2023 Numerology-Tarot Reading

Hello everyone and happy New Year!

This is your 2023 Numerology-Tarot Energetic Wheel reading for the next 12 months. This video is done in two parts, The Outer Wheel and the Inner Wheel.

Part 1. The outer wheel represents your outer environment and circumstances over the course of 12 months using both the major and minor arcana cards from the Radiant Tarot, and includes the numerology assessment if it is a number card.

Part 2. The inner wheel will be done at a later date. This wheel reflects and will explain your inner self and your soul using an animal totem theme card for the year: there’s an Angel card that reflects the Angel message to rely on all year; and there are 4 Ruins that are messages for you for each quarter of the year:

1. January through March

2. April through June

3. July through September

4. October through December

Ruins are an ancient form of divination using stones with the figures of the ancient German alphabet. Each symbol on the stone helps you understand yourself to clarify or resolve issues you are currently addressing.

Sending you love, hope and inspiration for this year.

💜Lots of Love
Kathleen, aka The Numerology Coach

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