Number 13 – Unlucky or Lucky?

Today is a 13/4 universal day vibration and I can’t help but reflect on the significance this number has in relation to what is going on in Tsunami ravaged Japan. It is of course, an epic disaster and tragedy that will continue for months and years into the future.

The number 13 has much significance in life and is a number that causes pause when most people see it.  It has the reputation of being an unlucky number in many cultures. In most buildings the 13th floor is not included due to its “unlucky” connotation.

In numerology double digit numbers also have significant meaning, including number 13. Number 13 is a warning of the unexpected. The Japanese devised a warning system for tsunamis which was put into place just moments before it struck. Nevertheless, the events were unexpected, but expected. There was nothing anyone could do but go through it.

In Chaldrean numerology (considered the oldest and most accurate systems of numerology)  number 13 is not considered unlucky, but a number that represents a change of plans, upheaval and destruction and is symbolized by depicting the skeleton/death symbol.

Spiritually, number 13 represents change, release and transformation. Under number 13, you can expect changes which will bring an end to conditions that no longer serve a purpose.  Whatever was, is no longer and only through the death of present or certain circumstances, can one be released and freed.  Old ideas, old ideals, the way one was living now must be released into the present. The people in Japan are going through a total transformation and must release the past in order to make way for the spiritual transformation they are truly going through.

We are inextricably linked emotionally to the events in Japan and we must release our fears and negative energy in a positive way. Do not be possessed by an emotion that you cannot control so set it free. Trust in the power of the universe to bring about the transformation you truly desire. Have the courage to take action by changing just one thing which possesses you. Use your inner power to transform new thought patterns and replace the old with illumination. Send lots of prayers and love to Japan for the transformation they are going through and your own personal transformation.

Epic Disaster in Japan

Pewter Number 9
Image by Leo Reynolds via Flickr

A 9 Universal Day

March 11, 2011 is a day that will go down in infamy in Japan – the day the 8.9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami struck the country.  I am having just as hard a time as everyone else wrapping my brain around this disaster – yet it is so and my heart and prayers go out to Japan and all those who are suffering right now. 

I can’t help but ponder the numbers in this event not only in yesterday’s date but the universal month, year and day numbers for 2011.  I believe 2011 is the beginning of nothing like we have ever seen before, in our personal lives and on the world stage and we had better prepare ourselves  with the  the fortitude of power during times of chaos, have resolute endurance, bear up against danger, and the ability to extol patience —  We will need these fortitudes to get through what is yet to come for evil and destruction will begin to appear more frequently with an express ride to a new orient.


The day of March 11, 2011 comes to the number 9 and represents changes, transitions, endings where events can happen quickly. In numerology, the number 9 is the number associated with humanity on a global level and we see this in a big way with this number as rescue workers, relief workers and aid organizations from the United States poured into Japan.  In addition, as the planet Uranus moved into the fiery planet of Aries on March 11, it brought a tremendous jolt to the world with the earthquake/tsunami that hit Japan at 2:46:23 p.m. with a magnitude 8.9 earthquake. Both of these numbers reduce to a 17/8 which is the legacy number – this most certainly will be the case with this world event. The 17/8 vibration is also a number that requires spiritual growth and faith.

2011 is a 4 universal year and 4 represents rebuilding, earth and creation.  Spiritually, this is a year to work on your own foundation and to prepare yourself for the many changes in the world that are coming.

The number 7

March is a  7 universal month number.  During a 7 universal month, it is a time to both improve the quality of your life and strengthen your life. In the New Testament, the 7th statement from the seven-fold path of the Lord’s prayer states this “but deliver us from evil.”

Ironically enough both Tsunami and the city of Sendai come to 25/7.  This double-digit number indicates that a change of residence is likely or some sort of movement. We are witnessing this on a massive scale as millions of people will be displaced during this event which has surpassed the ordinary.

The city of Sendai, Japan was founded in the year 1600 – this is not only another 7, but a 16/7 which is a karmic debt number. The 16/7 karmic debt number is literally about destruction of the old and birth of the new, but can point us to new paths of spiritual progress. The double zeros magnifies this number and is the number of limitless creation with no beginning and no end.  Zero is related to the Fool in the tarot, which rules the unexpected and is ruled by the planet Uranus, which is the planet of revolution.

Double 11’s intensifies the energy

2011 is the 11th century of the year. Number 11 is a master number that walks the line between enormous magnitude and devastation.  11 is associated with Justice in the tarot — it represents tests and sudden events. 11 is also associated with the planet Uranus — the planet of sudden and unexpected changes and revolutionary events.  A Uranus event is very disruptive and can bring mass destruction such as happened in Japan. This is a devastating event for sure, however, we have the opportunity to harness the energy of the number 11 and rely on our faith and spirituality and live up to the energy of the number 11 with its potential for greatness and acceptance of events in life that require understanding of a new spiritual revolution that is taking  place. Double elevens in yesterday’s date completely magnified the energy and as a temporary vibration the intensive magnitude of the number 11 can force in a testing and challenging period.

This event may not be over just yet and I am definitely concerned about the ongoing nuclear threat.  In addition, I am concerned for the whole world as we are truly in a worldwide crisis.  It is truly important for everyone to take care of themselves during this time of upheaval and unrest. Seek out support to balance any emotional shifts.

“It is because Humanity has never known where it was going it it has been able
to find its way” – Oscar Wilde