August 2022 Numerology

Karmic Debt

The vibration of August 2022 vibrates to a 14/5 karmic debt number which brings about challenging conditions and shocking situations – both personal and collectively. Things will be chaotic in the government, climate and financial sectors. Nothing is stable. Prepare for emergency situations. Have emergency money, food and water set aside. Do you have an emergency go kit? If not, then this is the time to make one or purchase one asap. I cannot stress enough the importance of this.

The number 14 is a karmic debt number that represents loss of freedom. In your personal numerology chart it would indicate a debt from a previous lifetime. Personal freedom was lost or abused in some way. Perhaps you were a prisoner of war, or held as a prisoner for some crime or other reason as an example. You could have also been the culprit of withholding freedom from someone else, such as a slave owner. On the world stage, losses will be felt through the loss of money, losing your home to floods, tornadoes, earthquakes or fires for example. Government leaders could suddenly die. Some major loss is underfoot, personal or collective.

The vibration of Change

Number 14 reduces or adds up to the number 5. This is the vibration of change, chaos, adaptability, versatility, resourcefulness, motivation, progress, activity, expansion and opportunity. The strength of this vibration will allow us to be flexible, give us energy and helps us to think and act quickly in sudden, chaotic situations. The negative side of this vibration can cause us to be unstable, disorganised, disengaged and be addicted to pandemonium without doing anything to alleviate the situation. Just remember that we all have the free will to change things at any given time.

Uranus-Mars-North Node in Taurus Conjunction

This is a very important conjunction that we must embrace which will take us on the path of not just change, but radical changes that will be thrust upon us with this conjunction this week. We must prepare emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. All three line up at 18 degrees in Taurus. Which adds up to the number 9. This is the vibration of endings, conclusions, getting rid of what is no longer important, releasing and transforming who and what you are. Since 2018, Uranus in Taurus has been preparing us for changes in all our security systems – money, food, land and possessions. We have collectively been feeling the effects of this conjunction coming on for months and this will continue through the remainder of the year, and I feel into 2023, which will be a universal year of 7. So the theme in 2023 will be to embrace faith and spirituality in order to survive what we may no longer be accustomed to.

Uranus is the planet of revolution. It is head of the department of sudden unexpected changes and shocks or surprises. Uranus energy wakes us up to how confined we feel. Mars is the planet of action and is in charge of your self-defence. How you fight back when you are attacked. The North Node represents the future direction of growth and where we are being challenged to evolve in areas of personal growth, the environment, how we use or spend money in our daily lives.

Saturn the planet of limitations, authority and boundaries is square (challenging) to this triple conjunction. Old rules, laws, institutions, governments, societal norms are being challenged. Does the Supreme Court ring a bell? What new systems do we need to create to feel safe?

In August and in the coming months, we have the potential for a breakthrough that brings new order to the old paradigms. But we have to surrender to the changes that are coming in. Trust the process and know that you have everything you need to handle these changes. Change is scary for sure, but the Universe always presents us with new doors to walk through – and this is one of those times. Be brave when walking through new doors. It’s an opportunity to embrace the new changes that are at our doorstep. The Universe evolves, so should we.

Sending you love, healing and blessings for a safe journey,

August Affirmation
Numerology Affirmation Cards “31 Days of Cosmic Inspiration”


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