Week 19: May 8 – 14

This Week in Numerology 

Hello numerology fans far and wide! Welcome to the mystical world of Numerology. This week in Numerology is published every week and explores the secrets and insights of numbers. Each episode includes the best days to make plans, book appointments, start a new job or a project; significant dates in the week that are impactful; a compatibility guide; the tarot card for the week; angel messages; plus any significant astrological aspects or moon activity.

Week 19 – Seeing the Light

The energy this week ties in with the Sun in the Tarot. This Sun energy focuses us on overcoming obstacles and new beginnings. We focus on a brand new start and feel liberated from recent restrictions. We are more independent and have a desire to be more independent and take new chances. Any obstacles can be overcome and we prepare for future plans, but they must be thought out carefully. New beginnings have life-energizing forces behind them, which promotes growth and assures our success.

Caution! On the downside restrain any impulsive actions. Don’t indulge personal desires as this could cause difficulties for yourself as well as others. This could include broken engagements (personal and professional), invalidate contracts, and loss of personal possessions. Don’t use the negative side of the number 19 vibration to get what you want creating future problems.

Guidance. The presence of the Sun advises you that this may be a time for making important decisions, as its light can give you insight and illumination. It could also indicate the need for research in order to gain greater knowledge on which to base your decisions. Once you see your current situation clearly for what it is, you will easily be able to act in a more enlightened way.

Angel Numbers

Seeing 199, 1919 or 999 is a message from your Angels to not fear losing anything. Open your arms wide to receive this message and acknowledge your superpower. You are a humanitarian and the seeker and believer of universal awareness.

Archangel of the Week

Uriel is the Archangel of the week. He pours light onto a troubling and difficult situation, which illuminates your problem-solving abilities. Call upon Uriel whenever you get into a sticky situation and you need to think clearly and find answers. Uriel also helps students and those who need intellectual assistance.

Significant Dates This Week

Wednesday May 10th. You have the opportunity to build something of value, something very important and dear to your heart. You see your vision clearly. Now is the time to accomplish things in a big way. You could work with large groups of people or get involved in a business matter. You could build a new business or get a floundering business up and running properly to your expectations.

Thursday May 11th. Trust your intuition. Things could be difficult today because the demand for a high standard is present. You must be patient, and at the same time be able to make quick decisions. Let your intuition lead you to the right decisions.

Saturday May 13th. The energy shifts for you today and you are transformed in some way. Expect changes that will bring an end to situations or conditions that no longer serve a useful purpose in your life. You experience a little death, but look at it as an opportunity.

Affirmation of the Week

I have unlimited chances and choices for success because opportunities are everywhere.

Important Astro Aspects This Week

  1. This week the Sun is in Taurus; Mercury is in Taurus; Venus is in Cancer; Mars is in Cancer
  2. May 12th, 10:28 AM, Sun Square Moon (Last Quarter Moon)
  3. May 8th & 12th Moon Void of Course. Don’t make appointments or big purchases.
  4. May 9th. Sun conjunct Uranus. Seek out positive change with caution for risk.
  5. Mercury is Retrograde through May 14th, so practice good communication. Follow the 4 R’s (see side bar) and don’t make any large purchases or make important appointments.

Sending lots of love xx
Kathleen Lamoureux
aka the Numerology Coach

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