Book A Numerology Reading

Name Evaluation. Life Path. Destiny. Career Changes. Specific issues of urgency. Money & Business Matters. Name Changes. Relocation & Moving. Relationship Compatibility. Naming Your Book, Business, Screenplay. Telephone & Address Numbers.  Naming Your Children. Marriage & Timing. Family Compatibility. Grief.

This reading includes your FREE Journey of 9 Day Planner based on your Life Path number.

Numerology Natal Session – The big 5 $88

THIS SESSION IS OPTIMAL, TRANSFORMATIONAL AND IDEAL if you want to go deep and uncover the many aspects of your personality that you may know but don’t understand or are unaware of. Explore, clarify and validate yourself and your life purpose. I am passionate about helping you use numerology as a tool of self discovery. This reading will help you discover yourself and uncover hidden tendencies and challenges. Validate what you may already know or need to do in order to move forward. Transform and change what is not working for what will work.

  1. Your Life Path. Understand your life’s mission and what you were meant to do with your life. Includes suitable careers if you need direction here.
  2. Your Destiny. How you are meant to express your Life’s Purpose.
  3. Your Soul Number. Why your Heart’s Desire is the motivator behind virtually all your choices.
  4. Your Personality. Understanding the public you and your attitude about life.
  5. Your birthday. Discover where your talents lie to help you along your life’s path.

Numerology & Astrology Power Session $100/1 Hour

This reading combines both numerology and astrology because together they give you a complete picture using both modalities. This session is optimal if you are struggling with a specific issue, or a general sense of urgency in any area of your life. Understand the purpose of your personal year and month vibrations so that you can plan ahead. I can help you prepare strategies during the most favorable times over the course of the next 12-months. Knowing what lies ahead in each of your personal cycle vibrations will help you move forward with purpose to help support your goals and aspirations. Find out which issues are supportive now or when they are a challenge. The astrology portion focuses on areas of current concern to you such as a relationship or your career for example. 

Relationship Compatibility or Family Ancestry

  • Love by the numbers – Comparing a couple’s chart $200
  • Family member compatibility and comparing karmic ties. This is intense work, so I do divide this work into 90-minute segments comparing the birth charts of two people at a time. I will provide a quote once I know how many family members are involved. Starting at $200.


  1. Select your desired numerology session.
  2. I need the date of birth and the name as it appears on your birth certificate for all parties.
  3. I also need birth times and place of birth for all parties.
  4. Once I receive notification of your interest in a reading, I will send you an invoice.
  5. Credit card payments can be made either through your PayPal account or through my  Square Account using either Visa or Master Card. VIP! ALL READINGS MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE WITHIN 5 DAYS OF THE READING! 10 Days for Family Ancestry readings.
  6. When payment is received and confirmed, I will contact you directly to schedule your appointment.
  7. Readings are via Zoom, FaceTime or phone.





Contact me at: with any questions

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