May 2023 Forecast

May will be vibrating to a 12/3 universal month. The 5th month of the year is added to the universal year of 7 (5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 12) which is then reduced to 3). The collective energy of 12 coincides with the Hanged Man in the Tarot, so sacrifice is a big theme this month. You will need to make sacrifices in order to go forward and the guidance is to take a step back and try a different approach. Look for more imaginative and creative ways of doing things if you are stuck. The key to unlocking things is to work out what it is you need to give up, or what sacrifices you could make at this time.

The collective energy of number 3 resonates with the vibrations and energies of optimism, joy, inspiration, creativity, lively, fun, enthusiasm, exhuberance, encouragement, psychic, sensitive, communication, expressive, imagination, sociability, friendliness, artistic tendencies, creative energy, humor and wit, growth, expansion, spontaneity. See where the vibration of three takes you this month based on your actual birthday. Is the energy compatible with yours or is it a challenge?

Let’s find out how the actual day of your birthday impacts your day-to-day life in May with my NEW MONTHLY BIRTHDAY FORECAST GUIDE. To understand the energy you are dealing with each month, there’s a colour-coded Weather & Zone Guide below your Birthday Forecast to help you understand how your energy matches the universal energy of each month. The ‘Born On” birth days color matches the Designation & Zone Guide. Enjoy!

Your May Birthday Forecast

Born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th

Number 1 Birthday People are in a new beginning mode in May and you are well-matched with the 12/3 universal month energy. This helps you tap into the creative energy. You don’t just want to do something new, but you want to create something that has unusual flair and draws people into your projects. As a natural leader, your strong drive for success, coupled with a highly developed sense for creative talent, can help propel you into a creative world that is unique and original. Use your ambition and strong drive for success to create and inspire visually compelling projects using artistry, crafts or workmanship as a result of your skills. You are in Green Zone month.

Born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th

Number 2 Birthday People are in a time-out mode in May and you are compatible with the 12/3 universal month energy. You can continue projects better than you can start them now. Your goal is to work on your projects but with more of a behind the scenes approach in order to get things done more efficiently. You are the glue that will keep important projects and people together. You are more vulnerable and sensitive and are keenly aware of what other people think. Your strength is your intuition. So rely on that which allows you to to perceive what others want. You are in a Blue Zone month.

Born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th

Number 3 Birthday People are the communicators in May. Mercury is Retrograde through May 15th, but your energy is well-matched with the 12/3 universal month energy because you have a highly developed ability to express yourself in many ways. This will be to your advantage during this MRx so the timing is very favorable. The only thing you really need to worry about is to not scatter your precious energy. You tend to want to do many things, but not finish, so practice carrying out your tasks to full term. Your strength is your joy and exuberance. Your weakness is your impatience. You are in a Green Zone month.

Born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st

Number 4 Birthday People are the planners and organizers. In May your energy is challenging to the overall 12/3 universal energy. You are tasked with being practical and stable, but certain things can create confusion and cause you to be inefficient and and not achieve the desire results. You lack in ability and could be a little incompetent. You must be efficient to carry out your plans. Normally you are the best there is at making a plan of action, but things become stalled. Your precision and drive is what will carry you through. You are in a Red Zone Month.

Born on the 5th, 14th, 23rd

Number 5 Birthday People are good at making change in May and are compatible with the 12/3 universal energy. While you love travel and and adventure, make sure you spend adequate time with those who are influential and can help you carry out your vision. Your dynamic personality can help you meet people from all sectors and influences, so use your strength of persuasion to give voice to your passions to persuade others to your side. Your talent for promotion and social skills works really well for you now. You are in a Blue Zone Month.

Born on the 6th, 15th, 24th

Number 6 people are in a harmonious mood in May and your energy is well-matched with the 12/3 universal month energy. This month starts you off with settling disputes between people to the satisfaction of both sides. You spend time dealing with emotions and caring for others and being of service . You know exactly what you can do as well as what your limits are, so don’t let someone drain your energy unnecessarily. You are the responsible one. Be a shoulder to lean on, but don’t be a doormat. You are in a Green Zone month.

Born on the 7th, 16th, 25th

Number 7 Birthday people are in a reflective mood in May and your energy is challenging with the 12/3 universal month energy. The collective energy is to be joyful and happy, but you feel you must go within in order to gain some perspective on who you are and what your purpose is. Right now you are not in the mood to celebrate. Your mission is to seek some sort of solitude in order to discover yourself and to gain clarity. When you come out of your cocoon, you will see the light and joy the universe has to offer. Until then, you are contemplative and pondering your future. You are in a Red Zone month.

Born on the 8th, 17th, 26th

Number 8 Birthday people are striving to be noticed in May and your energy is challenging with the 12/3 universal month energy. You have a strong core foundation and pride yourself on your courage and confidence. However, this month things don’t seem to be as clear as they normally are with your fortitude. Your power meter is off. You are not your usual assured and positive self. My advice is to stick to routine and your regular course of procedure in order to stay alert and in your power. You are in a Red Zone month.

Born on the 9th, 18th, 27th

Number 9 Birthday people are seekers in May and your energy is well-matched with the 12/3 universal month energy. Your strength lies in helping and gathering your people together to help them understand themselves a little more and that happiness is an inside job. You are compassionate and magnetic, so others are drawn to your idealistic attitude toward life. Do something special for the underdog to improve their lifestyle and attitude. You are in a Green Zone month.

Weather & Zone Guide

Using common weather symbols, this gives you an idea of what the forecast looks like for you.

Natural Match or Green Zone = Numbers that produce easy compatibility or are well-matched and seem to be a natural fit. The sun is out and shining brightly. Make those plans. All systems are go.

Compatible or Blue Zone = Numbers that are usually compatible and find it easy to get along together. The skies are blue and the sun is out. Happy days are ahead.

Challenge or Red Zone = This combination of numbers are often a bit of a challenge and require much compromise. Caution is advised on days that are difficult and quite possibly turbulent. Don’t make any important plans or book appointments.

Neutral or Gray Zone = The neutral zone are numbers that can go either way or may be indifferent to each other. Cloudy or hazy conditions prevail. Things are up and down. Don’t rock the boat, just ry to maintain your balance in order to be in harmony with the universe.

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Your 2023 Yearly Forecast

In numerology, we experience a Personal Year Cycle (PYN) that is part of an evolving pattern that is part of a nine-year cycle that we begin to experience when we are born. These cycles begin at your birth and progress, one by one, through nine steps (or years) and then begin again. The cycle begins with a 1 personal year and progresses and ends with a 9 personal year. 

Each year has its own characteristics and vibrates to certain attributes such as personal power and self-confidence for example. 

You can use your PYN as a guide to your success. By understanding what your year mission is, you can use it like you would if you have a personal mentor. This personal mentor (your personal year number) is here to teach you how to get the best out of your personal year experience. When you do, you will get the fullest benefit from the year vibration that you are currently experiencing.

Your Personal Year Cycle is the most important vibration during the year, but the experience of each personal month cycle is an energy that interjects itself into the overall mood of your forecast.

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Enjoy and celebrate the joyful and heartening energies that May brings. Things may have seemed a little slow or off balance in April, but now May brings sunshine and happiness. Even after long periods of adversity, good times will follow.

April showers bring May flowers.

Sending lots of love xx
Kathleen Lamoureux
aka the Numerology Coach

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