Week 13: Mar 27 – Apr 2

This Week in Numerology

Hello numerology fans far and wide! Welcome to the wonderful world of Numerology. This week in Numerology is published every Monday and includes this week’s compatibility guide, the best days of the week to make plans, book appointments or start a new job or a project; significant dates in the week that are impactful; the planets, sun sign and life path alignments, the tarot card of the week; an angel message; plus any significant astrological aspects or moon activity.

Week 13 – Transformation

This week we focus on personal transformation, change and release. Under this vibration you can expect changes that will bring an end to conditions that no longer serve you in your spiritual evolution. Rigid thinking must be shattered. Old ideas must be swept away to make room for new and better ones. It is through the death of our present circumstances that we are released and freed of our earthly burdens. This is the door to spiritual progress.

Keywords for 13

  • Death
  • Rebirth
  • Change
  • Release

Number 13 reduces to the number 4, which identifies with the vibrations of practicality, building, resourcefulness, structure, discipline, hard work, productivity and determination.

Significant Days This Week

Monday marks a day of new beginnings. This is significant with transformation. As we release and let go, we pave the way for something new and better to come in. You take a new path creating advantageous opportunities.

Thursday is when the vibrations begin to match the 4 energy of the week, marking the beginning of hard work, practicality, endurance, determination and discipline.

Sunday’s energy mirrors this week’s 13/4 vibration of death, rebirth, change and release. Some sort of upheaval may take place as you begin to release old habit. However, if you adapt to these changes gracefully and thoughtfully, these transitions will bring you into alignment with your Divine purpose.

Best Day This Week

The Best Day to Make Plans this week, to set up appointments, see your doctor or health care practitioner, and/or begin any new projects is Sunday April 2nd. It’s a day that is the most beneficial for creating structure, discipline and organization in your life. This day also mirrors the 13/4 universal energy of the week, so there is extra reinforcement for all the vibrations that numbers 13 and 4 bring.

Advice For The Week

I drew the Rune Nauthiz (constraint) for the collective this week. This certainly aligns with this week’s 13/4 energy because Nauthiz represents the obstacles that we create for ourselves as well as those we encounter in the world around us. Both can be equally difficult to handle. The role of Nauthiz is to identify our shadow, our dark or repressed side. Places where growth has been stunted. This Rune says Don’t take this world personally. Work with the shadow, examine what it is in your nature that attracts hardship or misfortune to your life. When at last you can look upon the Rune of Constraint with a smile, you will recognise the troubles, denials and setbacks of life as your teachers, guides and allies.
– The Book of Runes

The Tea Leaves Say

The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundings.

Famous 4 Life Path People

Bill Gates, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bono, Brad Pitt, Carolyn Myss, Demi Moore, Elton John, Nicole Kidman, Oprah Winfrey.

Planets, Sun Signs & Life Path Alignments

Uranus, the planet of independence and order, is assigned to the Number 4. Uranus is the head of the department of shocks, surprises and sudden reversals.

Astrological association is Aquarius. Now this is interesting because just last week, Pluto (death, destruction, transformation, revolution) just entered Aquarius for the next 20 years. Pluto is one of the most significant transits of our lifetime. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was the 1770’s and we experienced several revolutions – the American Revolution, the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution. Pluto is the bossman in charge of the power to transform you and the world. Aquarius energy facilitates invention and humanitarian conquests.

Any personal planets in this sign in your astrology chart is about personal freedom. You create your own rules, fight city hall and deliberately break tradition. You need and desire change. This Pluto energy fits into this week’s 13/4 transformational energy.

Relationship compatibility for number 4. Anyone with a 2, 4, 6, 7 or 8 Life Path or Soul Number are compatible with each other. There’s an easy familiarity and things between you are easy to navigate. 

Colors of the week: Wear pastels, fluorescent colors, bright blue, all gray tones.

Lucky Stones: Wear Sapphires and Garnets.

Tarot Card of the Week

The Tarot card this week goes to the Death card. This can be one of the most disturbing or misunderstood cards in the Tarot deck. It rarely depicts someone actually dying, but rather relates to the concept of endings and changes – the end of a relationship or friendship; a stage in one’s life or maybe even letting go of a personality trait. The guidance is to remember that all good things come to an end and that everything we have in our lives exists on a temporary basis.

Angel Number 333

Dear ones, Dear ones when you see this Angel number, know that you possess creative solutions to your problems or situation. Be creative, social & communicative. Use your natural talents to uplift & empower yourself & others. Express yourself with clarity & purpose.

Affirmation of the Week

As I let go of old habits, I release and transform myself from my own self-imposed limitations and beliefs.

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Important Astro Aspects This Week

This week’s Moon Phase is a First Quarter Moon on Tuesday, March 28th at 10:30 PM EDT.

Your commitment is being tested

There could be some challenges coming you way but they’re just the Universe’s way of testing you. The First Quarter Moon calls for you to face any hurdles with confidence. What do you actually think is possible?

  • If you believe you can do it, then you probably can.
  • If you spend your life affirming that something is too big for you to surmount, it probably is.
  • See how it works? Do you believe your dreams can come true, or have you secretly given up?

Showing some commitment now will help you move towards your desired outcome. What you believe to be true is true for you, so believe in yourself.

Attune to the Moon

I am committed to my dreams and move towards them with confidence.

Have a week that inspires you to commit to change and your own personal transformation.

Sending you lots of love xx
Kathleen Lamoureux,
The Numerology Coach

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