quiet and being still from within. Meditation, walks in nature, listening and soulful thinking is crucial.

Personal Months Based on the Chart of the United States

Here is a forecast of the universal energies that we will collectively experience for the next 12 months based on the chart of the United States. Please note that January and October, February and November and March and December vibrate to the same number as there are 12 months and numerology operates only on 9 core numbers.

January and October 2021 is an 8 personal month – This vibration rules all money and financial issues, including property and real estate matters . Collectively, this is the month to capitalize on new streams of income and that you are in charge. The experience this month is to work on personal and financial prosperity. This is a time of personal power where rewards, respect and recognition, as long as it’s used for good. Too much force will work against you in all matters.

February and November 2021 is a 9 personal month – Things will end or complete themselves in some way. Get ready to experience completion, release and transformation. Collectively, the experience now is to focus on the fine mingling of letting go and holding on. Get rid of what does not work and keep those things that do. There can be a death or a death of an ideal.

March and December 2021 is a 1 personal month – Affairs should be directed towards making a new start and setting new goals. Collectively, the experience is one of new beginnings and planting seeds. Universal spiritual laws are in effect.

April 2021 is a 2 personal month – Things slow down considerably and affairs will direct focus on patience, cooperation and helping others. After the high energy of last month, this is the time to sit back and be patient before rushing ahead. Work on issues relating to self-restraint. Advancement and progress can happen, but the best results are attained by being tactful, cooperative and waiting for things to develop at their own pace. Understand that plans can advance, but they cannot come to fulfillment until they mature. The collective experience this month is to keep the momentum going by staying focused on your plans. Be patient even when there are delays.

May 2021 is a 3 personal month – The focus is on personal expansion and creativity by making use of everything creative, inspirational and visionary. By implementing these qualities all during the month, the experience will be one of finding happiness and joy. The collective experience now is to expand in areas of creativity and communication. Be imaginative, expressive and stay inspired.

June 2021 is a 4 personal month – Employ the trusty “To-Do” list because the energy changes considerably after the upbeat and positive vibration of last month. Things are more serious and the focus is on hard work, discipline and putting ideas into concrete form. There is not much time for personal pleasure, so the mood is to “stay on the job” so-to-speak until things are complete. The collective experience is to be more practical and build for the future. Plan ahead. Have common sense. Be determined.

July 2021 is a 5 personal month – July mirrors the energy and vibration of the whole of 2021, so this month things will be much more intense because of this reflection energy. Get ready for big changes that are about to enter because change, freedom, travel and adventure beckon and provides a much needed change of pace after the experience of restrictions and limitations last month. Right now it’s about movement of some sort. This change could be as simple as moving across town or it could be huge like buying a house, or a move to another state or country all together. Some sort of career or job change could begin. It could also be a time of inner change when it’s time to change fundamental behaviors. 2021 is all about change, freedom, unpredictability and the unforeseen – so be prepared for anything to happen this month. Restrictions are finally lifted. There is a feeling of adventure. 

August 2021 is a 6 personal month – This is the time to cultivate. attract and work on relationships of all kinds – love, children, in-laws, partnerships, business and so on. Unlike last month where there was an aversion to restrictions and limitations, this month it’s about being attracted to people, places or things. Nurturing, protective and compassionate are key words for August. For those who are single, some sort of strong romantic relationship or attraction can find its way into the heart. Trust in this process and think of a magnet that attracts love. The collective experience this month is to work on all relationships. Meet your responsibilities. Be truthful and charitable. Harmonizing & settling all disputes with loved ones should be your motivation.

September 2021 is a 7 personal month – Get ready to go within now because during a 7 Personal month, things are more introspective and inner-directed. Analysis and scrutiny is a natural process. After the magic of relationships last month, this is not the time to work on relationships – or any kind of materialistic pursuits for that matter. This is the time to go deep inside and refocus your energies and work on the self. The collective experience this month is to masterfully embrace the power of faith and listen to your inner voice. Go within and perfect your inner self. September connects to the whole of the 7 Personal Year for the United States, so this energy will be felt much more intensely now.

May all your dreams and every wish you have for 2021 come true. Hold onto your vision and have faith that all is as it should be at every moment.


2020 – The Year of the Mask

2020 for all purposes was the year that has been the most difficult in recent memory and will go down in history as the year we regressed back to 1918.

I intentionally skipped my 2020 Forecast this year when I realized in January that a pandemic had hit our shores and it was constantly on the news. I had a feeling of dread and I saw the handwriting on the wall, especially since we were in a 4 Universal Year and we went into lockdown in March. I like many others, considered the phrase “2020 has been cancelled” real and was used and seen as a way to cope. In fact people all over the world were disenfranchised and defenseless. I felt like I was living life in the background of a dystopian novel – not as the main character – but as a bit player. The main villain was the coronavirus.

I like many others, felt exposed and endangered. I was just trying to get through my days by connecting, like we all were, through the internet. My social media accounts became my new best friends and was my therapy. I did things I haven’t done on a regular basis, like meditation rituals, learning new recipes, listening to a lot of music and making bigger cocktails.

Key phrases like “social distancing,” “wear a mask,” “stay 6 feet apart, “it’s the new normal,” and “home schooling” all became the new natural order of life and how our life was going to be lived during the Year of Covid. We were exposed and there was no cover. There was the lockdown and then came the social isolation.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were the first celebrities who came out that they tested positive for covid-19, but they handled it with honesty, grace and sincerity. They shared their experience and gave us updates. But more importantly, they pointed out the importance of wearing a mask, social distancing and washing your hands regularly to help slow the spread.

The 4 Universal Year Forecast

This brings me to the significance of how relevant the number 4 fits the scenario of 2020. The key words of the vibration of 4 are strength and stability. But it also represents discipline, practicality, down-to-earth, reliable. A four can extract things from you before you realize what is happening. It is very precise, methodical, logical, conscientious, frugal, devoted and trustworthy. Four is a very truthful vibration and will tell the truth even if you didn’t ask for it or want it.

The Theme of 2020

The experience this year is about stability, building for the future, having common sense, being true to your values and seeing life for what it is now. Keep those closest to you safe.

As I read what I wrote in 2019 about the understanding and acceptance of what a 4 Year represents, I felt that my words below rang true for 2020 especially in light of the pandemic because the vibration of 4 is always difficult and it’s how we handle adversity that we get through this energy. Number 4 Represents strength and stability. It’s also the vibration of hard work, discipline, structure, digging in and never giving up.

“In 2020 things will be more serious and the focus is on hard work, discipline and putting your ideas into concrete form. There is not much time for personal pleasure and you must stay “on the job” so-to-speak until it’s complete. Even though this year may be filled with considerable effort and hard work, it will pay off in the end when you look back at all you accomplished through your own efforts. Sheer hard work helps you lay the foundation for your future. Therefore – order, systems, organization, management, application and details are very important in all matters related to business, property, building, agreements, contracts or legal matters. The emphasis is on structure, discipline and the value of those things that are important in relationship to being practical and systematic. For example, you may want to renovate or remodel your home; or you analyze family issues scrutinizing all persons within the unit for the betterment of the relationship; or you get a firmer grip on financial issues and perhaps implement a much-needed budget. As the number 4 rules methods and foundations, this vibration helps you begin to look at new ways to work with money or discover new ways to make your money grow and work for you. This year won’t be easy and can be a difficult vibration because it forces you to commit yourself entirely to structure, being organized, persistent and practical. The year is frustrating for you because there can be restrictions and limitations that may halter forward movement, or progress, however, the experience of this year is to gently nudge you to move out of your comfort zone and accept the challenge of limitations. It’s simply a year of hard work. But the silver lining is in the achievement of anything related to building, structure and stability – both personal and financial. The key is to have common sense, be real and be determined.

The Year 2021
We move into a 5 Year and things will open up. Our personal freedoms are restored.

We may not experience this right away, but going by the Numerology chart for the United States, I believe this will gradually begin to happen by March 2021 when the United States is in a 1 personal month. A personal month dictates the main theme for that month. A 1 personal month represents new beginnings and starting over. I believe that by July of 2021, our way of life will be restored and we will begin to break free of stagnant conditions that have held us back due to the pandemic.

Dr. Anthony Fauci believes that there will be a vaccine available by April 2021, so this fits in with this numerology timeline. I strongly believe that by July 2021, when the United States is in a 5 personal month of change, movement and progress – and one that mirrors the 5 year number – this may be the more likely timeline that those of us in the United States will finally begin to resume a post-pandemic life. I also believe that because of the pandemic, many things changed that will never go back to the way they were. This is because we have been tested on a spiritual level in 2020 and one of the lessons is that we must continue to grow and maintain this particular mantra “we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

I will post more about the meaning and ramifications of 2021’s 5 year very soon. In the meantime, stay safe, be calm and know that everything has a beginning and an end.

Love Kathleen