Week 8: February 20-26, 2023

8 Unlimited Power

Hello numerology fans far and wide! Welcome to the wonderful world of Numerology.

It’s Week 8 of 2023 from February 20 through February 26, so the focus is on your internal power and strength; your courage in times of struggle; authority and how you handle it or dispense it; issues of control, organization and the manifestation of material things.

Your weekly numerology weather forecast this week is for Week 8 during a 7 Universal year. The outlook for this 8-7 vibration is for ‘Challenging Conditions’ so don’t schedule things intentionally. Be conscious and stay alert. While 8 is a very powerful vibration, the 7 can create some disruptions and fissures. Just be careful how you traverse the energy. If things feel good then by all means proceed, but if they feel off, then proceed with caution or wait. Remember one of the keywords of 8 is patience.

Follow the vibrations: By following the vibration of number 8, you can increase your ability to be strong and have courage in the face of difficulties or if you just need a boost of energy.

The vibration of 8 is intensified with double 8s this week. This 8-8 vibration favors any financial assets or resources that you have or any business dealing or projects that may be on the agenda. There is a certain degree of power that comes with this. Be careful that you don’t overextend yourself and know where you stand on all financial. banking, money or real estate platforms. Reach out to your banker or financial advisor if needed. Remember to keep one foot planted on the ground, while the other hand reaches for the stars.

Planets, Sun Signs and Life Path Alignments

Number 8 Aligns with the planet SATURN which represents boundaries and rules. It’s also about withholding and resistance to change. Saturn can cause you to build walls that are necessary or unnecessary to your production. this week. Authority is strong with Saturn energy, so there could be someone you work with or have to deal with in relationship to your business that might be placing restrictions or limitations on you. So things could become stalled if you don’t recognise the situation for what it is, or act accordingly. But the good news is that Saturn creates discipline and where you will teach yourself the virtues of patience, endurance and responsibility. It’s also the planet of organization, structure and guidelines. This will aid you this week when building something up.

Capricorn aligns with the vibration of 8, therefore those with their Sun, Moon or Rising in Capricorn will feel this 8 energy more intensely. Capricorns love structure, discipline and organization so this is such a great week for all you Cappy’s especially as it relates to your work, business or finances.

Life Path 8s or those born on the 8th, 17th or 26th will also be more in alignment with this week 8 energy. Your life Path is your main direction in life and expected direction of growth in this lifetime. Your Life Path is also an indicator of what kind of profession or career you can have naturally without any training. Click on this link.

Calculating Your Life Path Number Click here

To find out what your Personal Year Number is Click here

Angel Number 85

This week, Angel Number 85 is all about following your dreams. When you reach for the stars, you get what you have been dreaming of. You are being encouraged to put your hopes and dreams into the forefront of your mind. In order to improve your current situation, you need to believe without a doubt that they are coming true and to keep following those dreams. Your dreams are unfolding in perfect timing and cannot be taken away. The message from your Angel is this

Dear One, you become powerful in the face of change. Embrace both.

Angel Message is “Focus”

Your thoughts create your experiences. Therefore think about what you want, not about what you don’t want. This week concentrate on those thoughts that help you focus on your desires and dreams. When something comes into your mind relative to your goals and desires, allow those thoughts to penetrate beyond just the thought. Take them to the next level within your mind, and you will receive divine guidance on the next steps and timing.

Have a productive week my beautiful souls. This week is where you have the opportunity to master yourself and your opportunities surrounding business and the money you want to generate.

Love and blessings,
Kathleen xx

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