Week 14: April 3 – 9

This Week in Numerology

Hello numerology fans far and wide! Welcome to the wonderful world of Numerology. This week in Numerology is published every Monday and includes this week’s compatibility guide, the best days of the week to make plans, book appointments or start a new job or a project; significant dates in the week that are impactful; the planets, sun sign and life path alignments, the tarot card of the week; an angel message; plus any significant astrological aspects or moon activity.

Week 14 – Patience

This week it’s all about moderation, patience and finding balance in our life. As the saying goes “Patience is a virtue” and it will pay off this week if you exercise it. Number 14 is a blend of numbers 1 and 4. The vibration of number 1 represents new beginnings, initiative, new projects, fulfilment and attaining success. The vibration of 4 represents working steadily towards goals, being systematic and orderly. There is a flow to the energy if you follow the order of things.

Keywords for 14

  • Moderation
  • Restraint
  • Balance
  • Patience
  • Caution
  • Wisdom

Monday aligns with this week’s theme of patience, moderation and finding balance. Change begins to happen. Something that was stuck finally moves forward. You are free.

Thursday is the best day for any business opportunities. You have the confidence to tackle anything that comes your way. Progress is made in a variety of ways through any business or financial transactions. Best day to buy or sell.

Best Day This Week

The Best Day to Make Plans this week, to set up appointments, see your doctor or health care practitioner, and/or begin any new projects is Monday, April 3rd. It’s a day that is the most beneficial for making any type of change that you’ve been wanting to happen. This day also mirrors the 14/5 universal energy of the week, so there is extra reinforcement for all the vibrations that numbers 14 and 5 bring (see above keywords). The Moon is in Virgo, so it’s a great day to be task oriented.

Planets, Sun Signs & Life Path Alignments

Mercury, the planet of communication is assigned to the number 5. Mercury is in charge of messages in today’s world through computers, the telephone, the internet and simply speaking to each other. This week Mercury is in the fire sign of Aries. This transit helps you with communication, and give you the power, courage and determination to persuade others.

Astrological association is Virgo, the sign that loves and needs structure and discipline. Virgo is all about detail and has the ability to fix anything because he/she is the troubleshooter of the Astrological Association. Use this Virgo energy to keep you on task with all your projects.

Relationship compatibility for number 2. Anyone with a 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 Life Path or Soul Number are compatible with each other. There’s an easy familiarity and things between you are easy to navigate. Find your Life Path number. Click here.

Colors of the week: Wear black, navy blue, dark gray and dark purples.

Lucky stones of the week: Wear blue and dark sapphire, amethyst, black pearls and black diamonds.

Tarot Card of the Week

The Tarot card this week goes to Temperance. The simple message is “moderation in all things.” It means showing restraint in our actions and feelings. This card advises you to avoid extremes and instead actively seek peace in your life. If you are in conflict, it may be time to look for a resolution or compromise. If you are working too hard, this could be at time for rest and relaxation. This card reminds us that we are at our most powerful and productive when we return to a peaceful state of mind, so it’s important for you to restore balance as soon as you can.

Angel Message of the Week 566

Dear one, you are being encouraged to make changes to certain aspects of your life. You are aware of the changes that need to be made, so now is the time to implement them. By making these changes, you will create a new lifestyle that works out for the betterment of what you desire to bring forth. These changes will also bring more balance and stability to your life.

Affirmation of the Week

As I let go of that which does not serve my higher good, I surrender to the magic of my future and prepare for a new and positive lifestyle.

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Important Astro Aspects This Week

We have a full moon in the sign of Libra this week. Depending on where you live, it’s on Wednesday April 5th (9:43 PM PDT) or Thursday April 6th (12:43 AM EDT). A full moon signifies completion of something that you manifested during the previous new moon. In the sign of Libra, we are looking for balance, harmony and equal give and take – all tying in with this week’s 14 vibration of moderation and balance. We want things to be fair and there could be some sort of legal action or legalities that you may be dealing with. Libra specializes in all things that are beautiful, good manners, courtesy and small talk. You have the gift to pacify any situation or to bring peace to the table. You also will be able to see both sides of a situation, weighing your options, while keeping your inner balance.

Harmonize with the Full Moon

A win-win outcome is forecast

This week: Sun is in Aries; Mercury is in Aries through April 2nd; Aries enters Taurus April 3rd; Venus is in Taurus; Mars is in Cancer.

Follow the vibrations. By moving into the energies of this week’s 14/5 energies, you align yourself with the universe. May you be blessed with the vibrations of change, freedom, restraint, patience and wisdom.

Sending lots of love xx
Kathleen Lamoureux
aka the Numerology Coach

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