My Brush With Mercury Retrograde!


Here’s a story I wanted to share about my dramatic brush with Mercury Retrograde just two days BEFORE Mercury was officially declared “retrograde” and the silver lining I discovered.

To start things off, I want to remind those of you who do not know. One or two days before planets go retrograde, or the Moon is full – the energy begins to shift and this energy field can be felt just as strongly as the “official” start day of any retrograding planet (pre-shadow phase). The same is true when a planet goes Direct or the Moon begins to wane. These same energies can still be felt for 1-2 days after and this energy force still has an impact and whatever key role that planet or the Moon plays, can still have an effect. In Astrology, Mercury Retrograde has three phases:

  1. Pre-shadow phase
  2. Mercury Retrograde
  3. Post-shadow phase

Here’s my Mercury Retrograde…

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