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Your Angels are sending you number messages

What Are My Personal Angel Numbers?

So you want to know what your personal Angel numbers are. I have been asked by countless clients about their personal angel numbers? Angel number sequences are being paid more attention to during the last decade than they have previously and are taken much more seriously now. This is good news for the Angels who are trying to get their message across to you with the symbol of numbers and it’s good news for you when you need answers to your urgent thoughts or questions. Angel numbers occur when you begin to see certain numbers repeatedly on digital clocks, the microwave, timers, license plates, addresses, receipts and billboards for example. Numbers are a part of our daily life, so there is a plethora of ways certain sequences will show up for you on a certain day or occasion, or repeatedly.

Numerologists, spiritualists, healers, therapists and angel number authors will tell you that when you become aware of this occurrence and begin to tune in to the spirit world, you are evolving on a spiritual level and realize you are being given messages from a higher source. The father of Numerology, Pythagoras said this about numbers.

Everything in the Universe is mathematically precise, and each number has its own vibration and meaning.

These are the two most common questions I receive?

  • Why do I see certain and repetitive numbers?
  • What are my very own special Angel numbers?

Let me help you with both those questions.

First, your Angels and/or Spirit Guides will send you signs that you physically see in order to get your attention or to help you resolve a problem you are going through. As I said earlier, these “number messages” come through digital clocks, license plates, addresses, etc, etc. Our Angels can also send messages to us through butterflies, fragrances, lady bugs, feathers, coins or a flower – especially to get our attention that our loved ones who have passed over are looking over us and are here with us. Our Angels and/or Spirit guides do their best to get our attention in whatever manner they can. Oftentimes we ignore these signs or symbols. But even if we do recognize that numbers are a message, we are bewildered and struggle to understand what a particular number sequence or sign means. We don’t know how to interpret the meaning. There are tons of websites that have their own interpretation of the meanings. You can do a google search and find the one that resonates with you. But one of the main things to understand is that it’s best to use your intuition to interpret the numbers. You can click on this link to get a basic understanding of the core words of each of the 9 core numbers in numerology in order to help you with the intuitive process.

The other option is that you can get a reading with me to provide you with your own personal Angel numbers. Each person has at least 2 or 3. This reading with me will provide you with your very own personal Angel numbers and where they come from, along with an interpretation of what each number sequence means and why these numbers show up in your life at certain or specific times.

How to Book Your Angel Number Reading With Me

  1. The fee is $50 for a 30 minute reading. Send an email to me directly at to order your reading. Put “Book an Angel Number Reading” in the subject line.
  2. Very Important! I will need your birth name as it appears on your birth certificate and date of birth in the email.
  3. When I receive your email, I will send you a bill through PayPal for $50.00.
  4. Once you pay the invoice, I will contact you via email to verify your birth information and I will book your reading based on availability.
  5. Your reading will be via Zoom or FaceTime if you have an iPhone.

Namaste and remember, all numbers are vibrations of a higher power.