Week 10 2023: Mar 6-12

This Week in Numerology

Hello numerology fans far and wide! Welcome to the wonderful world of Numerology. This week in Numerology is published every Monday and includes this week’s compatibility guide, the best days of the week to make plans, book appointments or start a new job or a project; significant dates in the week that are impactful; the planets, sun sign and life path alignments, the tarot card of the week; an angel message; plus any significant astrological aspects or moon activity.

Significant Days This Week

Monday starts off the week with a shaky start and things could be a little difficult and may be a tad unsteady. Chaos and upheaval could prevail. Just be prepared in case. On Friday you may need to make an important decision. Your sensitivity is heightened, so be aware of the people around you and their agenda. Sunday is a shedding day. Release things, habits and/or fears that simply have no useful purpose at this time. You are outgrowing these things. Do not fear death, for death and rebirth is a natural and continuous cycle of life.

Best Days This Week

The Best Days to Make Plans this week are days that add up to the number one. Therefore the best day this week to make plans, set up appointments, see your doctor or health care practitioner, and/or begin any new projects the rest of this week is the 10th. It’s a great day to start over or do something new. It’s really the best day this week to get your plans off the ground. Whatever you’ve been wanting to do or waiting for – this is the day and it aligns with the overall vibration of the week – number 10. Very prosperous and fortunate day for you. So don’t delay.

Week 10 – Good Fortune & New Beginnings

Week 10 of 2023 is about opportunities, promising prospects and favourable circumstances. Success and growth is within your reach. You could experience a windfall of good luck. Many things are serendipitous and beneficial. Seize this week as your new beginning to start over or begin something new – a project or business proposal that’s in the works; write that book you’ve been stalling on; write a musical composition; let your inner artist come out, etc., etc. Whatever feeds your soul is the opportunity you want to explore this week. If you do, this is where you will experience good fortune and unexpected opportunities will knock at your door. Good karma and advancement come full circle this week.

Keywords for Numbers 10 & 1

  • Opportunities
  • Promising prospects
  • Favorable circumstances
  • Good luck
  • Karma
  • Serendipity
  • Beneficial
  • New beginnings
  • Leadership
  • Self or you, you, you
  • Courage
  • Initiation

The vibration of 10 wants you to open your arms and receive what it is you’ve been working towards the last 9 weeks. This is the week that all your hard work is paying off and comes to fruition. Destiny arrives at your doorstep to give you the gifts you deserve. You are strong and determined and can forge any new path that you desire. Think of George Washington who was a 1 Life Path and what he accomplished and the kind of leader he became. The vibration of 1 gives you the impetus to lead or be a leader and initiate things. Great week to get your projects off the ground.

Famous 1 Life Paths: Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Henry Ford, Magic Johnson, Holly Hunter, Kate Winslet, Scarlet Johannson, Jack Nicholson, Larry King, Dan Rather, Robert Redford, Bruce Springsteen.

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Strength of number 1: Anyone born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th or with a Life Path of 1 are number one people. They are Individualistic and independent showing leadership qualities. Number 1 is masculine energy, focused, original and a self-starter. Number 1 is also progressive, strong-willed and self-reliant. Ones can be rebellious. This is good if used in a positive and productive way. 

Weakness of number 1: Number 1 people can be aggressive, selfish, stubborn, undisciplined. They do not cool down easy and can be stuck mentally in their head. Very temperamental with mood swings. Just remember everything has a yin side as well as a yang side. It just depends upon which side of the street you want to be on.

Planets, Sun Signs & Life Path Alignments

Planet Association to the number 1 is the Sun (the same this week as for the entire month of March. so the Sun energy is increased). The Sun is your Executive Director, the one who makes the final decision. Use the Sun as your personal Executive Director or Personal Assistant this week (and during the entire month of March) to execute all your plans and goals. Use the Sun to help you focus, to take action and to get your plans and desires off the ground. Use your days to bask in the sun, so to speak, so that you can feel the warmth of the sun on your body to energize you and get you going. 

Astrological Association to number 1 is Leo. Leo energy is big and loves drama. There is a need to be recognised or a need for attention. It’s a great week to showcase all your dreams and desires, or just show off a little in general. The energy will be the strongest or intensified for those who have their Sun, Moon or Rising in the sign of Leo. Look at what house Leo is in, in your natal astrology chart. The houses in Astrology are like rooms in a house, and each reflects the circumstances we create and encounter in a specific area of life.

Relationship compatibility for number 1: Anyone with a 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 Life Path are compatible with each other. There’s an easy familiarity and things between you are easy to navigate.

Color of the Week: The Sun governs gold and copper. Therefore, all shades of gold, yellow, bronze and golden brown is good for anyone, especially if you are a 1 Life Path or was born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th.

Lucky Stones: Wear amber, topaz, yellow diamond and all other yellow to brown crystals and gemstones this week. They will bring you good luck and help you attract your desires.

Tarot Card of the Week

The Tarot Association this week is the Wheel of Fortune, the symbol of the Law of Karma or fate. The Wheel of Fortune represents things that are outside human control. The guidance this week is to accept that there are greater forces than yourself in the universe. Try to accept your limitations and have an awareness of what is outside of your control. Don’t worry and try to relax and enjoy the ride this week. You could go from a happy situation to an unhappy situation and vise versa. Remember that the wheel will eventually come full circle in any situation. Sometimes you need to give things time.

Angel Number 99

Your angel message this week is to remember that it’s important to display and have compassion for those less fortunate than you, or for the downtrodden. With all the good things that are coming your way this week, remember to be kind toward others. This compassion and kindness needs to extend beyond your most intimate relationships of family and friends. Reach out to someone you come in contact with in your community this week who is underprivileged or maybe homeless. Rather than having judgment, do something that will be impactful. Say something nice to them that will lift up their spirit, spend a little time talking with them or give them some food or water. You are being reminded by your Angels to open your heart and see through the eyes of love.

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Affirmation of the Week

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Chakra Association: The Root Chakra is the first chakra aligning with the number 10 and the color red. This is a great chakra to unblock this week if your sense of security and feeling grounded is blocked. It provides you with a foundation for life and helps you to withstand challenges.

Important Astrology Aspects This Week

A number of planets are shifting signs in March which opens up a new chapter for society as well as the individual. This shift begins on March 7th.

Full Moon in Virgo on Tuesday March 7th. A Virgo moon helps us get things done. We pay attention to those teeny, tiny details which helps us with our future plans and goals during a week of good fortune and new beginnings. Virgo puts us in the mood to clean and/or organise things. So if your closets, the garage or your refrigerator needs a little TLC, use this moon to your advantage. This moon is also especially useful to establish procedures in a small business or to help take your entrepreneurship to another level. Use this moon to pay attention to your diet and daily schedules.

A Full Moon is a culmination of things, so whatever seeds you planted back on the last new moon on February 20th could be sprouting now. If they are, then week 10 will be working to your advantage.

This moon forms a loose square (challenging) to Mars and trines (favorable) Uranus shaking things up. This shakeup will begin to show it’s ugly side on Monday with a 16 universal day vibration. This number is associated with the Tower in the Tarot. A house that has been built on illusion or false beliefs must collapse sooner or later. In the negative something comes to an end. In the positive it means seeing the truth of a situation and to build anew for the future – tying in with this week’s number one vibration of new beginnings.

Saturn leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces on Tuesday March 7th. This is one of the BIG transits this year where one part of your life comes to a natural end and a new door will open. Saturn’s two year transit through Pisces ushers in a time of reflection and enhanced wisdom. We will be asked to find deeper meaning in our lives. This is the perfect transit to get clarity around our deepest dreams, so pay attention to those and record them so that you can get to the core issues these dreams invoke. This will enhance your spiritual path.

Kathleen Lamoureux, The Numerology Coach

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Have the best week ever and I will talk to you soon.

Love Kathleen xx

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