Facebook: Communications Giant takes a tumble

Mark Zuckerberg and his company Facebook are in crisis mode right now and there is a backlash against the giant tech company Facebook for the Cambridge Analytica fiasco and the privacy violations scandal it is now facing, including previous privacy violations. Many high profile companies are leaving Facebook and Elon Musk deleted both his SpaceX and Tesla accounts.

Facebook was founded in Cambridge, MA. on February 4, 2004. This is an interesting correlation because both the Destiny numbers and Life path number of Cambridge is 8 – the number of power and money.

Cambridge Analytica itself has a Destiny of 4 and a Life Path of 8 and is in a 4 Personal Year. This is even more compelling because Facebook also has a Destiny number of 4 and is in a Personal Year of 8 this year.

4 and 8 – The Number of Fate and Destiny

The numbers 4 and 8 are an unfortunate combination and when combined, hard luck seems to pursue those whose lives are dominated by the 4 and 8. Anyone born on the 4th of any month are born with heavy karmic debt, which will need to be paid back during this lifetime. Remember that Facebook was born on the 4th of February.

The Number 4 Connection

  • Facebook has triple 4’s: Born on the 4th in 2004 with a personality and Destiny number of  4.
  • Cambridge Analytica has a Destiny number of 4
  • Cambridge Analytica was involved in 44 political races in 2014.
  • Channel 4 News aired undercover investigative videos about prostitutes, bribery sting operations, honey traps and that Cambridge Analytica ran all of Donald Trump’s digital campaigns. Donald Trump has a Life Path of 4 and is in a 4 Personal Year in 2018. 

Facebook – A Communications Giant

Facebook has a 3 Life Path, which represents communication. For a company like Facebook, communication was at its zenith, and as we all know has been one of the most well known and popular social media sites around the globe for the last 14 years. However, their popularity started to wane in 2017 during the revelations about the 2016 election hacking through their platform by the Russians. This year, Mark Zuckerberg is also in a Personal Year of 3, so there is a very strong intensification of communication and disclosure going on. There is pressure on Mark to testify before Congress and the FCC about his company, to which he finally agreed to. He did waffle on this one before he decided to do the right thing. Interesting to point out that this crisis comes during a Mercury Retrograde period, and Mercury is the planet that does rule communication issues and anything to do with technology.

Mark Zuckerberg – Emissary of Change or Freedom taker?

Mark Zuckerberg has double 5’s in his chart which means he values his freedom more than anything, but does he value our freedom? He has a 5 Life Path and someone who was born as the emissary of social change, with a karmic debt 14/5 birthday number which means that during a former lifetime there was abuse of freedom. Karmic debt number 14/5 requires constant adaptation to changing circumstances and unexpected contingencies. Men with this number need to be wide awake. Modesty and moderation will serve them well in getting rid of this karmic debt.. While there is no doubt that Mark Zuckerberg brought change to the world in terms of how we connect socially and built one of the most impressive social media empires that made it easy for family and friends to share online, somehow he and his company got way off track by focusing on the ads and the money too much and not the original concept of it’s “family-friendly” users, whose trust both Mark and Facebook violated. This is the downfall or negative side of the numbers 5 and 8. Remember the 14/5 karmic debt birthday number he has that represents abuse of freedom? And the number 8 is the karma number and must be used responsibly, or it will take a big fat bite out of you and spit you out like hamburger. Numbers 5 and 8 are not exactly best friends and the relationship between these two numbers don’t always follow the rules and can be at odds with each other.

Can Facebook recover?

Possibly, but it’s going to be a difficult two years. And even if it does, it will not be the same platform as it is now. Next year Facebook goes into an ending 9 year, which is a completion year – the end of a 9-year journey that every person or company travels in. If Mark can get the company through this crisis, it will be more like in 2020 when Facebook will be in a brand new starting over year of 1. Mark will be in a Personal Year of 5 by then, which will mirror his 5 Life Path intensifying his desire for freedom and maybe even moving away from Facebook in some capacity. I think there will be some reversals with his company and he will make some huge and and unexpected changes, because that is the very nature of this number. Anyone with a 5 Life Path or 5’s prominent in their charts are the masters at reinventing themselves. I think the company will be forced to change its policies, but I also think that Facebook will not be the social media giant it once was. 2018 is a Universal year of 11/2, which is a Master Teacher year. Food for thought.

Blessings and love,