Week 21: May 22 – 28

Rewards for your efforts

The energy and theme for week 21 of 2023 is the world. We experience life as full and meaningful. We see the future as one filled with promise and hope. We are involved with the world and render our services by sharing our unique gifts and talents with the world. If we stand still and poised at the center of the universe, we experience beginnings as well as endings. I think a good question to ask of yourself this week is how far have I come on my journey thus far?

You can have many new experiences in the world this week with many changes, rewards or remuneration, travelling and even success. Week 21 is a very dynamic moment in time where you swap the old world you were used to and make way for a newly revealed world, which offers you the ultimate realization of your plans, hopes and dreams. You just have to believe that you can move on from the old to the new. Be attentive towards projects, goals or aspects of your life which might be approaching their end. Reach for closure of some kind, but be aware of any feelings of grief or loss you have surrounding letting go. Allow yourself to feel the inner peace that can result from the conclusion or completion of a previous stage of your life. When one chapter closes, another begins. New opportunities arise.

Opportunities This Week 

Monday May 22nd. There is powerful day activity today with the vibration of 22 where you must take by the bull by the horn and capitalize on everything important to get the most out of the energy given to you. It’s a gift. Trust and have faith that everything will work out in your favor. The Sun’s sextile to Mars gives you the extra oomph you need to make your move(s).

Thursday May 25th. Utilize the vibrations of the 10 and 1 to manifest what you want as this gives you the courage to start over in a completely new direction, or with something that is near and dear to your heart. The moon in the fire sign of Leo helps with this process. You are ambitions and determined.

Friday May 26th. Always use the guidance of the vibration of 11 to use and listen to your intuition. The Moon is void of course (v/c) at 2:38 AM EST so be careful not to make plans or appointments until the moon enters Scorpio at 11:05 PM EST which brings an undercurrent of secrets and information to the surface.

Sunday May 28th. With the vibration of 13 you transform something from the dark into the light. Could be big or small. Whatever it is, embrace the newness or the new you. The first quarter moon with the Sun in Gemini forming a square to the Virgo moon. All quarter moons bring hurdles and issues emerge. It’s a time of conflict. The key is to take action and make decisions during this time rather than be passive. After the intention setting of the previous new moon on the 19th, we must work harder to achieve our goals.

Angel Numbers

Seeing 911, 888, 22:22 is a message from your angels that if you are experiencing any endings or need the courage or inner power, miracles are unfolding all around you. Let go of what is no longer useful and look to the future. Your angels encourage you to keep up the good work you are doing and trust in yourself.

Archangel of the Week

Michael is the Archangel of the week. He’s the one to call upon to help you release the effects of any fear that is personal, from the world’s woes, or if you feel afraid or confused about your personal safety, your life purpose or when making necessary life changes. He gives all of us the courage and backbone to follow our truth and fulfill our Divine mission.

Affirmation of the Week

“Success is mine and all my plans, hopes and wishes for the future are well within my reach.”

Important Astro Aspects

First Quarter Moon on May 27th

This week the Sun is in Gemini; Mercury is in Taurus; Venus is in Cancer; Mars is in Leo.

May 22nd Mars square Jupiter sets the tone for courage and enthusiasm. Be daring in your actions. Take care in peaceful relations and avoid burnout.

May 16th to May 25th Jupiter continues its transit of Taurus. Jupiter expands our growth and abundance. In Taurus we are practical and the desire to ground is necessary. We are motivated by clear goals, direction and tangible results.

May 27th First Quarter Moon. “Your commitment is being tested.” There could be some challenges coming your way, but it is how you handle this phase of the moon and what you think is what you create. If you believe you can do it, then you most likely can. Maybe you need to realize just how much you want something before it can happen. Think about it.

March 7th to May 24th Saturn continues its transit of Pisces. This transit can cause confusion and frustrations with achieving our goals. We feel vulnerable and limit ourselves. The big takeaway is to not diminish or deny who you fundamentally are. Work on your strengths and let go of your weaknesses which can cause limiting beliefs.

This Week in Numerology 

This week in Numerology is published at the beginning of every week and explores the secrets and insights of numbers based on the vibration of that week. Each episode includes the best days to make plans, book appointments, start a new job or a project; significant dates in the week that are impactful; a compatibility guide; tarot correlations; angel messages; plus any significant astrological aspects or moon activity.

Sending lots of love xx
Kathleen Lamoureux
aka the Numerology Coach

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