About Kathleen

Claircogzinant & Clairsentient
Creator of Numerology Affirmation Cards

I have been studying numerology, the tarot, astrology and other metaphysical disciplines for almost 30 years. Anyone who meets me usually gets their numbers read in some form or fashion and always are amazed at the accuracy. I believe in and follow all universal energy and believe that the vibration of numbers impact the universe and its inhabitants positively and negatively on a daily basis. I firmly believe that no one escapes the universal energies because they are evidenced in real-life situations for good such as getting married, having a baby, celebrating a milestone, a movie or book release, getting a promotion, getting a raise, or being accepted to college for example; or for bad such as losing a job, financial problems, mid-life crisis, divorce, stock market tumbles, riots or wars. It all shows up in your personal numerology forecast chart. All events coincide with a certain number vibration that are felt positively or negatively. In my readings I show you how to use your own numbers positively and how to incorporate them into your life for success and how to strategise with them. 

As a Spiritual Advisor, I recognize that we encounter angels in the form of numbers, feathers, coins, birds, butterflies, etc.,  that give us the answers to the questions we have on our spiritual journey. In my readings I always incorporate numerology and astrology, but I usually throw in some tarot or oracle cards and some angel guidance. I will show you why and where you encounter issues, and all possible roads towards healing and empowerment. I work with you to show you where your energy blocks are. This in turn gives you the information you need to take action to overcome your weak links and blocks.

I come from a long line of psychics in my family on my mother’s side and I have done private readings since 2000. I was also the resident numerologist at several bookstores in the Bay Area from 2012 – 2017 including Open Secret Book Store in San Rafael. Today, I offer private readings via Zoom or FaceTime.
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I am also the author of Numerology Affirmation Cards: 31 Days of Cosmic Inspiration, that were developed using the science of numerology. This deck is designed to help you attract your desires, wishes and goals by using daily affirmations as a tool to help you raise your vibration and manifest what you truly desire. During your reading with me, I will pull an affirmation for you to work on a specific issue that you have. Click on this link for more information.

New Release March 2021: I just released my new Journey of 9 Numerology Prosperity Day Planner this past spring (2021) to help you plan ahead and make appointments by knowing which days are best or challenging based solely on your  own personal Life Path number. This is FREE when you book a reading with me. Click on this link for more information.

My  spiritual insights have been featured on this blog since 2008 and I have also been featured in the following publications:

  • Marin Independent Journal’s January 2017 Lifestyle edition “2017: Marin Astrologers, Intuitive’s Predict What’s Ahead.” 
  • The The Wave Holistic Journal July/August 2016 Issue, “Numerology and the Law of Vibration” http://thewaveholisticjournal.com/issue-archive.

“You are a unique one-of-a-kind individual with a soul and a heart. Share yourself with the world.”

Love Kathleen