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“Names and numbers are symbols. They do not make things happen. Instead, they announce and broadcast the programs of thought, feeling and action being enacted on the television screen of human relations.” – Juno Jordan

The power of your name has long been valued and treasured in many religions and religious ceremonies. Everyone recognizes themselves by their name, but your name also has an energetic value that can significantly influence your life experience. It broadcasts your vibration by the mere mention of it. Your name is the “Secret Code” that you were born with and represents the story of your life. I delve into the analysis of your birth name to nurture and strengthen your desire to understand who you are and why you repeat certain patterns. Your birth name  has many layers and provides your Destiny number (what you came here to become and do with your life).

Your birth name numbers never change but I can work with you to create an alternate name for whatever reason you have (marriage, adoption, career) so that your birth name numbers and the name you ultimately choose will be compatible and favorable.


NAME CHANGE PROFILES are highly requested and I do them quite frequently. I cannot stress the importance of a name change with a professional numerologist. 

Name changes are common and can change many times over the years for various reasons.

  1. You may simply just shorten your birth name and go by Mike Jones instead of Michael Jones.
  2. You change your name due to marriage or divorce.
  3. You don’t like your name and want one that suits your personality. 
  4. You want a name that matches your professions.

Before you change your name, name your  business, name your child, name your pet, name your book or name your project – it’s important to have a Name Change Consultation.

  1. The purpose is to utilize the power of any name change to your advantage. 
  2. Every aspect in the new name is considered to enhance all possibilities.
  3. Are the numbers in a name compatible with your core numbers? 
  4. Is the new name you are considering compatible with your Destiny number?
  5. All names, nicknames, changes of names, signature names or married names are but  channels through which the Destiny is worked out and expressed.
  6. Your Birth/Destiny number vs your Minor/Expression number can be compared to something like “repainting” your house. It’s like adding new whistles and bells and has certain qualities that are alluring and exciting, however, your Birth/Destiny name numbers will always be how you came in and what you were born to become and must be lived up to in this lifetime. It’s important to select a name that is compatible with your Destiny.


While you may not have control of the date of their birth ( unless you have a C-Section and the date is pre-planned) you can choose a name for your child or children that have numbers that are naturally matched or compatible with yours. I have seen so many parents who do not resonate or bond to their children due to the challenging numerical vibration between either their Destiny numbers or their Life Path numbers – or both. In my own case, my mother and I have never gotten along due to the challenging vibration in 3 out of 5 core numbers in our respective numerology charts.


Yes! You are not alone. A lot of people do consult with a Numerologist to name their pet or find out the vibration numbers of their current name. It’s important to have a good understanding of your pet’s personality especially if they were adopted. What does his or her name vibrations mean and how do they compare to your numbers?


Before you choose a name for your business, book, etc., it’s important that you choose the name that enhances and prospers your business both financially and spiritually. Also, the date of birth of a business, a book or a project are also important. If possible, it’s important to select the date of birth of your business, book, song or play so that it is a compatible vibration to your Life Path number.


  • Profiling up to 3 names (this is done prior to the consultation) 
  • Preparation of your Primary Essence Natal Chart (this is done prior to the consultation)
  • 45-60 Minute Consultation



Fill out the form and submit it. Once I receive notification of your interest in a reading, I will send you an invoice via PayPal. Credit card payments can be made Credit either through your PayPal account or through my Square Account using either Visa or Master Card. When payment is received and confirmed, I will contact you directly to schedule your appointment. VIP! YOUR READING MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE WITHIN 6 DAYS OF THE READING! 

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  1. Kathleen Lamoureux

    Hi Vinay,

    Thanks for your response. If you’d like to book a Primary Essence Reading, I can help you further.



  2. Ermira

    I’m in difficult economic situation . and I’m a writer .I want to made public my first book with poems and I need and want your help. So please help me ! 🙂


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