Hello 2023

Year of the Chariot – The fighting spirit
Universal Year of 7 – The seeker of truth

Happy New Year everyone! January 2023 is (almost) here and there are several vibrations that will be running throughout the year and in the month of January, which are important to break down and note the energy as it affects you mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically

2023 is vibrating to the universal year number of 7, and this is the number of faith, trust, spirituality, mysticism, intuition, healing, isolation and conforming.

7 is associated with the planet Neptune in astrology, so this is deep and dark  energy that we will be dredging up in order to heal deep wounds. Things are just under the surface and they must be cleared out in order to avoid fantasy and delusion. We must cast off this foggy energy in order to go towards the light and receive. 

This is the year of taking a time out, of thinking about the state of our affairs and what we want to achieve before we move forward. Think of the hermit or the turtle who goes inside of themselves to pause for a moment or to regroup from outside forces, or for protection. Regrouping is becoming organised or restructuring yourself in order to make a fresh start. 

2023 is the Year of the Chariot and the general meaning is like going into combat with your personal spiritual vehicle. Your Chariot represents your triumph over  recent difficulties. However, strength of will is needed. Imagine wearing a medieval vest or bodyarmor to fight the enemy and face the battle of life. The Chariot represents your fighting spirit. 

Therefore, the energy will shift and change dramatically from last year’s 6 vibration when we were going through our relationship/friendship year. That was much softer energy, albeit difficult. Love always is. However,  the Chariot year brings out our fighting spirit, and we must be ready to battle with determination in order to succeed. Things can be rough, especially during the first 3 months of the year, but, we will need to have the faith to succeed in our battles. Most importantly, we must trust in the process of life. This won’t be easy. There are challenges ahead this year, but we can overcome the difficulties we will be presented with. Again I reiterate, faith and trust will be required. 

This is a thinking year as 7 is a mind number. As we must trust the process of life itself, we must also not confuse logic with intuition. Be logical in your decision making, but let spirit guide you to the answers. This is definitely a tight rope and not an easy task. We want to use our minds, but we need to allow our essence to show us the way in the end. Spirit matters.

The Monthly Reading for January

Number 8 is the universal month vibration for January. This is the number of strength, courage and personal power. This number can help you with your own personal power and courage plus it can help you manifest your desires.  Write the number 8 on a piece of paper and keep it in your wallet or somewhere you can see it daily. 

Tarot Card Strength. In the Tarot number 8 is the strength card. You finally come back into your power this month and find the courage to do something that maybe you feel has been holding you back. Your strength is reinvigorated and is not only physical, but emotional and spiritual as well. 

Strengths of 8: Anyone born on the 8th, 17th, 26th, or with an 8 Life Path are ruled by the planet Saturn, 8’s are very authoritative and make good business-minded people or leaders. They value control and tend to be powerful, but at the same time are also balanced, materially detached, successful and realistic. Number 8 people tend to end up in management positions, work for themselves or in jobs that give them a lot of freedom. They are efficient, especially in a crisis, capable. organized and read people well – a good judge of character. They have much grit and determination, which can define them. They are the power brokers and money or making money is important to them. But like anything, 8s need to be grounded with one foot on the earth and one hand in heaven. This is alchemy at its best in order to manifest properly and not misuse money.

Weaknesses of 8: For the 8s, life can be an uphill battle. They get used to the struggle. What is daunting for others is normal to them, but can eventually wear on them and their health. 8’s may be hard to read, because their general exterior and facial expression can come off as aloof, negative and uninterested. The dark side of the 8 can be insensitive, bossy, negative and stingy.

Tarot Card 8 of Wands. Things will move very quickly in January and you will begin to see progress after many delays, stops and turns. If you have experienced any setbacks, this card is a welcome sight because it always brings in swift moving energy that gives you a shot in the arm. You will have flashes of excitement, inspiration and adventure in January and your life holds more meaning when you are able to glimpse the tapestry of your life as you lean into this fast moving energy. You somehow know you will get there, but the guidance is to stop for a minute and ask yourself are you on the right track or are you simply going with the flow? If you feel scattered or confused, maybe this is not the right time to go too fast. Make sure you have all your ducks in a row and then proceed.

Angel Card: Miracles happen all the time and in January you have the opportunity to experience something that you have been excitedly waiting to happen, or maybe you feel that you need one right now. Anticipation is quite high. You open the door to miracles when you surrender. Let go of any fear because this only holds you back. Visualize what it is you want and then relax. This helps you open up to receiving. 

Best days in January are the 8th, 17th or 26th. These are the best days to sign contracts, meet with people, have meetings, make money, ask for a raise, buy or sell real estate or property, make deals, meet with your banker or financial planner. 

Affirmation for January

My faith and hope are trusted resources of Divine inspiration. This gives me the confidence to trust in the process of life.

December Guidance for all Sun, Moon & Rising Signs
or Your Life Path Number

Please note that the astrological signs that I use in my readings are those that are assigned to certain numbers in numerology. I don’t use the traditional signs associated with fire, water, earth or air. 

For Leo, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces or Life Path
1, 5, 7

The guidance for all Leos, Geminis, Virgos and Pisces  s, m, r or for those of you with a 1, 5 or 7 Life Path, is to focus on your relationships. You attract people who are there to serve your higher good and help you work on certain issues between the both of you. Certain people are drawn to you in January and they come into your life for a reason. Relationships are the most important thing in life, and they help us understand ourselves and work on releasing karmic patterns, attitudes and behaviours. Remember that love is like a boomerang, for its lessons return again and again. If a certain relationship is difficult, January will be difficult to resolve the issues due to Mercury Retrograde. The pre-retrograde shadow begins December 12th for two weeks. Then the actual retrograde period is December 28th through January 18th of 2023. Then there is the post retrograde shadow that basically lasts until February 1st. This MRx is in the sign of Capricorn and is about commitment issues, critical thinking or being too critical and coldness towards others. All things that can affect relationships. So after February 1st, something that has been difficult or communication that has been stalled can hopefully resume in a positive manner as one thing that Mercury is famous for is COMMUNICATION.

For Cancer, Aquarius, Capricorn or Life Path 2, 4, 8

The guidance this month for all Cancers, Aquarians, Capricorns s, m, r of for those of you with a 2, 4, 8 Life Path is discipline. You must affirm that what you set your mind to you can accomplish. Your soul has a goal, but life can present many distractions, obstacles and challenges. Discipline is something that is inherent with you, and you must call it in from time to time to accomplish things. January is a great month to reevaluate your priorities and go about your daily tasks with a new system of managing your life instead of being passive with whatever comes your way. 

For Sagittarius, Taurus, Libra, Aries, Scorpio or Life Path 3, 6, 9

The guidance this month for all Sagittarius, Taurus, Libras, Aries, Scorpios s, m, r or Life Paths 3, 6, 9 is letting go of regrets and a sense of disappointment or failure, but come to an understanding that you cannot change the past. You cannot go back in  time, but you can start where you are now and change the ending. History can have wrenching moments filled with pain and cannot be un-lived, but if we face the past with courage, it doesn’t have to be lived again. What is more valuable and worth your time in the present tense, is that sometimes life offers you the opportunity to right the ship. So stay entered in the present and the future will come exactly as you plan or hope for.

Wishing you a happy, prosperous and joyful 2023. May you connect with others and have the courage to speak your truth, as well as listen to the truth.

Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.” – George Washington.

Love Kathleen

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