Journey of 9 Day Planner

My JOURNEY OF 9 NUMEROLOGY DAY PLANNER is a roadmap to help you navigate the waters of any calendar year. Find out which days are the best days to strike out and do things; which days are comfortable and happy; which days are more like a cloudy day where nothing of value gets done; and which days challenge you to the very core.

The power of numbers is astonishing! Numbers impact everyday events around the globe as well as its inhabitants. Numbers are vibrations that create or stir up feelings in our soul. They create a situation deep down inside of ourselves where we know automatically that we must do something with this feeling that we are experiencing. It’s an invisible force, something that we cannot see, but we feel the vibration around us. We are guided by these vibrations unconsciously, and they help us to take action in the right direction.

The vibration of numbers have an impact on the human body in the energy fields surrounding the body – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. These layers are referred to as one’s Aura. If you think about it, your own energy levels are different on any given day due to the fluctuation of emotions and outer circumstances that affect and bombard our aura on a daily basis. Nothing is fixed, because everything is always moving and influx, including the energy that is vibrating around the human body.

The Journey of 9 Numerology Day Planner is about using and following universal energies successfully, i.e., applying the vibrations of the numbers 1 through 9 to aid in personal growth and success. This day planner is designed as a template for success strategies based on your own date of birth, which forms your Life Path number. Your Life Path represents the purpose of your life and the lessons you need to learn in this lifetime.

The Journey of 9 Numerology Day Planner has been designed to use on any day, in any month to plan ahead and/or make appointments based on your Life Path number, so it is completely customized for you. There is a weather guide which will show you which are the best days to make plans and/or schedule appointments and when to strike; or which days the energy is off and to abstain from making any important decisions because they could be subject to unknown factors, battles or demands and plagued with errors and unanticipated disputes or problems. These would be the days to sit back and think about things and not to take any action.


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