Number 13 – Unlucky or Lucky?

Today is a 13/4 universal day vibration and I can’t help but reflect on the significance this number has in relation to what is going on in Tsunami ravaged Japan. It is of course, an epic disaster and tragedy that will continue for months and years into the future.

The number 13 has much significance in life and is a number that causes pause when most people see it.  It has the reputation of being an unlucky number in many cultures. In most buildings the 13th floor is not included due to its “unlucky” connotation.

In numerology double digit numbers also have significant meaning, including number 13. Number 13 is a warning of the unexpected. The Japanese devised a warning system for tsunamis which was put into place just moments before it struck. Nevertheless, the events were unexpected, but expected. There was nothing anyone could do but go through it.

In Chaldrean numerology (considered the oldest and most accurate systems of numerology)  number 13 is not considered unlucky, but a number that represents a change of plans, upheaval and destruction and is symbolized by depicting the skeleton/death symbol.

Spiritually, number 13 represents change, release and transformation. Under number 13, you can expect changes which will bring an end to conditions that no longer serve a purpose.  Whatever was, is no longer and only through the death of present or certain circumstances, can one be released and freed.  Old ideas, old ideals, the way one was living now must be released into the present. The people in Japan are going through a total transformation and must release the past in order to make way for the spiritual transformation they are truly going through.

We are inextricably linked emotionally to the events in Japan and we must release our fears and negative energy in a positive way. Do not be possessed by an emotion that you cannot control so set it free. Trust in the power of the universe to bring about the transformation you truly desire. Have the courage to take action by changing just one thing which possesses you. Use your inner power to transform new thought patterns and replace the old with illumination. Send lots of prayers and love to Japan for the transformation they are going through and your own personal transformation.

Epic Disaster in Japan

Pewter Number 9
Image by Leo Reynolds via Flickr

A 9 Universal Day

March 11, 2011 is a day that will go down in infamy in Japan – the day the 8.9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami struck the country.  I am having just as hard a time as everyone else wrapping my brain around this disaster – yet it is so and my heart and prayers go out to Japan and all those who are suffering right now. 

I can’t help but ponder the numbers in this event not only in yesterday’s date but the universal month, year and day numbers for 2011.  I believe 2011 is the beginning of nothing like we have ever seen before, in our personal lives and on the world stage and we had better prepare ourselves  with the  the fortitude of power during times of chaos, have resolute endurance, bear up against danger, and the ability to extol patience —  We will need these fortitudes to get through what is yet to come for evil and destruction will begin to appear more frequently with an express ride to a new orient.


The day of March 11, 2011 comes to the number 9 and represents changes, transitions, endings where events can happen quickly. In numerology, the number 9 is the number associated with humanity on a global level and we see this in a big way with this number as rescue workers, relief workers and aid organizations from the United States poured into Japan.  In addition, as the planet Uranus moved into the fiery planet of Aries on March 11, it brought a tremendous jolt to the world with the earthquake/tsunami that hit Japan at 2:46:23 p.m. with a magnitude 8.9 earthquake. Both of these numbers reduce to a 17/8 which is the legacy number – this most certainly will be the case with this world event. The 17/8 vibration is also a number that requires spiritual growth and faith.

2011 is a 4 universal year and 4 represents rebuilding, earth and creation.  Spiritually, this is a year to work on your own foundation and to prepare yourself for the many changes in the world that are coming.

The number 7

March is a  7 universal month number.  During a 7 universal month, it is a time to both improve the quality of your life and strengthen your life. In the New Testament, the 7th statement from the seven-fold path of the Lord’s prayer states this “but deliver us from evil.”

Ironically enough both Tsunami and the city of Sendai come to 25/7.  This double-digit number indicates that a change of residence is likely or some sort of movement. We are witnessing this on a massive scale as millions of people will be displaced during this event which has surpassed the ordinary.

The city of Sendai, Japan was founded in the year 1600 – this is not only another 7, but a 16/7 which is a karmic debt number. The 16/7 karmic debt number is literally about destruction of the old and birth of the new, but can point us to new paths of spiritual progress. The double zeros magnifies this number and is the number of limitless creation with no beginning and no end.  Zero is related to the Fool in the tarot, which rules the unexpected and is ruled by the planet Uranus, which is the planet of revolution.

Double 11’s intensifies the energy

2011 is the 11th century of the year. Number 11 is a master number that walks the line between enormous magnitude and devastation.  11 is associated with Justice in the tarot — it represents tests and sudden events. 11 is also associated with the planet Uranus — the planet of sudden and unexpected changes and revolutionary events.  A Uranus event is very disruptive and can bring mass destruction such as happened in Japan. This is a devastating event for sure, however, we have the opportunity to harness the energy of the number 11 and rely on our faith and spirituality and live up to the energy of the number 11 with its potential for greatness and acceptance of events in life that require understanding of a new spiritual revolution that is taking  place. Double elevens in yesterday’s date completely magnified the energy and as a temporary vibration the intensive magnitude of the number 11 can force in a testing and challenging period.

This event may not be over just yet and I am definitely concerned about the ongoing nuclear threat.  In addition, I am concerned for the whole world as we are truly in a worldwide crisis.  It is truly important for everyone to take care of themselves during this time of upheaval and unrest. Seek out support to balance any emotional shifts.

“It is because Humanity has never known where it was going it it has been able
to find its way” – Oscar Wilde

Indigenous Hopi Native American Prophecy – Part 1

This video states a very important message from Hopi Elder Floyd Red Crow Westerman! The significance of the aspect to numerology in this message is that the name Hopi comes to the double digit number 30/3. This number seeks perfection in all earthly activities and strives for security in this world.  This makes perfect sense since a Hopi woman is tuned into the perfection of life just by grinding corn. Simultaneously, the Hopi have been taken advantage of by man since Columbus arrived and their right to live free has been totally infringed upon.  In terms of the end of the world — it has been predicted to end by many cultures by the year 2012.  Whether this is true or not, 2012 comes to a universal year number of 5.  The number 5 is the ultimate number of change and restlessness. It could also be considered the number of destruction.  According to Hopi culture, the end of the world will come when all Hopi ceremonies cease. When the Blue Star Kachina removes his mask during a dance in the plaza and makes his appearance known in the heavens,  the “fifth world” will emerge. This is the representation that there is no more faith and a new cycle of life begins anew at Oraibi (the Hopi village) marking a new cycle for the Hopi. When, and if, Hopi ceremonies end, we see the word five or fifth.  5 in the New Testament represents the 4 elements (earth, water, fire and air) plus a fifth essence of ether or spirit. When we gain control over all 5 senses, intuition develops.

The name Kachina (a masked dancer who is thought to embody some particular spirit) comes to the number 11 — a master number representing wisdom and intuition at the          highest levels in the universe.  The participants in current Hopi rituals symbolize the spirit and value of ancient universal spiritual symbolism in its purest form. Oraibi reduces to the number 9 which represents completion and endings. The Hopi believe that there is no clear division between human beings and the spirit world.  So if the world were to end, life and death and the ceremonies the Hopi participate in, augment and renew the spiritual and subtle forces that in turn animate the physical world and its natural cycles.

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Intuitive Life Coach and Numerologist Kathleen Lamoureux  has been studying the Hopi for 35 years.  Her interest in the Hopi culture began with the gift of a Hahai-i Wuhti Tihu – a Katsina Mother doll — in 1976 and her collection grew from there.  She began to study the spiritual system that created such unique and mysterious figurines.  She was part of a book project in the late 1990’s where her poetry explained the universal and traditional significance of certain Hopi ceremonial participants derived from her natural insight and intuition. Her belief is that the Hopi symbolically represent powers we repress and apply a natural rhythm to their life that we have forgotten.  Kathleen says, “If we listen to ourselves and pay attention to our souls, the Hopi can remind us that we can, and must, attune ourselves to the need for spiritual change”.

Kathleen is a spiritual teacher, healer and numerologist who can help you understand the significance of all aspects of your life using numerology and understanding your own intuition as self-help tools to help you discover your life path and the meaning of your life.  What are you waiting for?  Book a reading today with the Numerology Coach by clicking any Book A Reading link in the Menu Bar.

Challenger 25 Years Later

The crew of Space Shuttle mission STS-51-L pos...
Image via Wikipedia

“NASA owes it to the citizens from whom it asks support to be frank, honest, and informative, so that these citizens can make the wisest decisions for the use of their limited resources. For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled.” —Appendix to the Rogers Commission Report on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident, June 9, 1986

Today it has been 25 years today that the Space Shuttle Challenger and its crew were tragically lost in one of the most tragic accident’s ever in the country, and as Marcia Dunn for the Associated Press said, …it remains one of NASA’s most visible failures”. This was one of those events that, if you were there or watching this event, will always be seared in your memory.  Just the word Challenger alone has such impact and takes you to the thought of where was I in that moment in time?  That being said, I couldn’t help but do a brief numerology overview of some of the key words and dates.  The numbers 4 and 8 showed up significantly in this date in history.  These two numbers are polar opposites and anytime they show up together, a fateful event is triggered.

  • The date was 1.28.1986 which reduces to the number 8
  • Challenger comes to 13/4
  • NASA comes to the number 8
  • Space comes to the number 8
  • Challenger comes to the number 13/4
  • 11:38 A.M. was the time of take off – that comes to the number 13/4

13/4 is the number of death and rebirth. Death is not to be feared but embraced as changes in our evolution and that which no longer serves a purpose.  Release from the past allows growth.  13 is also a karmic debt number and in numerology, this  karmic debt is where we take on burdens from our past in order to learn lessons that we failed to learn in previous lifetimes.  13 is a number of futility and frustration. This karmic debt number shows up in the time of lift off and in the name Challenger. The number 13 reduces to the number 4, which is the number of the earth and the earth was formed on the 4th day. I am reminded of this from the Book of Common Prayer:

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust; in sure and certain hope of the Resurrection into eternal life.

8 is the number of eternal and continuous motion and represents both involution when something turns upon itself and evolution when something passes to another stage.

The 4 and the 8 had a fateful relationship to each other on January 28, 1986 when life, death and rebirth collided with the earth and called back 7 spirits through the process of their evolution and eternal life.

Cherokee Prayer Blessing

May the Warm Winds of Heaven
Blow softly upon your house.
May the Great Spirit
Bless all who enter there.
May your Mocassins
Make happy tracks
in many snows,
and may the Rainbow
Always touch your shoulder


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The Gift Jack LaLanne Gave To The World

The Late Jack LaLanne - fitness guru


If ever there was an icon of health and fitness in the world, it was American fitness Guru Jack LaLanne.  He was so ahead of the curve in health and fitness in an era where it certainly was not fashionable to promote or sell the idea of health, let alone that a healthy body could be a source of strength and increase longevity.  Jack lived to a ripe old age.  After all, he was the age of 96 when he passed away on January 23, 2011.

The 6 Influence

In numerology, the essence number is one of two major indicators of the influential forces in that person’s life for the year and is a barometer for the lessons one will learn during that year.

  • 15/6 was Jack’s essence number at the age of 96.  This is the number of responsibility, duty and having high ideals.  It is an indication of a person who inspires and guides others.   He more than rose to the occasion.
  • Jack died at the age of 96 which reduces to the number 15/6.
  • Jack happened to be in a number 6 pinnacle at his death.  Pinnacles are four long cycles in our life which represent a particular lesson one is working on. The number 6 pinnacle influence is when one is strongly involved with ones family, family security and responsibility. He was married for 51 happy years when he passed.  5 + 1 =  6.
  • He was also the age of 15, which reduces to 6, when he was introduced to the notion that one could change their way of life just by changing their diet.

The 3 Influence

He was born Francois Henry LaLonne, however the world knew him simply as Jack LaLanne  – his signature name.

  • In numerology, one’s signature name (or the name you introduce yourself as) is referred to as the minor expression number.  Jack’s minor expression number happened to vibrate to the number 3. The number 3 provided him with the ability and an uncanny optimism towards sports or sports-like activities and is a number that rules communication and the media.
  • The second major influential number in one’s numerology chart, is one’s personal year number and Jack died in a personal 3 year.  As 3 rules communication, his creativity and talent in this arena came to the forefront in the media. The 3 as a personal year number was simply a mirror of his life.  As we all heard about his death through some form of media or communication, his life is a reminder to each of us to be mindful of the wonderful contribution he gave back to society.  His passion and exemplary communication skills for speaking and teaching about the benefits of regular exercise and a good diet was truly a gift that will live on and be passed down from generation to generation.
  • At the age of 21 he opened his first gym in Oakland, California.  2 + 1 = 3.
  • Jack beat 21 year old Arnold Schwarzenegger at the age of 54 – again 2 + 1 = 3.

The 4 Influence

I was struck by the word STRENGTH on the cover of Strength and Health magazine Jack posed for.

  • Strength happens to come to the number 4 and is the number of the master builder – Jack was all of that and more.
  • The number 4 was one of Jack’s karmic lesson numbers where early on in his life he was confused with the direction and purpose of his life until the age of 15.  In order for him to overcome this weaknesses and learn the lessons of how great life his life could be, he was going to have to establish certain methods and a disciplined approach to his life.  As the story goes, he was addicted to junk food with behavioral problems and it was not until he turned his life around by taking the advice of well-known nutritionist, Paul Bragg.
  • Jack LaLanne died in a universal year of 4.

In life and In death – the influence of the number 1

  • In Jack LaLanne’s numerology blueprint, his Physical Expression vibrated to the number 1 giving him the ability to be physically active and inspiring a world to become and stay active because he was the same way.
  • His Mental Expression number vibrated to the number 19/1 which helped inspire him to come up with solid ideas in his lifetime. He truly was a pioneer with an unmatched spirit.
  • Jack died on 1/23/2011 which comes to a 10/1 which is the destiny number and relates to the Wheel of Fortune in tarot.  The wheel represents the cycles of life including life and death.  In numerology the basic cycle of numbers are 1 through 9. 1 is the beginning and 9 endings. In the number 10 we have the 1 as the beginning and the zero as an endless cycle that never ceases.  Therefore, the 10 is considered a new start.  Jack may you rest in peace in the heavens.


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