Week 20: May 15 – 21

The Search for the Truth

The energy this week aligns with a spiritual awakening, clarity, the revelation of truth and cosmic consciousness. Sometimes it takes a wake-up call to get your attention and show how far you need to go. This week, you can do just that. It’s time to evaluate the past and the lessons that you have learned or still need to understand. By doing this it will enable you to forgive, accept and heal in order to move forward in a balanced, spiritual mind-set. Truth reminds you that a significant change must be made in a certain area of your life. Caution is needed so that you aren’t hasty with these changes. Take your time, because any changes must be weighed and evaluated with the utmost of thought and careful consideration. The steps you take this week will have far-reaching consequences.

Angel Numbers

Seeing 333, 666, 55, 77 or 20 is a message from your Angels that you are guided and protected. It is a a reminder that as you search for the truth, you will find it and to keep moving forward.

Archangel of the Week

Jeremial is the Archangel of the week. He’s an inspirer who motivates us to devote ourselves to spiritual acts of service. He’s also involved in the process of attaining Divine wisdom. Call upon Jeremial when you feel stuck spiritually so that you may regain enthusiasm about your life mission.

Significant Dates This Week 

Wednesday May 17th. you are advised to stop and listen. Go within yourself and trust your intuition. Stop overthinking and trust your gut. You can leverage your decisions better this way.

Saturday May 20th. The energy of the day is aligned with the week’s overall energy. Sudden events may require you to make decisions that could be a turning point in your life – a change of location, a new job or a new relationship demand new thoughts, feelings and action from you.

Sunday May 21st. Today may require faith in your inner abilities. You may be given the opportunity to use your energies to help others alleviate their problems. Others will seek you out and ask for assistance. However, use discrimination in selecting those that require your energy.

Affirmation of the Week

Today is a turning point and I am able to make decisive changes. The results are very beneficial and favorable for me.

Important Astro Aspects This Week

  1. This week the Sun is in Taurus; Mercury is in Taurus; Venus is in Cancer, Mars is in Cancer.
  2. Mercury is now Direct. Communication and technology move forward.
  3. May 15th the Moon enters Aries
  4. May 16th Jupiter enters Taurus
  5. May 19th New Moon in Taurus at 8:53 AM PDT
  6. Moon is Void of Course on the 17th, 19th and 21st. Don’t make any major decisions.
  7. Best opportunity days of the week May 19th with a Cazimi Moon; and May 21st after the Moon enters Cancer, until which time the Moon enters Leo on Wednesday May 24th.

This Week in Numerology 

Hello numerology fans far and wide! This week in Numerology is published at the beginning of every week and explores the secrets and insights of numbers. Each episode includes the best days to make plans, book appointments, start a new job or a project; significant dates in the week that are impactful; a compatibility guide; the tarot card for the week; angel messages; plus any significant astrological aspects or moon activity.

Sending lots of love xx
Kathleen Lamoureux
aka the Numerology Coach

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